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Protects one PC/Laptop (Windows/MacOS) with Backup and integrated cyber security

₹ 260month

₹ 10Per GB Per Month

$ 3.15month

$ 0.0727Per GB Per Month

Virtual Server

Protects one PC/Laptop (Windows/MacOS) with Backup and integrated cyber security

₹ 400month

₹ 10Per GB Per Month

$ 4.85month

$ 0.0727Per GB Per Month

Physical Server

Protects one PC/Laptop (Windows/MacOS) with Backup and integrated cyber security

₹ 1310month

₹ 10Per GB Per Month

$ 15.88month

$ 0.0727Per GB Per Month

Hosting Server

Protects one PC/Laptop (Windows/MacOS) with Backup and integrated cyber security

₹ 260month

₹ 10Per GB Per Month

$ 3.15month

$ 0.0727Per GB Per Month

Microsoft 365

Protects one PC/Laptop (Windows/MacOS) with Backup and integrated cyber security

₹ 200month

₹ 10Per GB Per Month

$ 2.42month

$ 0.0727Per GB Per Month

Google Workspace

Protects one PC/Laptop (Windows/MacOS) with Backup and integrated cyber security

₹ 160month

₹ 10Per GB Per Month

$ 1.94month

$ 0.0727Per GB Per Month

Choose storage for your devices

₹10 / month

Total Price:  

$10 / month

Total Price:  
10 GB

Complete Ransomware Protection

Safeguard your valuable & authentic data with the most dependable and highly advanced data security solutions from Serverwala

Hard-and-fast storage technology for bulletproof malware security.

Integration with Deep Instinct endpoint prevention & security powered by AI.

Dedicated and protected data backups with 99.9% redundancy rates.

Best Solution for Acronis Cyber Cloud Protection

Get your business an award-winning solution for protecting everything from files, applications, and OSes to devices from all security threats.

Unified Protection

Acronis Cyber Cloud enables you to secure all your business data, doesn't matter whether it resides on iPhone, Android, Windows PC, Office 365 account, Mac, or any other device. You also acquire the fastest personal backup with varied beneficial features.

Automatic Mobile Backups

You get access to an excellent automatic mobile data backup solution. Further, you can automatically back up the data to your PC, NAS, or Mac the moment you connect your smart mobile phone to your WiFi network.


You can easily access, control, and manage the data where you wish to store it - on a NAS device or network folder, locally on an external hard drive, off-site in the cloud or a hybrid. This helps you assure the full protection of your business data.


We make it possible for you to have much easier overall protection. You obtain access to numerous powerful tools and can handle data backups of your every device through a single, user-friendly interface.


You get the possibility to acquire transparency of your backup details. You can easily monitor the status of your data backups with push notifications. Further, you can watch backup file sizes, speeds, file sizes, and other aspects with a visual dashboard.

About Acronis Cyber Cloud

Quite evidently, security concerns are booming due to the continually developing data breaches and other cyber threats. This is where Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud function as the perfect solution for completely protecting your business and its users' data while integrating cybersecurity and overall safety.

Market-leading backup and recovery

Fill up the loopholes of safety defenses and eliminate vulnerabilities with integrated backup & anti-ransomware advanced technologies.

Cybersecurity to beat any threat

Secure every bit of data from all kinds of cyber threats under the avant-garde MI-based safeguard against malware.

Integrated protection management

Facilitate endpoint security with integrated as well as automated patch administration, URL filtering, susceptibility assessments, and much more .

Fully Secured Acronis Cyber Protection With Easy Manage

Easy Management

Simplify your protection efforts with a single, integrated solution:

  • Easily manage all protection aspects via a single console
  • Eliminate performance and compatibility issues
  • Save time and hassle associated with managing multiple tools

Higher Efficiency

Get better results through integration and automation:

  • Streamline protection management
  • Cut unnecessary administrative time
  • Eliminate unnecessary expenses

Unmatched protection

Eliminate gaps in your defenses to keep your data safe from any threat:

  • Proactively avoid costly downtime
  • Quickly and easily identify and fix issues
  • Block ransomware attacks before they happen

Feature You Will Get With Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud

Obtain 360-degree, comprehensive protection against all cyber threats with the most competent as well as promising features under Acronis Cyber Cloud.

Dual Protection

Easily execute the 3-2-1 backup rule by automatically replicating your local backup in the cloud.

Active Disk Cloning

Streamline data migration to a faster or larger disk while replicating Windows or Mac systems without halting operations.

