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A perfect means between Shared and Dedicated Server, VPS Hosting Solutions are an ideal choice for growing businesses. With numerous businesses in Paris struggling to build an online presence our VPS Hosting provides you with excellent uptime, speed, and security to enable hassle-free performance.

With our Linux and Windows VPS, you will get best-in-class server configurations, high scalability, premium bandwidth, 24/7 Customer Support, and much more in Paris. Further, our VPS Hosting in Paris comes at a cheap price and is being used by thousands of customers worldwide.


Full Root Access

1 Gbps Network

SSD Disk Drives

7- Days Credit Back Guarantee

99.90% Network Uptime


Plans And Pricing Of Our VPS Server In Paris

Give your business the boost it needs with our Paris-based VPS plans.

  • 1 Month Plan

  • 3 Month Plan

  • 6 Month Plan

    SAVE 5%
  • 12 Month Plan

    SAVE 10%
Sorting by:
1 Core
2000 GB @ 1 Gbps Shared

1 Month Plan



2 Core
2000 GB @ 1 Gbps Shared

1 Month Plan



4 Core
100 GB SSD
2000 GB @ 1 Gbps Shared

1 Month Plan



6 Core
150 GB SSD
2000 GB @ 1 Gbps Shared

1 Month Plan



Operating Systems and Distributions

Choose from the two most popular operating systems - Linux and Windows




Easily Manage your Server with simple Virtual Machine Management

Simple Technology Paired With Advanced Automation

VM Management

Start/Stop/Reboot VM

Rebuild / Reinstall OS


Graph Resources & Network Usage

Addon Upgrade

VM Management

As soon as your order gets confirmed at our end and your server is set up by the team you can smoothly manage all your virtual private servers in the client dashboard.

Start/Stop/Reboot VM

Our user-friendly & highly effective web portal lets you start, stop, and reboot your web hosting server with a single click.

Rebuild / Reinstall OS

With the help of Serverwala's compelling client dashboard, you get the possibility to easily rebuild or reinstall OS as per your necessities.


With our client dashboard, you can easily determine how much RAM, CPU, Disk Space, etc., you have used and how much is left.

Graph Resources & Network Usage

We let our customers keep a check on the purchased web resources and network usage. This helps in making the optimal utilization of web hosting services.

Addon Upgrade

In the dashboard, you have the option to request our expert team to upgrade your web hosting server resources whenever needed. Further, the team assures the resource upgrade in no time.

Key Features of our Paris VPS Server






Noida, Uttar Pradesh

- 4,800 m2 Gross Building Size

- 2,400 M2 Gross Colocation Size

- 4MW Total Power

- 4KW Max Rack Power

Yotta NM1 – Panvel

Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

- Located in 600-Acre
Hiranandani Fortune City

- 7,200 Racks

- 50 MW Power

- 5 DC Buildings spread
over 18 Acres

- 1.4 Design PUE

- 4 Fibre Paths


  • IISO 27001
  • ISO 90001
  • SSAE-16 Type 1


  • Telecom Egypt
  • TEData
  • Vodafone Egypt
  • Orange Egypt
  • Etisalat Misr
  • Noor Data Networks


  • Security on multiple levels, both physically and electronically
  • The facility is patrolled 24/7 by security personnel
  • Pre-entry multi-level physical identification checks.
  • Efficient electronic access control system for facilities and colocation rooms.
  • The site has a full coverage of digital IP cameras with continuous recording for 60 days 24/7.
  • Controlled access environment based on strict access procedures

Low Latency

Datacenter Security

Regular Backup

Why is Serverwala’s VPS Server the Best in Paris?

Our VPS in Paris is recognized as the leading, functional, and cost-effective hosting solution. We ensure seamless connectivity, increased bandwidth, and latest-gen server configurations to provide you with the best server performance. In addition, Serverwala has a dedicated team of professionals working 24/7 to ensure you receive top-notch customer support services. Moreover, Serverwala has also partnered with industry-leading technology providers to serve you with a best-in-class hosting experience. Thousands of customers and big businesses across the globe have chosen Serverwala's VPS Hosting Paris because of its reasonable pricing and premium services.

Excellent Stability and Speed

Carbon Conscious

Upgrade Anytime

Aliquam Quis

Why Is Serverwala’s VPS Hosting The Best In Dubai, UAE?

One popular thing that imparts Server Wala an edge over other data centers is the trust it builds by providing worthy resources with complete transparency and customer-focused support. All of our UAE VPS is power-packed with straightforward local and global regulations. Being an offshoring data center service provider, we give our best to serve you with cutting edge quality services in terms of performance, speed, scalability, and security. Opt for the VPS Server to enjoy the fast and outstanding hosting experience from Server Wala

Instant Provisioning

Datacenter Security

Regular Backup

Better Stability and Speed

Carbon Conscious

Upgrade Anytime

Who Needs a VPS Hosting in Paris?

Paris-targeted Businesses

With our Cheap VPS in Paris, you can target and draw a large number of customers residing in Paris. At the same time, you can ensure that your customers get the best user experience possible.

Your Team is based in Paris

You can set up an enterprise network for your business with your employees residing in Paris. This helps enhance the workflow due to the hosting server running close to your business operations.

