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Our Best Linux VPS Hosting and Windows VPS Hosting is power-packed with exclusive data center services. We provide enterprise-grade resources and customer support services with our Australia VPS Server. Server Wala ensures that you get exclusive benefits with our VPS Server package. Enjoy the custom made configurations based on the latest technology with Server Wala Data Center Services.

Server Wala offers the Australia VPS Server in all the prime locations, including Sydney, Perth, Newcastle, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and many more.


Full Root Access

100 MB/S Network

SSD Disk Drives

7 Days Money Back Guarantee *

99.9% Network Uptime

Choose Your Best & Cheap VPS Hosting Plans in Australia

Enjoy Our Data Center Services With Exclusive and Intense Resources With Greater Flexibility in All Prime Locations

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Package CPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Region Price


1 Core



250 GB @ 1 Gbps Shared


1 Month




2 Core



250 GB @ 1 Gbps Shared


1 Month




4 Core


100 GB SSD

250 GB @ 1 Gbps Shared


1 Month




6 Core


150 GB SSD

250 GB @ 1 Gbps Shared


1 Month



Package CPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Region Price


2 Core



250 GB @ 1 Gbps Shared


1 Month




3 Core



250 GB @ 1 Gbps Shared


1 Month




4 Core


120 GB SSD

250 GB @ 1 Gbps Shared


1 Month




6 Core


150 GB SSD

250 GB @ 1 Gbps Shared


1 Month



Operating System Available with Australia VPS

Get the best and software compatible operating system for your virtual private server in Australia




Windows 2012

Windows 2016

Windows 2019

Key Features of Australia VPS Hosting

24/7 Customer Support

Our data center support services are 24*7 available via Live Chat, Email, Skype, Ticket system. If you have any technical issues and other billing-related queries, connect us directly and get an instant solution.

Full Root Access

Our Rooted Australia VPS Server enables you to operate and control your server without any restrictions. Install OS compatible and needed software as per your business demands.

DDoS Protection

Our Servers are highly compact with ultra-secure firewalls to protect your data from DDoS attacks. The System automatically detects the incoming malicious threats from the web and provides safeguards to your data.

1 GBPS Network Speed*

Our VPS Servers come with the ultimate band of network and secure connections to provide you a 20X faster connectivity experience. We ensure you get the highest connectivity of 1 GBPS.

Monthly 20 TB Data Transfer

All the Server Wala Data Center Services comes with unlimited bandwidth to help you accomplish your business website needs. Australia VPS Server allows up to 20 TB monthly data transfer rate with all plans.

99.9% Uptime

All our VPS Hosting supplies the redundant power and continuous secure channels to provide the high tech network flexibility to give you the highest uptime and zero downtime.

Who Should Choose a Cheap VPS Server in Australia?

High Traffic Websites

When the business starts outgrowing, it's hit with a large number of website visitors which increases the traffic spike on the website. Shared Hosting is unable to handle this traffic spike. Therefore, our cheap Australia VPS Hosting is best for your business because it has the potential to run your website without facing downtime.

Agencies with High Profile Clients

Our agency builds the trust of many users worldwide by serving VPS in the Australia, blazing fast and ultra-reliable services. We have helped in accomplishing the website requirements of dozens of people by providing them 100% satisfactory VPS Hosting services.

Resell Your Resources

It is always an excellent thing to sell your resources as a service or complete VPS Hosting to a third party. Our Cheap VPS Australia Hosting comes with the dedicated resources that allow you to resell resources with the potential to generate more revenue.

Giant eCommerce Portals

Rolling up a business is possible when you get the highest uptime. Isn't it? Yes. Our Australia VPS Server comes with robust services and excellent uptime that provide the accelerated services to uplift your e-commerce websites.

Why is Serverwala’s VPS Server the Best in Australia?

One popular thing that imparts Server Wala an edge over other data centers is the trust it builds by providing worthy resources with complete transparency and customer-focused support. All of our Australia VPS is power-packed with straightforward local and global regulations. Being an offshoring data center service provider, we give our best to serve you with cutting edge quality services in terms of performance, speed, scalability, and security. Opt for the VPS Server to enjoy the fast and outstanding hosting experience from Server Wala.

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Australia VPS Hosting Use Cases

Our VPS Hosting Australia Plans come with enterprise-grade resources with world-class support and an array of services.

VPS for eCommerce

Serverwala offers a Cheap Windows VPS server in Australia for eCommerce platforms. It ensures better performance of the website and boosts the SEO experience of users.