Enhanced visual protection dashboard

Make use of an intuitive online dashboard for monitoring everything from data statistics to cybersecurity metrics.

Enhanced Cloud restores

Acquire much better performance, intensified speed, high stability, and dependability while restoring data from the cloud.

Access anywhere

Retrieve any file or folder from your cloud data backup through any system – whenever & wherever you require.

Non-stop backups

Set up the backups flexibly and enable them to operate continually in the background.

Automatic mobile backups

Secure your mobile data by constructing an automated backup on your Mac, PC, and NAS as & when your device connects to a Wi-Fi network at home.

Universal restore

Skillfully restore your system to the new or the same hardware with the help of bootable media & driver injection technology by Acronis.

Protection pause

Suspend antimalware processes with just a click for the time length you set.

Flexible management

Pick your preferred backup type – incremental, full image, differential, or custom; and easily configure destinations.

Mobile backup review

Easily browse the content of mobile backup content on a local PC or Mac.

Tray notification center

Track the status of your antimalware & backups, quickly respond to issues and obtain tips to improve your data protection.

Quick backup validation

Keep a check only on the latest backup done for validating the backups' effectiveness.

Event based backups

Select event triggers to secure your data easily and efficiently without any hassle.


Shift extensive or infrequently used files to a local drive or the cloud for freeing disk space.

Mac Restores

Smoothly restore your data to a new Mac device, even if it is distributed across APFS volumes on the current system.

File and folder backups

Control the type of your backup by choosing only the required files & folders that you wish to replicate particularly.

Full image backup

Secure & recover everything by taking a full mirror image backup.

Real time protection

Protect your device files as well as the backup from malware and unseen threats in actual time.

Antiransomware and cryptojacking protection

Safeguard your, systems, apps, and files by catching & eliminating attacks of ransomware and cryptojacking.

Microsoft 365 backup

Guard your Microsoft 365 account by building direct cloud-to-cloud data backup from Outlook as well as OneDrive files and folders.

Unlimited mobile devices

Shield all your smartphones & tablets with a single license and employ one dashboard to remotely manage the security strategy for all iOS and Android devices.

CPU load balancing

Enable high productivity by preventing overloading of your system's CPU during antivirus scans.

Resumable replications

Assure zero data duplicity and resume the backup process from where it stopped during the interruption.

WinPE media builder

Build WinPE boot media for recovering the system from backup when your PC does not boot.

Incremental and differential backups

Employing Change-Block Tracker technology, trace modifications to an image in real-time and update backups 3x faster.

Version control

Preserve up to 999 backup versions for as long as you want.

Custom power management

Expand the laptop battery time by setting a minimum power level to take or clock backups.

Dark mode for Mac

In a dark mode, obtain access to a native look for your Mac.

Virtual environment support

Transforming full image backups into virtual hard disk format, operate your system as a virtual machine.

File sync and share

Easily sync files in the cloud or between different systems to maintain invariant data on multiple devices.

Try and decide

Test safely the software, new drivers, and system update as you can always get back to the previous configuration.

Device flexibility

Migrate data between iOS and Android devices for avoiding the trap in one mobile platform.

Memory card backup

Protect your data stored on the internal memory of Android as well as SD storage.

Backup cleanup utility

Free your disk space by reviewing backup files and deleting the ones not required.

Web filtering

Prevent instantly malicious URLs from insinuating ransomware, cryptojackers, and malware into your system.

On-demand antivirus scan

Implement rapid file scan & complete system scan to detect all threats on your system.

Quarantine and exclusions

Control exclusion lists with isolating potential security threats in quarantine.

Videoconference protection

Secure your data as well as privacy during videoconference calls through WebEx, Cisco, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom.

Safe data centers

Keep backup at our data centers that ensure the highest security levels & 24/7 on-site protection.

Complete encryption

Safeguard your data backup under enterprise-grade AES-256 encryption that helps make your data private on-site, in transit, & on the cloud.

Hybrid cloud

Keep your backup in the Acronis hybrid cloud infrastructure that is devised especially for high-grade security & data privacy.

User defined passwords

Assemble encrypted backups safeguarded by custom passwords for every family member.

Backup on selected Wi-Fi

Create backups on the cloud while choosing safe Wi-Fi networks and avoiding unsecured public networks as well as metered connections.

Windows Security Center

Assure compatibility with various security solutions & compliance under Windows guidelines.

