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Global Network

Leverage Serverwala Cloud's extensive worldwide infrastructure and cutting-edge SD-WAN technology to establish a dedicated global network, seamlessly connecting your vital business operations across multiple locations. Experience unparalleled scalability, enterprise-grade data security, and top-tier networking capabilities for enhanced performance.

Why Choose Serverwala's Global Network Solution?

Multinational corporations often encounter three primary hurdles when it comes to international networking. Firstly, public networks fail to meet the stringent security and reliability standards demanded by their operations. Secondly, deploying and managing physical leased lines, or legacy networks, proves complex and cumbersome. Lastly, enterprises need a consistent approach to securing their cloud service endpoints while ensuring global accessibility.

Serverwala's Global Network solution, powered by Alibaba Cloud, offers a comprehensive resolution to these challenges. Our solution guarantees end-to-end encryption for data transmission, extensive global network coverage, and minimal latency, effectively addressing security and reliability concerns. Additionally, our simplified deployment process, coupled with a centralized maintenance and operation platform, streamlines network setup and ongoing management. With our intelligent routing mechanism and enterprise-grade reliability, your cloud service endpoints can effortlessly reach customers worldwide.

How can the Serverwala network benefit you?

Serverwala Network Overview: Every day, organizations rely on our robust network to efficiently deliver applications to users worldwide, safeguard their valuable corporate assets with a cutting-edge Zero Trust model, and optimize their wide area network (WAN) infrastructure. Whether you need to store objects, deploy serverless code, or defend against cyber attacks, our comprehensive suite of security and performance features is available globally, ensuring effortless configuration and seamless operations.

For Developers

Instantly deploy serverless code across our expansive network, ensuring maximum coverage and scalability.

For Enterprise Architects

Streamline application delivery architecture and create a consistent and smooth user experience on a global scale.

For IT Security Professionals

Ensure the utmost security for users, whether they are working in the office or remotely, with our reliable Zero Trust security measures.

For Network Administrators

Enhance the performance, reliability, and security of your WAN infrastructure by leveraging the power of the Serverwala network.

How It Operates?

Global Network Solution for Hybrid Cloud

Your Challenges

Establishing a private global network can incur significant financial expenses and operational management burdens. Traditional global networks often lack scalability to accommodate unforeseen business changes, leading to inconsistencies in operations and user experience.

Our Solution

Serverwala Cloud's Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) offers comprehensive capabilities for private network interconnections both within and outside the cloud. Through Serverwala Cloud Smart Access Gateway (SAG), high-speed channels, and VPN gateway products, you gain access to a dedicated hybrid cloud network that caters to all your requirements.

Key Features:

  • Agile networking capabilities enabling rapid deployment within minutes
  • Automatic optimization of global networks through redundant network configurations
  • Support for private networks and 4G connectivity across mobile devices and PCs

Enterprise SD-WAN Connectivity

Your Challenges

Establishing global networks between enterprise headquarters and branches poses several challenges, including the high costs and time involved in building private networks, operational management complexities, and concerns regarding network security and reliability.

Our Solution

Smart Access Gateway (SAG) enables direct access to Serverwala Cloud's nearby POP servers, facilitating the creation of dedicated global networks for headquarters and branches. For cross-border scenarios, Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) provides high-speed connections across multiple regions. The Serverwala Cloud console offers comprehensive visual monitoring and management capabilities for the entire global network, streamlining daily operations and maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Robust reliability ensured through multi-level disaster recovery design for devices, links, and access
  • Versatile deployment options supported by SAG, including hardware, images, and apps
  • Elastic bandwidth of SAG and CEN dynamically adjusts to business needs, optimizing network efficiency

Enterprise Remote Working Network

Your Challenges

Enterprises require a global network solution that allows remote workers to easily and securely access network services and connect to internal enterprise networks.

Our Solution

Our all-in-one solution supports encrypted dial-up connections to the enterprise's internal networks from PCs or smartphones using the SAG app and VPN gateway products. This solution is ideal for remote work and remote operation and maintenance. The SAG app and VPN gateway can also integrate with Identity as a Service (IDaaS) to synchronize enterprise accounts, enabling direct log-on to the Serverwala Cloud network client and seamless access to the enterprise intranet for data and application retrieval.

