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Experience exceptional reliability and speed with Serverwala's phenomenal Forex Cloud Servers.
Our servers are designed to ensure you take advantage of every trading opportunity without latency issues.

  • Uninterrupted Forex Trading
  • Smart client support
  • Honest SLA
  • 7-Day Credit Back Guarantee
  • 99.90% uptime
  • Instant provisioning

Level up your trading game with our Forex Cloud Hosting plans

Boost your website's performance with our customizable hosting plans. Get lightning-fast speeds, smooth server performance, and instant provisioning. Let us help you take your business to the next level.

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2 vCPU
2 GB
20 GB
500GB @ 1000 Mbps Shared
New York

1 Month Plan



2 vCPU
4 GB
30 GB
500GB @ 1000 Mbps Shared
New York

1 Month Plan



4 vCPU
6 GB
50 GB
500GB @ 1000 Mbps Shared
New York

1 Month Plan



6 vCPU
8 GB
100 GB
500GB @ 1000 Mbps Shared
New York

1 Month Plan



8 vCPU
12 GB
200 GB
500GB @ 1000 Mbps Shared
New York

1 Month Plan



10 vCPU
16 GB
400 GB
500GB @ 1000 Mbps Shared
New York

1 Month Plan



12 vCPU
32 GB
800 GB
500GB @ 1000 Mbps Shared
New York

1 Month Plan



Gear Up Your Trading Game with the Best Forex Cloud

Take charge of your trading with the finest Forex Cloud

Seamless Trading

No more missed trades. Our Cloud has a 99.95% uptime guarantee, so you're protected from internet disconnections or power outages. Relax and let us handle it.


Having low latency is crucial for a successful trading platform. You can achieve this by ensuring a swift trading process. Additionally, you can book your profits in real-time.

Agile Setup

In the trading world, time is of utmost importance. Serverwala's Forex Cloud Servers offer immediate server setup so that our clients can start without any delay. We strongly believe in not keeping our clients waiting.

Endless Client Support

Our forex experts handle server performance, so you can focus on trading. Contact our client support for prompt issue resolution. Your work is vital.

Why go for Serverwala's Forex Cloud Hosting?

At Serverwala, we offer our Forex Cloud clients many benefits to assist them during their daily trading sessions. Our focus is on providing our clients with top-tier scalability, bandwidth, backup, and security to ensure a smooth and streamlined trading experience.

One week credit back guarantee

Serverwala offers a 7-day credit-back guarantee for their hosting plans, ensuring client satisfaction. The credit will be transferred to your Serverwala wallet and used for purchasing other plans.

Uninterrupted trading

Wishing for those highly accurate price quotes? This can be possible with our Forex Cloud Servers, where you get an uptime of 99.90%, leading to the lowest latency levels.

Multiple trading locations

Our data centers are technologically advanced and offer a variety of location options for your Forex Server. Choose the closest location for improved data transmission.

Pocket-friendly pricing

Our Forex Cloud service provides affordable pricing while maintaining all necessary features to offer quality service.

Powerful features to boost trading


Explain the working of Forex Cloud.

By signing up for a Forex Cloud Server plan, you will receive a virtualized server space that is accessible from multiple locations and highly secure, thanks to dedicated web resources. The allocated server space will have your preferred trading platform installed for your convenience.

What is the charge for setting up the Forex Cloud Server?

Serverwala does not charge additional fees for setting up your Forex Cloud Server. The hosting plan includes the setup, and we guarantee efficient and timely setup for our clients.

The Forex Cloud Servers of Serverwala are equipped with which OS?

We provide Windows OS for our Forex Cloud Server packages. Windows OS is much more compatible with trading platforms than other operating systems while being user-friendly at the same time.

Is Serverwala's Forex Cloud hosting plans scalable?

Of course, we love to facilitate upgradation to our client's growing business. You can simply tell us your upgraded specification, and we will make it happen for you quickly.

Is Serverwala's Forex Coud Servers compatible with Metatrader MTV4/MTV5?

Our Forex Clouds are entirely compatible with high-end trading platforms like MT4/MT5. Our powerful Forex Cloud facilitates ample web resources for such platforms.

What are the advantages of Forex Cloud?

You will get the following advantages by using our Forex Cloud Server.

  • Dedicated web resources
  • Smart client support
  • Seamless server performance
  • Low latency
  • Higher redundancy
  • Better order management
  • Remote access to trading platform

Can I install any additional software with the Forex Cloud server? Is installing the latest software and application with Serverwala's Forex Cloud Server possible?

We offer complete freedom regarding server customization. Our clients can update their servers with the latest software and applications.

Is there a device specification for connecting to the Forex Cloud?

Our Forex Cloud Servers are accessible from a range of devices such as Mac, PC, Android, etc.

What is the need for a Forex Cloud?

If you have a trading platform that requires a large amount of time-sensitive data, consider using our Forex Cloud Server. Our servers provide accessibility, scalability, and security all at once.

Does Serverwala allow plan upgradation?

Yes, we totally support plan upgradation and facilitate a wide range of Forex Cloud plans to choose from. Our expert technical team ensures complete data security during the upgradation process.

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