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GPU Server

Experience parallel processing power and easily handle huge data sets with our GPU Dedicated Servers.


High Performance


Complete Control


Swift Provisioning


NVIDIA Tesla processors


Great Uptime

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Get top-grade virtual private servers while accessing advanced technologies and robust security for high-class performance.


50+ Location


KVM Virtualization


SSD Storage Drive


On Demand Backup


99.90% Uptime

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Bring the highest processing power and ultimate data protection to your business with best-in-class, bare-metal dedicated servers.


40+ location


Upgraded hardware


SSD and NVMe Storage Drives


Single-tenant servers


Fresh IP

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Gain avant-garde & seamless colocation services at the top-leading and most extensive data centers across the globe.


5+ Location


Hardware Ownership


Interconnection & Hybridization


Security & Compliance


Premium bandwidth blend

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Serverwala, the industry-leading data center, came into existence in 2015, and since then it is making businesses establish their identity online successfully. Our CEO Akshay Saini, founder of Serverwala, aimed to utilize his substantial technical expertise to build this global data center solutions company. With the head office in Jaipur and its branches in Mumbai, Bangalore, Surat, Nasik, and Dubai, we have partnered with numerous data centers across the globe.

Our sole mission is to deliver the most promising data center solutions worldwide under considerably affordable pricing while providing seamless customer support services. With over 50 teammates, we employ our skills, proficiency, and resources to consistently upgrade server technology as well as to help people succeed in running their digital presence smoothly and easily.

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Serverwala Services

With a scalable, flexible, and best-in-class infrastructure, we at Serverwala provide you with an easy opportunity to establish your brand's influential online presence. At the same time, you receive the support of excellent services and expertise under a team of proficient specialists & experienced professionals.

Harness the ultimate power and most evolved technologies with the IP trunking to bring in flexible as well as cost-effective communications to your business.

Boost the efficiency and lower the expenses of your on-premises LAN & data center by locomoting to the cloud. Get our custom cloud LAN service while receiving the system experts' assistance.

Employ a learning management system (LMS) software application to effectively plan, execute, and assess an exhaustive learning process under your business.

Acquire on-demand online & automated backup service for ensuring no loss of your business data under any circumstance. We ensure a simple & secure remote cloud-based data repository over a network connection.

Receive an edge platform, also known as an edge router, for connecting as well as completely securing enterprise traffic to the cloud.

Obtain a virtual & hybrid meeting solution as an integral part of your business strategy for engaging membership & disseminating science.

Enable productive as well as efficient digital and multimedia communication with the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking for your business.

Drive your business communication setup to the soundest cloud telephony platform to enable remote work, reduce expenses, and intensify customer experience.

Gaming companies

VPN providers

Video streaming services

Content distribution

VoIP providers

Ad-tech companies

Trading platforms

SaaS Companies


Artificial Intelligence


Reach 80% Of The World's Internet Population

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To ensure that people from all over the world can profit from our seamless as well as feasible hosting services & facilities, Serverwala has made sure to build data centers in every corner of the world.

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Serverwala provides cutting-edge data center solutions to top global companies, with unparalleled speed, security, and the latest technology.


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Serverwala Partners

Serverwala Cloud Data Centers has associated itself with top-notch and fortunate partners from varied industries in order to deliver its customers & clients the most progressive tools & facilities.



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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs of serverwala

A dedicated server serves as a web hosting server that provides an individual-tenant hosting environment. It permits you to obtain complete authority over the resources of your IT infrastructure. This means you can employ all network, compute, & storage resources for your own hosting purpose. Moreover, Serverwala's bare-metal web dedicated servers ensure faster CPUs, higher random access memory, enterprise-grade equipment, and hyper-scale protection.

The dedicated servers refer to the powerful machines utilized by those who strive to fulfill the necessities for consistent performance, heavy workload administration, and exceptional end-user experience. They tend to accommodate the demands of hyperfast load times, nearly zero downtime, scalable storage, and high memory accessibility.

3What are the advantages of a Dedicated Server?

The paramount benefit of a dedicated web hosting server over other web hosting solutions falls in its performance potential. With enhanced & top-grade hardware components, a dedicated server has the capability to accommodate even the most challenging workloads. It can further assure consistent and excellent performance delivery even during peak traffic times. Moreover, the other incredible advantages of the dedicated web hosting server include ultimate data security, high hosting flexibility, resource scalability, maximum uptime, server root access control, etc.

4How does a virtual private server differ from a Dedicated Server?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) refers to a web hosting solution that lets you acquire a web hosting environment similar to a dedicated server. The key difference between a VPS & a dedicated server falls in the web hosting delivery. With virtual private server web hosting, you obtain virtualized hosting environment on a shared server. Whereas with dedicated server web hosting, you get access to the whole server space for your hosting purpose.

Yes, we at Serverwala offer managed dedicated servers. They are completely operated, monitored, and managed by our expert team according to your business necessities and demands. If you do not possess enough time, expertise, or both required to manage a dedicated web server, the fully managed hosting service with your dedicated server is your ideal solution.

At Serverwala data center, we offer a wide spectrum of dedicated server hosting plans because of the varied needs of different businesses. This allows you to pick the most suitable one for your business. Further, Serverwala lets you choose between two sorts of web hosting services with our desired dedicated web hosting server - managed & unmanaged. You can pick any one of them based on whether you have time & proficiency to administer your dedicated web server on your own.

Under our dedicated web hosting plans, we let our customers acquire the most prevalent, famous, and human-friendly control panels - cPanel and Plesk. You can pick any one of them based on the underlying operating system of your dedicated web server. With the control panel, you get the possibility to easily handle multiple tasks simultaneously and efficiently administer the whole web hosting server.

8How is Server Bandwidth charged?

At Serverwala, there are highly feasible charges for the bandwidth, which comes incorporated in the dedicated web hosting server plans & packages. Further, the cost of acquiring the additional bandwidth with our powerful dedicated server hosting can differ from one location to another.

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