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Accelerate your business growth with powerful server

Dedicated Server is a next level standard web hosting that ensures an exclusively robust environment comprising powerful processors, SATA Storage, unmetered bandwidth, breakneck speed, and fully optimized hosting infrastructure. enterprise grade resources and premium features with exclusive benefits at a price you would never say No.

Whether your site hits with the endless traffic and resources may expand and shrivel, your Dedicated hosting cost follows the same mechanism, enabling you for huge savings while giving you the freedom to upgrade your web hosting.

However, you won't pay a hefty price for CPU or Memory usage, bandwidth, and much more. You can employ all the reliable and leading Dedicated server hosting Services at an affordable price.

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Root Level Access

Operate and manage your server & sites without ever reviewing the code and command line. Although server access makes it possible for you.

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Optimized Performance

With the Top Tier 3 and Tier 4 hardware components and RAID 0, RAID 1 power experiences the optimal performance.

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Advanced Security

Secure your data with dedicated SSL(Secure Socket Layer), AES(Advanced Encryption Standard), DDoS protection, Security measures.

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99.90% Uptime

Dedicated Server resources render the immediate speed and performance boost by ensuring 99.90% guaranteed uptime.


Your Server,our space,

Place Your Server in a Highly Secure Rack,

Colocation Host is a Data Center Services that rents space over the web and other computing hardware to the companies. Web Space is typically rented in terms of rack, cabinet, or cage.

The Colocation Services helps to build, warm-up CPU power, ensure bandwidth and physical security. Whereas the clients render the storage and servers.

You can also accomplish your business requirements as per the global standards with a Colocation Server and get better connectivity, improved network security, bursting capability, redundant power supply, and expertise solutions in a third party data center to steadily run critical applications.

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Bursting Capability

Burst the higher bandwidth levels into multiple sections to accommodate the responsive website traffic demands.

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Redundant Power Supply

Get many power grids, backup systems, power generators, double battery backups, etc., to ensure a redundant power supply.

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Rack and Stack Services

Always keeps your site up with zero downtime by the preconfigured network security devices across multiple IPs.

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Perfect for Disaster Recovery

With Dedicated Colo data centers, you can easily restore data on other networks and retrieve it later.


Instant Deployment of Computing resources with Cloud Server

Cloud Hosting renders you the on demand high availability of computing resources such as data storage and more power. This would result in an immediate Speed boost, gain flexibility, better technical analysis, better disaster recovery, etc.

With Cloud hosting, you can experience more agile speed and a huge online storage environment to store high quality content, including files, databases, and much more.

Get the interconnected networks with complete accessibility to store and retrieve data using Cloud Services. Further, experience more uptime, flexibility, scalability, along with the Backup and Disaster Recovery.

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Redundant Server Environment

Periodically drive your control panel data to create regular backups of your server for swift recovery if ever needed.

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High Uptime and Availability

Cloud Hosting renders high uptime while ensuring the use of CDN into its structure to reduce the overall downtime.

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Safety from Server Hardware Issues

Your server is completely secure from hackers, hardware failures, and system overloads in the Isolated Cloud environment.

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Faster Website Speed and Performance

Cloud Hosting ensures a robust hardware foundation and efficient load balance among multiple servers, influencing the speed & performance.


One Stop Solution for your Gaming and Machine learning

A Graphics Processing Unit(GPU) is a sort of processor chip especially built to support the graphics card. The GPU not used for drawing purposes on a computer screen is known as the General Purpose GPU.

GPU Servers are packed with compelling and massive graphics cards, designed in a structure to ensure the harness of raw processing power. Using an offloading process leads to the increased performance by letting GPUs perform specific tasks of CPU.

However, the GPU plays the most imperative role in running your server. It processes multiple data simultaneously and ensures all data are useful for machine learning, gaming applications, and video editing.

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Big Data Thrives in Parallel Environments

GPU easily and quickly manages a large amount of Data Analysis without affecting speed and performance.

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Improved Power Consumption

Energy efficient Computing is associated with GPUs that possess data processing power for more than 100+ CPUs.

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Software Compatibility

GPU accelerates the artificial intelligence and deep learning of compatible software with massive computing power.

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Save Your CPU for the Big Stuff.

GPU handles all the toughest tasks while the CPU manages the sequential processes to ensure consistent performance.


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