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8 Best PuTTY Alternatives for SSH Client Connections


What happens when two people don’t speak the same language? Miscommunication, delay, and more What do you think could be a great solution? A translator can probably bridge the gap. A very similar situation can occur between different computers. PuTTY is just like the translator that bridges the information gap. This software is a handy tool when it comes to establishing an SSH client connection path, which is eventually necessary for file transfers and system management. This safe ecosystem of communication

This article aims at finding PuTTY alternatives to establish secured SSH connections. Go check out the best putty alternative through the content below.

PuTTY alternatives/replacements:


When it comes to setting up a secure connection, both PuTTY and Solar-PuTTY do the same work. So what sets Solar-PuTTY apart and makes it a good alternative to PuTTY? The word solar plays a distinctive role, as it is equipped to work in SolarWinds environments. This tool is of great help when you have to establish communication with multiple computers. The clean dashboard offers flexibility to work with more and more computers at a highly secure pace. One more added advantage is that it is a free tool that does not need any installation.


This tool is highly adjustable in terms of space, unlike PuTTY, which occupies a lot of screen space as an icon when minimized. While the links inside the PuTTY tool aren’t clickable, the PuTTYTray offers a quick opening of links with just one click. The negative part of this tool is the latest updates, which are a bit off-trend as they are not used much.


This is the best alternative when there is a requirement to perform complex tasks like securing connections like Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Secure Shell (SSH), or Virtual Network Computing (VNC). On the other hand, PuTTY is known to do simpler tasks. This is the best alternative when there is a need to perform complex tasks such as securing connections through Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Secure Shell (SSH), or Virtual Network Computing (VNC). On the other hand, PuTTY is known to handle simpler tasks effectively, such as securing connections through SSH only.


MobaXterm is a comprehensive tool that combines various remote connectivity features like SSH, RDP, FTP, and more into a single application. It includes a terminal, file transfer capabilities, session management, and additional tools, all within one interface. MobaXterm is great for users who need a wide range of remote connection options and want everything bundled into one package.


Xshell aims to provide a more comprehensive and user-friendly experience for remote terminal access compared to the more basic interface of PuTTY. However, the choice between Xshell and PuTTY often depends on individual preferences, specific needs, and the level of functionality required for remote system administration or access.

Bitvise SSH Client

Imagine you work for a company that has servers located in different places. You need to access these servers to manage files, run commands, or perform maintenance tasks, but you want to do it securely. At this point, Bitvise SSH Client acts as a secure tunnel between your computer and a remote server, allowing you to manage, access, and manipulate files or systems on that server in a protected and encrypted manner, which is crucial for maintaining data security and privacy.


When it comes to KiTTY, we can say that it is an upgraded version of PuTTY, eventually making it a great PuTTY alternative. Just like PuTTY, KiTTY allows you to establish secure connections to remote systems using protocols like SSH or Telnet. However, KiTTY offers some additional features, like improved session management, better customization options, and extra functionalities that make working with remote systems more convenient and efficient.


Have you ever come across the requirement to manage several remote servers using SSH connections? If yes, then a tool like SuperPuTTY can be most useful. It streamlines the management of multiple SSH connections by consolidating them into a single window with tabs, providing a more organized, user-friendly, and efficient way to work with various remote servers or systems concurrently. The above features make SuperPuTTY a great alternative to PuTTY.

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In conclusion, while PuTTY is a reliable choice for SSH client connections, several alternatives offer added functionalities and enhanced user experiences. Tools like Solar-PuTTY, PuTTYTray, mRemoteNG, MobaXterm, Xshell, Bitvise SSH Client, KiTTY, and SuperPuTTY are some of the best PuTTY alternatives, each catering to specific needs and preferences. 

These alternatives expand the capabilities beyond PuTTY’s basic functionalities, whether it’s about better session management, improved customization, or comprehensive remote system administration. Choosing the right alternative largely depends on individual requirements for managing secure connections to remote systems, offering varied options to suit different user preferences and tasks at hand.

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