Education and training

Interested or keen to learn a programming language and software development? Linux VPS in Australia is the best one that opens up many career opportunities in web application development.

Small Business Use

Set up your virtual private server for your small to moderate business in Australia, with our completely customizable services. It helps to boost your site performance and gives freedom to host multiple domains.

Game servers

You can use our Cheap VPS Australia Hosting to host Gaming websites and applications but with limited functionality. It means limited players can play the game at a time.

Testing new web apps

Our VPS in Australia is an excellent way to test your newly developed applications. It will neither charge you like a Dedicated Server; instead, it provides you a better and isolated test environment.


If you are more friendly with the latest technology and want the control to operate your server, you can buy a VPS Australia server to host your WordPress website. It serves you the potential to customize your VPS services for your website.

What is Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a private, highly secure, and scalable web hosting type. Generally, the users who can't afford the Dedicated Server but need higher scalability, reliability, security, and backup resources more than a Shared Server, opt for the VPS Server in Australia. Our VPS Hosting provides you the experience of enterprise-grade resources and customer-focused services using its virtualization technology. It will give you the authority to utilize the intense resources to serve multiple users' requirements.

VPS users get ease to use platform for website hosting with potential access to the virtual machine. Therefore, it becomes easy for the VPS Australia users to run their website on a smooth platform. You have the flexibility to pick the best and user-friendly Cheap VPS in Australia.


Linux VPS Server

Representing your business website on the Cheap Australia VPS Hosting with Linux technology for better functionality is generally termed as the Linux VPS Server. Linux is one of the most popular open-source operating systems that offer advanced and enhanced software services at zero cost. Our fast VPS Server offers you the greater availability of resources so that you experience better performance and high speed.

Windows VPS Server

When a VPS server comes with Windows technology it is known as the Windows VPS Server. Our VPS Australia based hosting offers you your own platform with intense and devoted resources. Guaranteed uptime and advanced data security are the primary benefits we serve with our hosting package.

Get Pumped Up VPS Hosting of Your Desired Location in Australia

Get VPS VPS Sydney Solutions - With the best quality without any extra fee.

Our data center provides OS-compatible hosting, including Linux VPS VPS Sydney and Windows VPS VPS Sydney Server. Do you need the VPS Sydney VPS Hosting Solutions with your choice of operating system(Linux or Windows)? Then, Server Wala data center has a broad range of solutions for accomplishing your business demands from scratch.
We provide the best functionality and multiple control panel options for Linux or Windows VPS Hosting in VPS Sydney. We provide the Plesk panel with Windows and cPanel with the Linux hosting with all the exclusive and premium resources. Server Wala offers you enhanced features with intense resources to boost your business.
Our affordable plans help you with unbeatable performance without any upfront charges for setup. We will configure your Hosting within a very short span. We provide VPS Hosting VPS Sydney with enterprise-grade resources, including data center grade SSDs, huge RAM, and a secure, interconnected private network. Providing complete server access that makes the services manageable for you. Server Wala is also highly concerned about your data. i.e., provides the DDoS Protection and other top-level security measures.
Our data center has experienced and highly professional customer care representatives to provide instant solutions and resolve your queries on VPS Sydney VPS Hosting. Thus, follow the simplest way (Chat, Email, etc.) to reach our team and get a satisfactory solution.

VPS VPS Sydney

VPS Hosting Perth - Get Best Bandwidth & Without any overloads

Server Wala is an offshoring and renowned data center service provider that offers VPS Perth Services at a cost-effective price. With an outstanding and compatible platform, we provide both operating system choices, including Windows VPS Perth and Linux VPS Perth.
Our Data Center Services offer you the exclusive use of hosting services with the fastest speed. We provide Cheap VPS Hosting Perth with enterprise-grade resources, customer-focused support with our hosting package. Server Wala is best to offer you the OS compatible platform with powerful hardware tools and unlimited bandwidth with 100% guaranteed uptime. Our Perth VPS Hosting comes for both operating systems, including Windows or Linux.
We are very careful about your data. Therefore, offer you the 2048 data encryption technology and advanced DDoS protection to keep your data highly secure against suspicious websites. Our world-class support and ultimate Cheap VPS Server Perth help our valuable customers to intensify business growth.
Moreover, Our data center has an extremely experienced support team that is willing to respond to you quickly. Thus, you can consult more about our Best VPS Hosting in Perth from our customer care representatives. We support Email, Chat, and ticket systems to connect with our customers and clients.

