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The transition to remote work, an evolving cyber threat landscape, and more stringent constraints make assertive IT security paramount to guaranteeing you stay online & secure.

Secure Your Organisation Against Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware & cyberattacks persist in coming up at greater frequency and higher cost pricing. In the past few years, cases of ransomware and extortion demands have risen by 400%. Without taking active measures against data breaches & ransomware, businesses can not think to advance smoothly. The measures must involve familiarizing the employees with such threats and intensifying the business cybersecurity strategy that secures the corporation. As ransomware attacks are continually growing, it is imperative for businesses to construct a security strategy that incorporates modern authentication techniques, round-the-clock monitoring, and awareness apprenticeship.

Further, the cybersecurity standards can vary from network protection, incident response, and penetration testing to threat intelligence. We operate as managed security providers to enable you to devise the ultimate strategy for your business. For this, we also let you access the soundest data protection & resilient security tools. With us, you can establish the balance between implementing the best security measures, governing IT costs, and discovering top security talent.

But don’t forget that you need to balance your security measures with controlling IT costs and finding top security talent.

Adhere to Regulatory Mandates and Privacy Legislation.

In the ongoing times, all different industries possess varied regulatory necessities. These necessities are devised to ensure the protection of PII (personally identifiable information) against unauthorized access. Therefore, your business can be expected to follow and sustain rigid provisions according to the regulations that rule your industry. If your business does not adhere to regulatory mandates and privacy legislation, you may suffer penalties when you fail to safeguard user data adequately.

Moreover, compliance serves as a key element of any strategy of cybersecurity. Partnering with us enables you to apprehend how to address certain regulatory provisions, such as:

Compliance is a key part of any cybersecurity strategy. It’s important to work with a partner that understands how to address certain regulatory requirements

  • PCI
  • And other data retention regulations.

Protect The Remote Team

Telecommuting is driving into the mainstream nowadays. Since the pandemic, more and more employees are hauling out of the office or corporation premises and increasingly operating remotely. While some of those remote work structures may be transient, the across-the-board trend reveals they will presumably persist for the foreseeable future.

Thus, without any suspicion, businesses are required to modernize their cybersecurity strategies in order to account for this transformation. Remote employees have the potential to function as a tremendous susceptibility in an otherwise secure infrastructure. The right cybersecurity tools can enable you to solidify the defenses of remote employees. These tools can involve VPN, anti-malware, MDA, encryption, MDA, and many more. They provide you with the pathway to keep your data protected and monitor networks for dubious activity.

Everything You Need To Strengthen Business Security

Serverwala offers you multiple backup and security services to strengthen your business security and ensure protection against unwanted cyber threats.

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