Residing in Paris

If you are living in Paris yourself, you can experience better connectivity with the VPS Paris Server. It delivers the fastest response time and seamless performance.

Trading in Paris

VPS Paris lets you have a trading platform in Paris. It does not make you miss excellent trading opportunities by enabling you to place an order in place on time.

Multiplayer Online Games in Paris

Paris VPS Server allows you to host your own gaming server. It further helps you run multiplayer games and lets you enjoy online gaming with your friends. Moreover, you can also successfully operate a commercial gaming server for France gamers.

For Running a VPN in Paris

Serverwala Cloud Data Centers enables its customers to run a VPN in Paris. You can create a virtual private network with utmost ease under the Paris VPS Server.

Advantages of VPS Hosting

Cost Savings

VPS Servers provide better speed, performance, and reliability as compared to Shared Servers yet their prices are quite affordable. Our VPS Servers start from just $10/mo. However, the cheap pricing varies from one provider to another.

Better Reliability

In VPS Hosting each server is virtually separated from another. Therefore the tasks performed on your neighboring servers won’t affect your server performance. Your websites and applications run independently on a VPS Server.

Greater Control

With our VPS Hosting, you will get Root Level Access to your Server. You will have complete control to change commands, update OS, install software, and customize the server as per your needs.

Higher Scalability

As your business grows the need for more server resources arises. With both our Linux and Windows VPS Hosting plans you can easily scale the RAM, Bandwidth, CPU Cores, and Storage as and when the need arises.

Advanced Security

In a VPS Server, there are a limited number of root admins reducing the risk of security breaches. Further, our virtual private servers are secured with DDoS Protection and Firewalls and undergo regular monitoring.

Improved performance

Our VPS Servers enhance your website performance by providing you independent server environment with greater scalability, improved reliability, and premium server resources.

Knowledge Resources

What are the Advantages of Using VPS Hosting?

The evolution of virtualization technology has given rise to one of the most effective and reliable hosting servers – VPS. The Cheap VPS hosting is an acronym utilized for a virtual private server. Over the past few years period, it has gained immense popularity in the web hosting industry,

VPS vs Dedicated: Which Hosting Plan is best for you?

A hosting provider plays a significant role when it comes to distributing online content. The first step to developing a website and reaching potential leads is to have a reliable web hosting service. The host you pick will impact the scalability of your business website.

VPS vs VPN: What’s the difference?

VPS and VPN, both these acronyms sound very similar and can be often very confusing. However, both are very different from each other. So, in this article, we compare VPS vs VPN in-depth, so you won’t get confused anymore.

What Do Customers Say About Us?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What VPS means?
  • VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is the web hosting server that provides a virtual, private, and secure hosting environment. Further, it serves as the ideal middle-way solution between shared and dedicated server hosting.

  • What is Paris VPS?
  • Paris VPS is a virtual private server hosting plan offered by Serverwala in Paris. Moreover, we are expanding our server infrastructure and will soon release VPS plans in several more locations in Paris.

  • What can you do with a VPS?
  • With VPS, you get the privilege to successfully host -

    • Multiple websites for your web business

    • Resource-hungry applications

    • A website with a high-traffic volume

    • Gaming platforms

    • Run and secure databases and much more.

    Moreover, virtual private server hosting lets you eliminate all the hosting restrictions and limitations you can encounter with shared server hosting.

  • Do you accept payment of the VPS Paris Plan through
  • Yes, we accept payment for all our plans and packages through cryptocurrencies. You can pay through Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC, Dogecoin, etc.

  • What are the security features available with the Paris
    Virtual Server?
  • With the Paris VPS server, you get various standard and advanced security features, including data encryption, DDoS protection, malware scan & protection, antivirus software, and secure networking channels. Further, you also get the possibility to implement additional security measures from your end to ensure the complete protection of your data.

  • Do you also provide Managed VPS Hosting in Paris?
  • Yes, we provide Managed VPS Hosting Services in Paris at a reasonable price. But the plans and pricing shown above are for Unmanaged VPS. For managed services you may get in touch with our sales team through Email: sales@serverwala.com Call: +91 9772222179 and Live Chat.

  • What will you get with Managed VPS Server?
  • With the managed hosting services, we provide the dynamic and intricate administration of your virtual private server’s base setup that incorporates significant aspects such as -

    • Installation and configuration of core operating system server

    • 24/7 server and network maintenance

    • 99.90% Uptime network assurance

    • Diligent monitoring of hardware performance

    • Active protection and patching of operating system

    • Implementation of strong malware security

    • Proactive service monitoring (Ping, DNS, SSH, FTP, HTTP, POP/IMAP/MySQL)

    • Functional and adequate backup solutions maintenance (you need to purchase a backup plan as an add-on with your hosting plan if required)

    • Proper documentation as well as on-demand assistance

    • Updating software updates and other server-level management.

    Moreover, you being an account owner, handle and operate the website-based activities as well as tasks. With the managed hosting services with VPS, you acquire a good amount of time to invest in developing your website and other elements of your online business.

  • Do you provide both Linux and Windows OS with VPS Paris?
  • Yes, we provide a free operating system with all our VPS Hosting Plans including Paris VPS. You may choose the OS version as per your choice during checkout without any extra charges. Further, we also offer multiple control panel options as an add-on with our VPS Hosting Plans.

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