VPS Hosting Perth

VPS Server Newcastle - Eco-Friendly Solutions in your budget

Take your business at the highest peak with Server Wala data center. As we believe in serving the premium and intense web hosting resources to uplift your business. Our Newcastle VPS Hosting provides you all the exclusive and enterprise-grade hosting resources with customer-focused support. Our Datacenter services build to accomplish your website demands and uplift your business growth.
Our VPS Newcastle Server comprises the OS compatible software and applications. With Windows VPS Hosting Newcastle, we offer all premium resources with 24*7 support services. At the same time, that of Linux VPS Hosting Newcastle, provide open source services and state of the art hosting features with a broad range of additional benefits.
Server Wala knows the value of your data; therefore, provides the highly secured and advanced data encryption SSL certificate and DDoS security to shield your website data. Our data center services offer you a flexible and scalable platform with server access authority in your hands.
Our Newcastle VPS Hosting provides you the instant problem-solving solutions with the best of their industry knowledge. We have an active support system that 24*7 monitors your servers and provides on-the-spot troubleshoot services.

VPS Server Newcastle

Cheap VPS Hosting Melbourne - Get High Speed & With budget-friendly solutions

Our Data Center is the best thought for providing one-stop web hosting solutions and customer focus support for building online businesses. Server Wala offers an array of data center services with a major focus on hosting services, including Melbourne VPS Hosting. Our data center services compact with powerful services and enterprise-grade resources that help businesses to accomplish industry-leading goals.
Server Wala data center believes in offering world-class services to intensify your business and offering accelerated performance. Our VPS Hosting Melbourne provides you an end-user experience by providing the flexibility to opt for your business website's software compatible operating system in a budget-friendly environment.
Our Linux VPS Hosting in Melbourne comprises exclusive resources and open source services. At the same time, we provide a user-friendly environment with all the premium resources with our Windows VPS Hosting Melbourne plans. We offer VPS Server Melbourne with the state of the art security measures, including SSL certificates, data encryptions, DDoS protection, and advanced inbuilt security software.
Server Wala has a highly experienced and technical team to provide industry-leading solutions for your problems. We are best to serve round the clock support with instant and smart solutions with all our Linux and Windows VPS Melbourne plans. Easy to reach our support team for more queries.

VPS Hosting Melbourne

VPS Brisbane - Get the Best tech assistance and support

Server Wala is best thought out for offering flexible and enterprise-grade data center services. Our data center services are best for the goal of specific industries. With our Brisbane VPS Hosting, we provide unbeatable performance and blazing fast server speed to compete with competitors.
Our VPS Brisbane Server empowers you with full SSH root-level control and potent hardware tools to boost your business productivity. Server Wala data center services are based on the latest technology and offer you the highly upgraded resources to intensify your business growth.
Windows VPS Hosting Brisbane provides you user-friendly functionality in a budget-friendly environment with high-tech assistance and world-class support. With Linux VPS Hosting Brisbane, we offer the add-on services due to the open-source nature of the Linux operating system. Our cPanel has an extensive level of functions that help to operate your server.
Server Wala cares about your website data hence offers the standard DDoS security measures to keep your information protected. Our Company offers VPS Server Brisbane with 24*7 server monitoring and maintenance services make the Serverwala #1 data center service provider worldwide. We have a highly experienced and professional support team that acknowledges you with the best possible solutions.

VPS Brisbane

Adelaide - Get with custom made configuration solutions

Our Data Center is the only one-stop solution for accelerating your business growth. We offer a high level of data center services with top-level hosting resources. Our VPS Adelaide Hosting is power-packed with intense resources and fully optimized services. Server Wala believes in making their clients completely satisfied by accomplishing their business requirements beyond their aspirations.
We offer the Adelaide VPS Server with enterprise-grade resources and customer-focused support. Our data center services help to uplift your business growth and in building an outstanding portfolio. Server Wala ensures you get your choice of customized services; hence we provide OS-compatible data center services for both Windows or Linux VPS Server in Adelaide.
Our Windows VPS Hosting Adelaide plan comprises a robust control panel with an array of functionality and exclusive resources with standard security and support. We provide additional services and open source services with the best network infrastructure and hardware tools with our Linux VPS Hosting Adelaide packages.
We allow extended functionality and access over your server to enjoy the customized configuration solutions. Both plans come with a high level of data security. We are 24*7 active to give the best support and believe in providing instant troubleshooting services. Get the best VPS Hosting Adelaide plans and enjoy endless services and constant support from Server Wala.

