Business Continuity

Ensure Business Continuity and Security

Businesses across the globe have evolved rapidly, and so have the factors that cause upheaval. Ensure a perpetual business through periodic data backups and better uptime. Give your business the gift of security by obtaining powerful malware-protected services from Serverwala.

Avoid Frequent Downtimes

Are you striving to make your business stand out in the market? Do frequent downtimes take away your shine? Well, the growth of a business and downtime are closely related and work in an inverse relationship.

Poor uptime can severely affect website traffic. A downtime goes beyond the product, service, or content, playing a major role in damaging the brand's image. Moreover, constant downtime makes the website vulnerable to cyberattacks.

A slowdown on a website occurs for a plethora of reasons. A human error, a cyber-attack, software incompatibility, etc. There could be many reasons. Ensure certain factors if you want to have the perfect uptime for your website.

The most important task is finding a dependable and intelligent hosting provider. This alone will solve half of your problems. An automated server monitoring system with the hosting service will warn you about the downtime much earlier. Apart from an intelligent hosting provider, you need a regular data backup to save you from losing it all in unforeseen circumstances.

Protect Your Crucial Business Data From Malware

Each day, millions of pieces of malware are glimpsed on the web. Do you know malware comes under the umbrella of a cyber invasion? Malware is focused on unleashing targeted attacks on websites with the intention to stealing or corrupting valuable data. Eventually, it became crucial to secure business data from such attacks. Such data may include information related to the company and its operations.

Malware threats carry the same danger for every business in the market. Viruses, trojans, ransomware, bots, worms, etc. All of them are types of malware.

Nobody would want any type of malware to corrupt their business data, which can lead to financial losses. An updated server system, regular data backups, properly installed SSL, and a robust firewall can protect your business from such attacks. All these features are part and parcel of a reliable hosting service.

Adopt Data Backup and Recovery Services

It has become an established fact that 'data is the king' in the present era. Everything right from your business plan to customer details, is part of a data bank. The valuable nature of data has also led to its corruption and stealing through cyberattacks. Sometimes you can even lose your data with incompatible software installations.

A data backup is the finest way to safeguard valuable data. Such backups require constant and timely data storage. A vital thing to note here is that a general data backup cannot store every aspect of the website. Ensure you have a decent backup system for the database, IP addresses, server directory, etc.

A recovery service guarantees a smooth revival for a business that has been hit by data loss or corruption. Such recovery services come in handy when there is a host, application, or data center failure. A perfect recovery service saves the client from losing its precious visitor traffic and brand image.


Switch To Third-Party Data Center Facilities

Do you juggle between physical and virtual servers to host your website? This practice could take up much of your precious time and deprive you of further creativity.

Data centers have evolved as an integral part of satisfactory hosting services. The transmission of data relies on the establishment of a data center. Choose a third-party data center if you want a seamless user experience for your website visitors. Such facilities facilitate robust data security, faster transmission, and better uptime without much intervention from the client.

The best thing about opting for third-party data centers is that you get an expert client support team. In addition, the client gets all these features at a competitive price. So this is undoubtedly your call to opt for such data center facilities.

Everything You Need For Seamless Business Continuity

Seamless business legacy is at the top of our priority list. Our robust DDoS-protected network and global presence of data centers aid our services.


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