Backup as a Service

Serverwala offers a comprehensive backup solution that caters to all your data protection needs. Safeguard your valuable information from cyber threats with our advanced backup and data protection services.

Things We Are Serving as Backup Solution on Cloud

The risk of losing important data can be catastrophic in this digital age. Let's look at how Serverwala is managing to offer reliable backup solutions.

Acronis Cyber Cloud

This platform makes it possible for service providers to offer cyber security in a simple, effective, and secure manner. You will also get disaster recovery with hybrid cloud backup solution through a single platform. Serverwala provides ransomware defense, file share and sync, and blockchain-based file notarization and e-signature solutions.

Each of these services can get handled from a single interface. High-end operations can now be managed in a convenient and user-friendly manner. With this service platform, you can easily create your own customized services and white-label them to stand out from the competition.

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Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office

With the help of this service solution, you can get a robust anti-malware defense together with dependable backup. Also, you can receive a higher level of protection at a lower cost because of the power of integration.

You can prevent any threat from negatively affecting your digital life with Serverwala's Acronis Cyber Protect implementation, from disc failure to equipment loss to the most advanced cyberattacks, particularly ones that have never been seen before. Through an easy interface that is accessible from anywhere, it will quickly back up and recover anything, including data, apps, OSes, and the systems they're on .

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Cloud NaS

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a type of data storage that can get obtained from multiple devices via a network. These days, a lot of enterprise applications are file-based and utilize NAS storage for their data repositories.

Cloud NAS is a modern method that refers to a cloud-based storage medium for storing and managing files. A cloud NAS functions in the same technique as any on-premises NAS in a data center. The main difference is that instead of using a physical NAS infrastructure, the data is kept in the cloud under cloud NAS storage.

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cPanel Backup

You have the option to generate multiple backup types in cPanel. A cPanel backup is a backup service that allows you to create a copy of your documents, databases, and email, among other things.

Once you start the cPanel backup for the first time, you should wait for it to finish. Additionally, after the backup is completely ready, your web hosting server will notify you by sending a notification to the email account you submit. This cPanel function is quite beneficial as if something goes wrong, you can always recover it to its previous state.

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A form of malware called ransomware prevents users from accessing their files. After infecting a system, ransomware begins looking for important files and encrypting them. Ransomware presents a ransom note demanding payment, which can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

The easiest approach to defend yourself from Ransomware is to back up your data. Whenever ransomware attacks, if you have a healthy backup of your data, you can prohibit ransomware from reaching and encrypting it. Ultimately, you will have a secure and simple option to recover without having to pay the ransom money.

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Acronis Cloud Backup and Data Recovery Solution For Any Scenario

Enterprises should create data backup strategies and make advance plans in every situation. To store significant volumes of information, effective data backup systems use a remote server or different discs. You require a backup solution that allows you to manage data retention and storage use. Serverwala provides access against RTO as well as financial peace of mind. It allows you to apply data protection processes to both Windows and Mac devices.

  • Flexible backup
  • Recovery
  • Flexible backup

    • You can obtain a complete image backup on acronis cloud.
    • Effective backup of files, folders, and documents
    • It works nicely for both Windows and MacOS recovery.
    • Additionally, options such as cloud-only, local-only, or hybrid storage choices are available.


    • The options for self-service file restoration for end users are available.
    • Also, the recovery process is quite Quick and simple
    • Easy access to bare metal recovery

    Use Ninja Data Protection to

    A complete server backup and recovery

    Protecting data placed in end-user devices.

    Allowing users to recover deleted content

    Securing the data from offsite workers without a VPN

    Managing backup processes remotely

    Fast and secure backup for

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    FAQ Of Cloud Backup Solution

    Typically, server backup services get created to assist you in backing up server data to a cloud server, additional local server, or even a hybrid system. More people are now interested in backup to hybrid systems exclusively. Serverwala can help in this field by offering a suitable solution for simple server backups.

    Your files can be easily backed up online with a Dropbox backup. For instance, the cloud receives a backup copy of your folders and documents from your computer or external hard drives. When something goes horribly wrong, you can instantly restore your data. Similarly, regarding the cloud backup of your phone. By using Dropbox mobile app, you could quickly access the files from your phone in the cloud.

    Surely, it is. Online backups have several benefits, one of which is the added security it offers. You can count on your data to get secured from virtual dangers, and your privacy will get taken extremely seriously, in addition to the leading on-site safety for the servers. Many online backup providers, like Serverwala, will offer you a safe encryption key.

    A backup is a process of making a duplicate copy of the data on your computer that you can use to restore your original data in case it gets lost or damaged. Besides this, when you've mistakenly deleted previous data from your device, you can use the backup to recover copies of it.


    • Data backups will happen in the cloud at once every 15 minutes.
    • In times of disaster, it can reduce data losses.
    • Recovery time is faster for small amounts of data.


    • Complete data recovery could be incredibly time-consuming and harm systems.
    • But, when Datto software gets implemented, recovery time can get reduced to minutes.

    Sadly, yes. Backup files are primarily targeted due to backup file extensions. BAK-, for instance, is easily accessible. The backup software could get hacked, allowing the backup data to get deleted or turned off. That is why it gets advised to use a reliable backup provider for your essential data and information.

    Backup to the cloud on an established Acronis Cloud Storage system get provided by Serverwala backup services. Simply select "Cloud Storage" as a backup location in the "Where to back up" box while creating a new backup plan.

    With the help of Acronis Cyber Protect, Serverwala backup services do indeed offer physical-to-virtual migration. To execute this function, a minimum of one Agent for VMware and Agent for Hyper-V setup and registration gets needed.

    The majority of hosts have some form of backup, although they are commonly inconsistent and challenging to restore. When your website crashes, you should have access to your backups. Because, when they're on your hosting platform and your folders get affected, your database backup could get damaged as well. When you can't log in, you can still recover a fresh copy of your website thanks to Serverwala's off-site backup storage using a Jetpack plan. That is why depending only on the built-in backups of your provider is not recommended. Your website will be in danger if there is no external backup copying your files off-site. Your online files could be completely deleted or compromised by you or your host with one careless move. Thankfully with Serverwala, you don't have to get concerned over this issue.

    You will need an effective Jetpack backup strategy when creating your websites on the WordPress platform. When Backups is not included in your Jetpack service, go over to your WordPress admin panel and then Jetpack > Dashboard > Plans. VaultPress Backup will be active as soon as you make a purchase, and the initial backup will already get finished. You don't require programming knowledge, and there are hardly any configuration options. When you notice a Backup finished the activity in the activity log, it means your WordPress backup has already been created.

    Absolutely. With the help of the WordPress migration plugin VaultPress Backup, you could move your website to a brand new WordPress installation on any server. This is useful if you choose to change hosts. Check the user guide for additional information.

    Click on Activity Log to access your backup download. Once you've located the event you wish to utilize by using filters, select the three dots button, and then chose Download backup. More information can get found on the support page..