VPS Adelaide

Advantage of Using Cheap VPS in Australia

Cost Savings

Are you looking for fast VPS Server plans at an affordable price? Our VPS Australia hosting serves you high functionality resources with round the clock support to intensify your business growth.

Improved reliability

Host your website on our Cheap Australia VPS Hosting to experience the highest reliability. You can rely on our trustworthy data center services that offer you greater resource availability.

Improved performance

How far is an excellent performance if the site is hosted on a server with robust hardware tools and under a secure network? Opt for the VPS Australia unlimited bandwidth plan to experience seamless performance.


Our cheap windows VPS hosting Australia plans come with advanced data security that integrates all the security features to keep your data protected from outside attacks.

Simple Licencing

Our low-cost VPS Australia Hosting charges you significantly less for the simple licensing. It means you can buy a license for your website easily in one click.

Fully managed service

Our VPS Australia hosting comprises fully managed and organized services that provide an easy-to-use use platform. It includes 24*7 server monitoring and instantly troubleshoots services.


VPS Server offers highly scalable resources that you can utilize to build up your website and scale up the services and resources whenever your website demands more resources.

Self Service Portal

We provide the full control panel options with our VPS Australia server to perform multiple functionalities and regular activities at a time, including restart, stop reload, change password, and much more.

Supermicro's Chassis

We offer the best state in class processor and a SuperMicro blade to monitor and complete maintenance of your VPS Server. By default, all nodes are RAID 1.

Frequently Asked Questions About - VPS Hosting Australia

The user who has strong technical skills basically operates and handles a Cheap VPS Server. It is also important to have knowledge of how to work with the operating systems, whether it is Linux or Windows. Just think you want a Windows VPS Server but do not have technical knowledge. You might not be stressed out. Our best VPS Hosting Australia server provides you a complete managed platform with 24*7 support.

Best VPS in Australia is an affordable and upgraded version of a Shared Server while providing you plenty of functionality to perform multiple tasks. Whether you have to customize your resources and make some changes and modifications through cPanel, Cheapest VPS Australia Hosting is ideal.
Our Best VPS Hosting in Australia packages will give you 100% satisfied and trustworthy web hosting resources on which you can rely and intensify your business growth.
Why Australia VPS from us? We provide cutting edge hosting resources with Dedicated RAM and huge SSD Storage along with SSH root access. We also provide you the numerous control panel options with advanced features and 24*7 Support. If you are not satisfied with our services, we will also refund your money.

VPS Server, as per name an utterly private platform that offers its own resources and unique IP address for website hosting. Hence provide higher security. Our Australia VPS Hosting comes with inbuilt security software and secure firewalls to protect the website data. We also provide the Denial of Service attacks and SSL certificate for high security.

Before making any decision for choosing a location, just ensure where your customers generally belong to. It means to check if they belong to Australia then try to host the website on a VPS Australia based server to provide them outstanding network infrastructure and outstanding website performance.

VPS is a Virtual Private Server web hosting platform that uses open source technology like Linux is known as the Linux VPS Server. Being a popular open-source platform, it provides numerous web hosting services and some free of cost applications. It comes with its own dedicated resources and unique hosting platform.

The primary difference between Linux VPS and Windows VPS is OS itself. Linux VPS is an open-source, cheap, and easily manageable web hosting platform. On the other hand, Windows VPS is a user-friendly web hosting best in providing higher data security and performance. It is quite more expensive than a Linux VPS.

When a Virtual Private Server uses windows technology to host and run the website, it is termed as the Windows VPS Hosting. With the best VPS Hosting Australia, you get the flexibility to enjoy the user-friendly operating system functionality in a Budget-friendly environment. Windows is a familiar OS and mostly compatible software platform that allows easy installation of your choice of applications in one click.

VPS Hosting is a type of web hosting that is highly used for doing live online businesses. Any user can host their small to mid-scale business website on an Australia VPS Server. You will get the complete independent platform, dedicated resources, and exclusive root-level access with VPS plans. Our VPS Server ensures you guaranteed enterprise-grade resources for enhanced functionality and better performance.

VPS Server comes with a broad range of highly reliable and flexible advantages for your business website, including

Data Security

Large Storage


Unlimited Bandwidth

Root-level Access

Dedicated Resources

Yes! If you run your website and are stuck somewhere because of limited resources or outgrown with shared services. You can upgrade your VPS plans any time, just in one click.