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Dedicated Servers in Panama: Plans & Prices

Supercharge your business with our Panama Dedicated Server plans, delivering maximum power, ironclad security, and unwavering dedicated support to propel your success.


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Xeon E5-2609v4


8 Cores/ 8 Threads


32 GB


2 x 500 GB SSD


1 Gbps (20TB)





1 Month


Xeon E5-2630v4


10 Cores/ 20 Threads


32 GB


2 x 500 GB SSD


1 Gbps (20TB)





1 Month


Xeon 2680v4


14 Cores/ 28 Threads


64 GB


2 x 500 GB SSD


1 Gbps (20TB)





1 Month


OS Installation

Discover the most widely used and compatible operating system for your business in Panama through Serverwala.

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Key Features of Panama Dedicated Server

Ultra fast performance in panama

Ultra-Fast Bandwidth

Experience unparalleled access to ultra-fast bandwidth with our top-notch dedicated server web hosting in Panama. This ensures your business website can effortlessly handle high volumes of web traffic without any compromise on optimal performance.

Prime Network Connectivity in panama

Prime Network Connectivity

Rest assured that our data centers deliver a state-of-the-art global network equipped with secure channels and unrivaled speed performance. With our robust dedicated server in Panama, you can enjoy the highest level of network connectivity that remains steadfast and reliable.

TIER III Certified Data Centers

TIER III Certified Data Centers

Take advantage of the exceptional support offered by our Tier III certified data centers as part of our Panama dedicated server web hosting in Panama City. These facilities provide redundant storage, maximum computing power, private networking, hybrid setups, secure housing, instant provisioning, and a range of other hyper-scale advantages.

DDoS Protection in panama

DDoS Protection

Your business is safeguarded with robust data protection provided by our bare-metal dedicated server in Panama. Avail progressive data safety measures, including free DDoS protection, to ensure complete security against all cyber threats.

Root Level Access in panama

Root Level Access

Obtain full SSH root access control over your dedicated web server without any interruptions. Moreover, you'll receive an efficient and user-friendly control panel, enabling you to effortlessly manage your entire web hosting.

24/7 Technical Assistance in panama

24/7 Technical Assistance

Our team of proficient engineers is available 24/7/365 to provide on-site technical assistance. You have the privilege of reaching out to them through various communication channels such as email, phone calls, Skype, WhatsApp, live chat, and more.

Who Should Choose Cheap Dedicated Server
Hosting in Panama?

Organizations in Panama

Organizations in Panama with Huge Databases

For organizations in Panama managing extensive databases, our dedicated server solutions provide the scalability and performance needed to handle large volumes of data effectively.

Host SaaS Applications in Panama

Host SaaS Applications in Panama

Deploy and host your SaaS applications in Panama with our dedicated server solutions, enabling you to deliver efficient and tailor-made software services to your customers.

Reselling Hosting Solutions

Reselling Hosting Solutions

Boost your revenue potential by hosting your website on our bare metal Panama Dedicated Server. Take advantage of the opportunity to resell web hosting resources with our 100% White Labelled Services.

Backup Servers in Panama

Backup Servers in Panama

In the event of security incidents, disruptions, or other unforeseen events, enterprises and organizations in Panama can rely on our dedicated web server as an ideal backup solution. We let them ensure immediate access to their data and seamless continuity.

dedicated server in Panama

Why are Serverwala Dedicated Servers Best in Panama?

Experience the utmost performance and advantages of our dedicated web servers at Serverwala Tier-III data centers. Our bare-metal dedicated servers in Panama are specifically designed to cater to diverse web businesses across the globe. As our esteemed client, you will have exclusive access to hyper-scale facilities and top-notch infrastructure that assure the best possible dedicated server web hosting experience. Moreover, by choosing our robust dedicated server for your Panama online business, you will enjoy the privilege of advanced web hosting services backed by resilient security features and progressive technologies.

Easily Control and Manage your Dedicated Server in Panama

Manage, Monitor, and Reinstall your Dedicated Server in just a few clicks with our self manage server portal in Panama.

  • main server management Panama

  • bandwidth monitoring Panama

  • os reinstallation Panama

  • rdns Panama

Advantages of Using a Dedicated Server

Top-Notch Performance in Panama

Top-Notch Performance

Acquire an exceptional boost in website speed with our dedicated server web hosting. Our hosting assures the highest network uptime and unmatched speed. Empower your online business with heightened performance in any situation.

Greater Security and Control in Panama

Greater Security and Control

Measures Rest easy knowing that our dedicated server offers an autonomous and secure web hosting environment. Host your websites, applications, or other entities with complete peace of mind, and enhance security further by adding multiple layers of protection to your dedicated web server.

Greater Flexibility in Panama

Greater Flexibility

Unleash unparalleled flexibility by customizing your entire server space to perfectly align with your unique requirements. Seamlessly operate your preferred operating system, software applications, and other programs, granting you full control over your dedicated server.

No Maintenance in Panama

No Maintenance/ Purchase Cost

Opt for our dedicated server web hosting and unlock exceptional value for your investment. Rather than spending on overhead, equipment, or maintenance, gain access to premium hosting services through our bare-metal dedicated server, ensuring a cost-effective choice for your dedicated server hosting plan.

Server Customization in Panama

Server Customization

Empower yourself with effortless configurations for your dedicated server hosting platform. Customize your web hosting server precisely to your requirements, enabling you to utilize it to its full potential for your online business or hosting purposes.