Behavioral analysis engine

Recognize malware with the help of the advanced dynamic detection engine.

Signature based analysis

Inspect the updates to the threat database within minutes for maintaining your defense up-to-date.

Premium feature - Blockchain notarization

Devise a "fingerprint" for your data with Acronis Notary, which generates a blockchain technology-based certificate to verify its authenticity.

Premium feature – Electronic signatures

Maintain the integrity of an agreement by acquiring electronic signatures on documents and employing Acronis ASign.

All-in-one recovery drive

Make restoration of the entire system to the preferred hardware possible via bootable media and the Survival Kit tool.

Get Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud Advanced Service For Your Data

Integrate robust components to amplify your services even further with advanced protection packs & distinct cyber defense abilities while paying only for the required functionalities.

Advanced Security

You can intensify your security services with our integrated & compelling cyber protection solution that incorporates full-stack antillll-malware, URL filtering, and exploit prevention. Also, you get the prospect to maximize your detection rate & responsiveness to unexplored cyber threats along with capturing forensic data in backups.

Advanced Backup

You get the liberty to safeguard your customers' & clients’ data, even between scheduled backups. Further, you can expand backup abilities and gain visibility into data-protection statuses across your customers' & clients’ infrastructure. So, your business easily acquires continuous data protection, data protection map, and off-host data processing.

Advanced Disaster Recovery

You can productively bring your clients back to business in sheer minutes after any disaster strikes by turning up their systems in the Acronis Cloud and restoring them anywhere. You can ensure their immediate data availability and create disaster recovery painlessly.

Advanced Email Security

You get the authority to block any email threat within seconds before it reaches end users. The advanced email security incorporates anti-phishing & anti-spoofing engines, anti-evasion & account takeover protection, and next-generation dynamic detection against zero days. You can employ perception point’s next-generation technology for lightning-fast threat detection.

Advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

You obtain the power to prevent leakage of sensitive data from endpoints through more than 70 local as well as network channels. You can effectively strengthen compliance with the bare minimum effort. The DLP further assures content-aware data loss prevention, pre-build data classifiers for common regulatory frameworks, and automatic client-specific DLP policy creation & extension.

Advanced File Sync and Share

You acquire complete control over data privacy, administration, management, and location with the help of a file sync as well as share service. In addition to this, you can enable file notarization, independent file verification, and eSignature capabilities across all platforms.

Advanced Management

You get the opportunity to streamline as well as automate your everyday tasks & operations through scripting. At the same time, you can readily close security gaps in clients’ & customers' infrastructure through patch management. Further, you easily gain visibility into your corresponding software assets and can enhance uptime by monitoring disk drive health.

For Which Platform Acronis Backup Solution is Good?

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Our Faq's

Acronis Cyber Cloud serves as a storage that provides easy cloud subscription. Typically, it turns Acronis into a robust hybrid backup solution that enables you to enforce secure on-site as well as scalable off-site backups anytime & anywhere, regardless of any workload volume or system.

Acronis Cyber Cloud is the first and foremost industry solution that connects cybersecurity, data security, and endpoint management under one integrated key – with one agent & a single management console. Further, it helps eliminate the need for numerous resources for functioning as it consolidates multiple solutions. At the same time, it constructs effortless upsell and cross-sell possibilities for boosted profitability. With Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, you can ease up the daily tasks because of the integrated most typical RMM & PSA tools, billing systems, hosting control panels, and marketplace providers.

Different users possess different requirements when it comes to storing their data. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud facilitates the service providers to back up data to the cloud. Also, the providers can decide to back up data to their cloud storage or local networked storage. Further, Acronis comes with support for more than 20 platforms, including SAP HANA, Microsoft SQL clusters, Oracle DB, and Microsoft Exchange clusters.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is well-known for incorporating powerful anti-ransomware technology fortified with AI- and behavior-based detection that concentrates on witnessing zero-day attacks. Further, its advanced protection add-on boosts endpoint security with full-stack anti-malware. This helps in preventing an expansive range of threats, including exploitation strategies as well as web-based attacks. Acronis enhances the accuracy & detection speed while providing the assurance of zero-false positives.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud renders technology that easily recognizes safety gaps in your IT background before they turn out as a concern. The Advanced Management add-on further makes it straightforward to map the susceptibility assessment strategy to patch management. This helps you prioritize patches on the basis of how vital they are. Moreover, the add-on enables the automation of patch management and involves fail-safe patching technology.

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