Service Level Agreement

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A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a confidential contract to maintain a healthy and trustworthy relationship with potential customers. This is a Service Level Agreement (SLA) between [Company Name] and Server Wala. This document recognizes that we offer enterprise-grade services and the high flexibility required to run your websites from our Server(s) Hosting services. This agreement is effective from [start date] to last longer.

Serverwala is enclosed to work with the large and award winning corporate sectors and business partners. We ensure to provide rack space in our data centers, industry leading services, and on premises support that are beneficial for our valuable customers. This Service Level Agreement outlines under which circumstances and criteria you can utilize Serverwala's exclusive services.

Do you have any questions or queries in your mind regarding the Service Level Agreement or other related policies, please do not hesitate to reach us via Email [email protected] or call

Last Updated 19 July. 2021

Serverwala Cloud Data Center Pvt. Ltd


This Service Level Agreement(SLA) involves three significant aspects: the users, services, and web hosting provider.

CUSTOMERS: You(The person who shows interest in hosting services and is willing to buy server(s)).

SERVICES: Platform that you use to turn your offline business into online (Ex: Dedicated Server)

COMPANY: Serverwala Cloud Data Center from where you buy the hosting services.

To fulfill our potential customer's high expectations, we ensure to provide excellent service level consistency. We assure you a high level of quality services and technical support covering all the network, power, and hardware failure services on this Service Level Agreement(SLA).

Serverwala is the award winning and leading data center that provides many web hosting services. Our primary goal is to cater to goal-specific and large businesses by rendering world class hosting and support services. We provide excellent hosting packages, unmatched server speed, excellent network connectivity, infrastructure reliability, and outstanding customer support services with the server(s) hosting.

We have an expert and professional team of highly experienced engineers who have hands on experience on a broad range of Internet of things and technical terms, including hardware, software, control panels, database, and operating systems used on a server. We provide instant technical and troubleshooting services whenever the user encounters any problems. Besides, you can reach our customer support executive and raise a ticket for instant support on the client portal or from the help desk.

Email: [email protected]

Contact: +919772222179

Consequently, we will do our best to support you in which we have an expert team. Check out the items listed below in which we serve the best for our clients.

Covered Issues:

Hardware: All hardware components provided by us with our server hosting will be guaranteed supported under the Hardware Replacement SLA tier.

Network & Power: We provide excellent and reliable network infrastructure and power systems operated and monitored by our experts 24*7. We at Serverwala ensure outstanding and seamless Network connectivity and Power Availability. This SLA tier covers both the network & power availability for customers' online business.

Operating System: We ensure to provide the latest operating system versions with the updated & advanced Security patches. You can choose any type of operating system that we provide with our hosting. Generally, we cover the respective OS platforms: Windows 2012, Windows 2016, Windows 2019, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora for security patching, OS re-installs, security policy configurations, Troubleshooting OS issues, and manual updates. Additionally, our highly skilled support team will schedule compatible and secure OS updates beneficial for clients whenever necessary.

Software: Nowadays, there are hidden and plenty of Softwares available over the web. Simply it is not possible to be aware or familiar with all of them. Hence our engineers are outstanding in researching and fixing unsupported applications. We offer the support and queries resolving issues related to cPanel/WHM, Fantastico, Webmin, Plesk, DirectAdmin, Helm, Interworx, Virtuozzo, SQL, MySQL, PHP, Apache, IIS, Litespeed Web Server, APF Firewall, CSF Firewall, IPFW, IPTables, Windows Firewall, R1Soft CDP. We cannot provide support apart from the mentioned software.

Other Issues: You can buy the additional support from Serverwala for the following Services: Server Migrations, DNS, security audits, load balancing, and all additional services

Non-Covered Issues: Serverwala will not provide technical support or troubleshooting services for any clients' custom installed applications that are self-coded apart from open sources or commercial applications. If you manually build any software, then you are responsible for its maintenance and installation. There is no company's involvement in your custom-built software unless a legal agreement is made between the client and the company.

Exceptions to the Service Level Agreement

Except for the Exceptionally mentioned statements in this Service Level Agreement, we will stop providing the services instantly if you encounter any misuse of our Web Hosting Services.

a) Customer Actions - Any actions made by customers, agents, contractors, excluding the firewall misconfigurations.

b) Malicious activity - Any unauthorized access or attacks made by a third party or customers with malicious intent.

c) Maintenance - Interruptions resulting from planned, unplanned, or emergency maintenance across hardware and software.

d) Legal action - Legal actions will be taken instantly againsáš­ the Customer if they are found to use our services for any unauthorized purposes.

Any customers and clients are found to break or infringe the Service Level Agreements rule against our policy, terms of services, and conditions. The company reserves all the exclusive rights to stop its services and is liable to take legal action against the customer. Also, we are authorized to terminate or suspend your account without any notice.

Without the legal contract, if any products, services, trademarks sold by customers must be liable for penalty.

SLA Credits

Server Wala credits based on the per-service basis means each billing of the server is considered the unique SLA credit and hence awarded accordingly.

We have a 30 days money return policy. Suppose you cancel the order or request refunds. In that case, Serverwala initiates your refunds in terms of credit in the client portal account that you can anytime to purchase servers from us.

We will not provide a single person to monitor every individual devices' downtime. Server Wala will not be responsible for unreported downtime for a single or specific customer.

When the customer takes more than one hour to report the downtime, they lose the SLA credit in such a case.