Independent Server Hardware

Independent Server Hardware

Dedicated Server Resources Experience the unparalleled availability and accessibility of web resources through our dedicated server web hosting. Obtain the exclusive allocation of 100% dedicated web resources for your dedicated server hosting plan, providing optimal performance without the need to share resources.

What Do Customers Say About Dedicated Server in Panama?

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dedicated Server Panama


Dedicated Server Features

& Plans


What is a dedicated hosting server?

A dedicated server refers to the most compelling & prevalent web hosting server that lets you acquire a self-dependent, isolated, and secure web environment for your hosting purposes along with the highly available dedicated web resources. It further provides you authority over the entire web hosting space as well as its web resources. You get the privilege to utilize your dedicated hosting server exactly as you desire & need.

Are dedicated servers worth it?

With the dedicated server, you can acquire world-class hosting benefits & privileges at a feasible cost pricing. It is a highly cost-effective solution that enables you to transcend all the limitations as well as restrictions that come under other web hosting solutions. Thus, you can skillfully attain maximum business profitability with dedicated server hosting.

Is a dedicated server essential to me?

A dedicated server is highly effective if you seek the following for your hosting goals-

  • Easy customizability
  • Custom hosting features
  • Maximum uptime network
  • Root-level access control of a web hosting server
  • Hosting flexibility
  • Optimal performance
  • High-grade data security

What are the benefits of choosing dedicated servers?

Mentioned below are some excellent hosting benefits you receive with the dedicated servers -

  • Highest as well as constant network connectivity
  • Enhanced visitors ratio
  • Reliable online presence
  • Top-most possible SEO ranking
  • Unbeatable data protection
  • Unique IP addresses
  • Private networks
  • Custom hosting environment
  • Easy accessibility to dedicated web resources
  • Freedom to operate any software, programs, or applications
  • Maximum processing power and much more.

How soon can I access my dedicated server in Panama once payment is made?

Your time is valuable to us. Therefore, upon confirmation of your payment, our competent engineers immediately set in motion the deployment of your dedicated server in Panama. With our efficient processes, we strive to make your server available for your use as quickly as possible, ensuring minimal waiting time.

Do you provide a control panel with your dedicated server?

We provide the support of the most compelling & user-friendly control panels, such as cPanel & Plesk, with dedicated server web hosting plans. You can acquire the most suitable control panel based on the operating system you choose to run on your dedicated web server.

Is there any option for upgrading dedicated servers?

Yes, you can easily upgrade the dedicated web server you purchase from the Serverwala cloud data center in a minimum time as & when required. We allow you to customize & configure your dedicated web hosting server on the basis of your business demands, traffic volumes, and requirements.

Will I avail IP address with my dedicated server?

Yes, the Serverwala cloud data center initially provides unique IP addresses at zero cost price with your dedicated server hosting plan. Moreover, you can also buy additional IPs for your online businesses at minimal price rates whenever you require.

How is the dedicated server accessible to me?

We enable you to effortlessly access, administer and manage your dedicated server through ....

How many additional IP addresses can I take?

At the Serverwala cloud data center, with our dedicated server hosting plans, you can readily acquire multiple IP addresses for your web business at the most inexpensive cost pricing. You may acquire as many IP addresses as you like, but you must strictly follow our terms and conditions.

Do you provide a Money back Guarantee?

We at Serverwala cloud data center offer seven days credit back guarantee with all the plans of the dedicated web server. This enables our customers & clients to make time & money investments with complete reliability.

What payment methods do you accept?

We let you pay for the services & plans you wish to purchase through diverse payment modes. You can make the payment via the mediums, namely, Stripe, Paypal, Mastercard, Visa

Do you offer personalized plans for Dedicated Servers in Panama?

Yes, Serverwala understands that each business has unique hosting requirements. That's why we provide custom & cheap dedicated server hosting plans for Panama. With our bare-metal dedicated web server, you can customize the software and hardware configurations to perfectly align with your needs. Additionally, you'll have full SSH root control access, empowering you to independently manage and optimize your web hosting server according to your preferences.

What benefits can I expect by transitioning from a VPS server to a dedicated server in Panama?

Transitioning from a VPS server to a dedicated server in Panama opens up a world of advantages for your online endeavors. With a dedicated server, you can experience -

  • Experience enhanced performance
  • Have full control over your web hosting server with root access
  • Bolster the security of your online assets
  • Boost the SEO ranking of your website
  • Access ample resources to support your growing demands
  • Effortlessly scale your hosting environment
  • And revel in the ultimate hosting flexibility.

Can I upgrade the server resources at any time?

At Serverwala cloud data center, you get the privilege of quickly upgrading or scaling up your existing web resources with utmost ease at any time based on your demands & necessities. We provide maximum & easy accessibility to top-grade dedicated web resources.

Can I install software on the server?

Yes, absolutely! We allow & enable our customers to install & operate any desired or required software on a custom dedicated web hosting server without any hassle & limitations. Our powerful dedicated servers come with the highest power & ability to effortlessly bear the functioning of any software.

Can I host more than one site?

Yes, you can easily host more than one website on your dedicated web server. With dedicated server hosting, you can even ensure the high performance & high-level security of your multiple websites simultaneously.

Is data backup available with Dedicated Server Panama?

Certainly! Serverwala offers data backup services at our cloud data center in Panama. You can take advantage of our on-demand backup feature, which allows you to schedule automated backups and ensure the secure storage of your data, providing peace of mind for your business and customers.

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