Dedicated Server Hosting

Bringing the most powerful & secure bare-metal dedicated servers to your businesses. Our dedicated server hosting is powered by resilient infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies that further guarantee unbeatable functioning.

For Industries

Applications of Dedicated Servers

Dedicated web hosting servers find their application in an exhaustive range of industries. They serve as the most compelling web hosting solution and are capable of profiting every business.


Financial services leaders are opting for dedicated web hosting to readily boost profitability, perform risk calculation and regulatory reporting, deliver a seamless customer experience, cut database operational costs, and create the most efficient business models.


Our bare-metal dedicated servers possess the capability to effectively operate any amount and type of healthcare workload, from legacy application systems to data-science-driven & modern machine-learning facilitated services.

Life Sciences

The entire clinical development lifecycle can be easily supported on a single dedicated server hosting platform that renders high-level performance computing, built-in progressive security features, and data science tooling.


With the dedicated hosting infrastructure, one can optimally accelerate the business's digital transformation as well as expedite moving the product development workloads to the server.


A bare-metal dedicated server provides the most competent hosting environment for retailers to intensify their merchandising core, construct efficient warehouses that enhance inventory visibility, and employ data for more efficacious decision-making.


With dedicated server web hosting, telcos can skillfully migrate their IT workloads, develop new applications or software for corporate clients, and efficiently run their networks.


In 40+ Countries across the globe

Dedicated Server Locations

Serverwala cloud data center is an industry leader that is well-known for accommodating businesses worldwide by offering the safest & profitable locations in 40+ countries across the globe for bare-metal dedicated servers.

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Our Service Model

At the Serverwala cloud data center, you can discover the utilization of best-in-class methodologies, implementation of hyper-scale functioning, and processing of the most secure operations. We have designed a straightforward, adequate, highly protective, and worthwhile service model that enables our clients & customers to meet their business demands as well as necessities on time. At the same time, our most evolved service model is capable of detecting and right away resolving the faults or defects that may happen at any end.

Order Booked

To acquire our bare-metal dedicated server, get your order booked online.

Payment Confirmation By Billing Team

In the second step, our billing team will send the payment confirmation to you.

KYC Verification

Further, you are required to provide the necessary documents, id proofs for KYC verification.

Server Hardware Provisioning

Then, the Serverwala cloud data center takes a move forward for server hardware provisioning.

Hardware & Network Testing

Next, we will ensure the hardware and network testing with your dedicated hosting server.

Final Delivery

At last, you will obtain the delivery of your bare-metal dedicated web server.

Dedicated Servers Powered with Rock Solid Network & Hardware

Single-tenant servers

You can obtain the single-tenant dedicated web servers deployed to enable high-level performance, get more control and avoid noisy neighbors.

SSD and NVMe Storage Drives

With our dedicated web servers, you get access to enterprise-class SSDs as well as NVMe flash drives for the fastest-ever functioning.

Bandwidth pooling

Our servers residing in the same region keep their bandwidth quota pooled. So, you can manage everything linked to your web traffic from a single place.

Fully isolated IPv4 and IPv6

Under our dedicated server web hosting, you receive a set of managed IPv4 and IPv6 addresses that are completely private.

DDoS & Ransomware protection

We render unmetered DDoS mitigation and absolute ransomware protection across our data centers in order to ensure full data protection.

Private Networking

You get the possibility to readily and easily build private networks for connecting the dedicated web servers in the same region with utmost safety.

Additional IPs

Apart from the IPs you receive free of cost with your bare-metal dedicated server, you can also purchase additional IPs as and when needed.

Bandwidth Alerts

We let you know about the status of your bandwidth quota through email notifications so that you do not get short of it and timely expand.

Economical surcharge rates

When you use a service over your quota, a minimal amount is charged per GB. Overage is only charged when you surpass your quota when your bandwidth gets pooled.

Use Cases

Case Study

A Retail Store expands into an Online Ecommerce Store

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Effortlessly moved an Indian Ethnic wear Store to an Online Portal

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