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VPS Servers

What are the Advantages of Using VPS Hosting?


The evolution of virtualization technology has given rise to one of the most effective and reliable hosting servers – VPS. The Cheap VPS hosting is an acronym utilized for a virtual private server. Over the past few years period, it has gained immense popularity in the web hosting industry, majorly due to its affordability and the benefits it serves. From start-ups to large scale, every business can acquire the capability to boost their website’s performance at a feasible price with a VPS hosting solution. Thus, in this guide, we have come forward to provide you the insightful details about the benefits of VPS hosting, and how it can be the perfect hosting solution for your business. Let us right away get to all these insights!

What Do You Mean by VPS Hosting? 

A virtual private server is built while employing virtualization software. This software is used for partitioning the physical server into various segments that further turn out to be virtual private servers. Although multiple virtual private servers are housed in a physical server, they function completely autonomously from it. Also, each VPS operates independently from the other VPS housed in the same physical server as well. 

As the name suggests, the VPS renders the virtual and private environment to host your website. Unlike shared server hosting, you do not have to share your hosting platform with other users’ websites. Further, you acquire the dedicated resources that function solely for your website, just as in the dedicated server hosting. All the resources you get with your virtual private server are meant to belong only to your website. So, even if they are idle, no other user gets the privilege to take them away from your VPS. 

Thus, the VPS hosting plans are often regarded as the ideal upgrade from a shared server hosting. Moreover, it serves as an excellent alternative hosting solution to dedicated server hosting. This is because, like dedicated server hosting, you get the privileges of an independent and isolated environment along with the dedicated resources while hosting your website on VPS. Hence, for those who wish to upgrade their shared server hosting plan but are not ready or do not have enough budget to pick a dedicated server hosting plan, VPS can be their ultimate choice.

How Does a VPS Work Properly for Your Website? 

Deciding to pick a virtual private server for hosting your website is not enough. You need to seek the right VPS hosting provider as well. You can make the best utilization of your VPS for your web business only with the reliable and renowned hosting provider’s excellent support. An ideal hosting provider must serve you the following hosting services along with the VPS – 

  • 24/7 technical and customer support 
  • 99.90% Uptime network guarantee
  • Flexible and scalable resources
  • Full root access to your server
  • Choice of Operating system
  • Security-as-a-service
  • Consistent and robust network
  • Enterprise-grade hardware support

Why Choose Serverwala VPS Hosting for Your Website? 

Among the numerous hosting companies, you can find Serverwala as your perfect option for acquiring the best VPS hosting service. Serverwala is counted amongst the most influential and top-notch web hosting companies. It is highly recognized for delivering the leading VPS hosting facilities worldwide at affordable rates. It further offers a wide array of VPS hosting plans for different businesses’ needs with the most popular and powerful operating systems choices – Windows and Linux. Apart from rendering the ideal hosting services discussed in the previous sections, Serverwala also provides the following benefits with VPS hosting – 

  • Round-the-clock technical assistance from highly skilled experts who provide prompt replies and the most accessible solutions in the least time 
  • DDoS protection along with other advanced security features
  • 99.90% Uptime with constant secure channels and redundant power
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Twenty times faster connectivity
  • Simple Licensing 
  • Self Service Portal
  • Intensified performance with robust hardware tools support 

Learn more about Serverwala’s VPS Hosting Services. Check out the plans, pricing, features, use cases and much more.

Key Advantages of Using a VPS Hosting for Business Website 

Check out below the significant benefits that you can earn for your web business with the best VPS hosting

Improved Reliability

The virtual private server comes with independent and dedicated web resources. This makes it possible for you to have all-time resource availability, unlike shared hosting. You get a better amount of disk space, CPU, and RAM, which enables your website to handle varying web traffic productively. Furthermore, with the right VPS hosting provider, your website gets better server performance and improved processing power. Thus, you can have your website deliver optimal performance with high loading speed under every kind of situation. So, certainly, you obtain high reliability with Cheap VPS Hosting. 

High-level Security

The virtual private server renders the secure hosting environment as no other user can intervene in your website’s operations without your consent. Moreover, other websites do not have any impact on your assigned VPS or web business. That means, your web performance Also, you get the privilege to install or run as many security layers as required in order to ensure your complete website’s data security. 

Software and Applications Freedom

VPS hosting enables you to attain the freedom to install and run any software, programs, and applications that are needed by your website. Further, you get the chance to operate resource-intensive applications without compromising on your website’s performance or speed. You can even pick the operating system that you find most compatible with your website’s functioning. Whereas with the shared server hosting, you need to settle with the OS your hosting company utilizes. 

Administrative Control

Your hosting company or provider renders you the administrative control with the VPS hosting. You obtain root access to your VPS, which permits you to set up server configuration the way you desire. With root access, you can manage, control, and run your virtual private server in a way that supports your website the best. 

Better SEO Ranking

SEO ranking is highly crucial for any website. The better your website’s SEO ranking is, the more user engagement you are able to drive and the more your conversion rates can be. The dedicated IP address, faster web page loading speed, maximum uptime, and optimized performance help boost the search engine ranking of any website. All these factors are dependent on the webserver you employ to host your website. Fortunately, the virtual private server is profoundly capable of enabling your website to acquire almost everything required to get the best possible SEO ranking.


With VPS hosting, you do acquire a separate hosting environment, but it ultimately makes you share the physical server with numerous other users. This helps in reducing the overall web hosting service cost. Thus, virtual private server hosting is quite cost-effective for your web business. Moreover, VPS also renders most of the privileges and benefits that one enjoys with dedicated server hosting. So, you can infer that the best VPS hosting solutions give you the possibility to acquire a high return and value on your investment. 

High Scalability

The best VPS hosting allows users to scale up or down the hosting services and resources on demand. You can begin with limited resources and upgrade your hosting plan based on your growing necessities. Also, you do not have to hold on to the excessive resources your web business does not require. Therefore, the scalability that comes with the VPS supports your business advancement as well as its ups and downs quite efficiently. 

How to Get Started With VPS Hosting?

To begin with the virtual private server hosting, you must analyze first whether you require managed or unmanaged VPS hosting service. They are explained as –

Managed VPS Hosting

In this hosting type, your hosting company or provider takes complete responsibility for your VPS from its management and performance to security. It is suitable for those newly entering the web hosting industry or who have no time to deal with the server’s functionality. 

Unmanaged VPS Hosting

This type of hosting is opposite to the managed VPS hosting. Under unmanaged VPS hosting, you have full responsibility for your server. Your hosting provider or company is not required to interfere in your server’s operations.  It is suitable for those who wish to obtain complete charge of VPS on their own. 


If you are encountering any of the mentioned below situations, it is time for you to upgrade your hosting plan –

  • Slow website’s loading speed
  • High traffic
  • Frequent downtime
  • Need for server customization
  • Requirement of more number or amount of resources
  • Data security issues, etc. 

Serverwala offers managed as well as unmanaged VPS hosting services at the most feasible price. Moreover, the company is always at the forefront to provide 24/7/365 technical expertise with both types of VPS hosting plans. With the company’s VPS, you can attain greater value for money, high flexibility, hyper-scale security, and faster performance for your website’s swift growth. Also, you will be able to host multiple domains smoothly on the VPS Server, if required by your business. 

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