Key Features:

  • Compatibility with mainstream PC and mobile operating systems
  • One-click log-on to the enterprise's internal network using the SAG app
  • Elastic bandwidth of the SAG app adjusts dynamically to meet business demands, maximizing network efficiency.


At Serverwala, security is a top priority. Our infrastructure, purpose-built for the cloud and designed to meet the most stringent security standards worldwide, ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data. With continuous 24/7 monitoring, data transmitted across our global network is automatically encrypted at the physical layer within our secure facilities. You have full control over your data, including the ability to encrypt, move, and manage retention, leveraging the most secure global infrastructure.


Serverwala boasts the highest network availability among cloud providers. Each region is fully isolated and consists of multiple Availability Zones (AZs), which are separate partitions within our infrastructure. By distributing applications across multiple AZs in the same region, you can enhance isolation and achieve high availability. Our control planes and management console are distributed across regions, accompanied by regional API endpoints that operate securely for at least 24 hours even if isolated from the global control plane, ensuring uninterrupted access without relying on external networks.


The Serverwala Global Infrastructure is purpose-built for exceptional performance. We offer low latency, minimal packet loss, and superior overall network quality. This is made possible through our redundant 100 GbE fiber network backbone, which provides ample capacity between Regions, often reaching terabit levels. Our Local Zones and Wavelength, in collaboration with our telco partners, deliver impressive performance for applications requiring ultra-low millisecond latencies by bringing infrastructure and services closer to end-users and 5G-connected devices. Whatever your application demands, you can swiftly scale resources to meet them, deploying hundreds or even thousands of servers within minutes.


With the Serverwala Global Infrastructure, businesses can enjoy unparalleled flexibility and leverage the virtually limitless scalability of the cloud. In the past, companies used to over-provision resources to accommodate peak activity levels. Now, they can provision precisely the resources they require, knowing they can instantly scale up or down based on their evolving needs. This not only reduces costs but also enhances their ability to meet user demands. Companies can swiftly deploy resources as needed, spinning up hundreds or even thousands of servers within minutes.


Our Global Infrastructure empowers you with the freedom to choose how and where you run your workloads. Regardless of your choice, you benefit from the same network, control plane, APIs, and our services. Whether you opt for global application deployment across our Regions and AZs, single-digit millisecond latencies to mobile devices and end-users through our Local Zones or Wavelength, or even on-premises application hosting with our Outposts, the flexibility is yours.

Global Footprint

Serverwala boasts the largest and ever-expanding global infrastructure footprint among all providers. When deploying your applications and workloads to the cloud, you have the flexibility to select an infrastructure technology that is closest to your primary user base. This enables you to run your workloads on a cloud platform that offers robust support for a wide range of applications, including those with demanding throughput and latency requirements. And if your data extends beyond Earth, our Ground Station provides satellite antennas in close proximity to our infrastructure Regions for seamless connectivity.

Solution Highlights

Rapid Deployment in Minutes

Experience a significant reduction in global network deployment time, from weeks to mere minutes, with this ready-to-use solution. Serverwala Cloud's global network and SD-WAN technology simplify the process through streamlined coordination and operations.

Robust and Reliable Global Network

Leveraging Serverwala Cloud's global infrastructure, redundant multilayer networks, automated routing management, and intelligent operation and maintenance capabilities, this solution ensures exceptional reliability for your network.

Secure Connectivity across Multiple Devices

Benefit from the integration of Serverwala Cloud's hybrid cloud architecture and SD-WAN technologies, which enable secure cloud networking across various devices such as PCs, smart devices, and other terminals, all with enterprise-level security.

Efficient Cloud Acceleration

Enjoy smooth, secure, and rapid cloud migrations with the assurance of our Cloud's global infrastructure. This comprehensive solution provides a seamless experience for accelerating your cloud applications.

Enforce Zero-Trust Security

Implement zero-trust security measures effectively by establishing a common resource framework that standardizes network identity creation and captures intent, eliminating gaps and ensuring application security.

Simplify Management Complexity

Streamline and simplify the management process by eliminating the need for team arbitration. Unify disparate network identifiers and automate manual processes through customizable workflows , ensuring fast, reliable, and secure change windows.

Seamless Automation Integration

Integrate seamlessly with existing business processes and workflows. The API-first architecture enables tight integration with business tooling and aligns with the lifecycle of your business operations.

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