Zero Tolerance Spam Policy

As a trusted brand in its sector, Serverwala(Serverwala Cloud Data Centers Pvt. Ltd) has a zero-tolerance policy for spam. It concerns sending unsolicited and excessive emails. A certain user whose account gets identified to be mailing spam from our server will have to get an immediate termination.

Definition of Spam

Spam is the practice of sending unwanted emails and any online communications to entities who've not given consent to receive them. Regardless if it is a single email or a bulk mailing, spam is still considered an offense. Purchasing a list of email addresses from a third party and sending them in bulk is also regarded as spam.

sending them in bulk is also regarded as spam. Spam often includes mailing lists where subscribers should ask to get removed via an opt-out request. When a company gets hired to send mail to a list of people who have not specifically requested to receive your messages is also regarded as spam.

Definition of Phishing

Phishing is a method where a perpetrator poses as a reputable company or reliable individual. It gets executed to collect sensitive information, for instance, bank account numbers through a fraudulent email or website.
When phishing is discovered, your service will be terminated immediately with no refund or credit back policy. Also, the user or reseller will get primarily responsible for data loss.

Examples of Spam

  • The email communications got sent to a recipient who had previously opted into receiving emails but later informed the sender that they no longer wanted to receive them.
  • The emails contain incorrect or false information.
  • The email communications got sent as mass distribution after getting collected from websites.
  • The email got sent out without a way to opt out of receiving further mailings.

You are entirely accountable for the actions of any third parties you hire to carry out your business mailings as you are the owner of the email lists. Any breach by a third party will get regarded as a violation and can result in termination.

Similarly, any account that results in the blacklisting of our IP addresses will get terminated by us. Besides, we also reserve the right to demand changes, disable, or remove any website that does not follow our spam policies. As determined by Serverwala, we have the authority to charge any account holder for cleanup fees or blacklist removal costs.

Difference between transactional emails and promotional emails?

Transactional emails contain information that's particular to each recipient. They typically come into play in response to user activity on a website to finish a task or process, such as password resets. Moreover, they can also serve only as information-based documents, such as monthly statements. They use it to improve an existing customers association.

Due to the advertising and marketing content they hold, marketing emails are occasionally referred to as promotional emails. Their objective is to take some action, such as buying something or downloading files. They are purposefully sent at a specific time to a catalog of customers who have expressed interest in receiving more information.

The main distinction is that promotional emails that get delivered on a one-to-many basis have a lower open rate. Whereas transactional emails get delivered on a higher open rate basis.

User as user

Anyone who uses the services that Serverwala provides for personal use is referred to as a user. Typically, when we speak of a user concerning spam, we are referring to the service user who is sending the mailing lists.

Uninvited bulk emails and commercial emails are not tolerated at Serverwala. Our customers get safeguarded by this policy from the harms associated with "spam"-related behavior. An unwelcome broadcast or commercial email, or UBE/UCE, gets characterized as an email getting delivered to an address without the recipient having expressly requested it. .Your hosting agreement includes a reference to this statement of zero tolerance for spam. There is a list of things that are not legally permitted. Serverwala might also shut down your account if you play an active role in any of the actions that get restricted by this agreement. Customers of Serverwala are not allowed to send UBE/UCE over our network or through our users' bandwidth.

It's also against the regulations to send UBE from a different service provider that makes use of any other resources that get housed on the Serverwala network. Both DNS and website redirection services fall under this category.

It is forbidden to use the Serverwala network to ask for or gather feedback on messages sent by some other internet service provider. Especially if the messages disregard this or any other provider's regulations. Users can get obligated to present documentation proving that at the time of sending emails, clear and direct recipient permission was granted. Serverwala could, in its terms and conditions, factor in the absence of verification of permission for a misleading mailing UBE/UCE.

On their servers and networking hardware, Serverwala clients are not permitted to host fully accessible mail relays. A lack of knowledge regarding the existence or function of an accessible mail relay cannot and won't get accepted as a defensive strategy.

Using email proxies to transfer UBE/UCE is also not permitted for Serverwala clients. The service will be immediately terminated after two violations of this policy.

Attempting to run unverified mailing lists is not permitted for Serverwala users. Without the owner's prior consent, email addresses will not get added to any mailing lists. Each mailing list that gets used should have a clarified opt-in. Instead, every address owner's membership confirmation message should get stored in a file for the period of the mailing list's present state. It's against the policy to reference any account or buy email address directories from third parties to send emails to from a domain hosted by Serverwala.

Meaning of Subscriber

Clients who pay Serverwala for services are known as Subscribers. People who sign up to use our service as Subscribers customarily choose month-to-month, quarterly, or yearly service options.

Customers of Serverwala are not permitted to manage accounts for or offer services to entities or individuals that get classified in the Spamhaus Register of Known Spam Operations / ROKSO database.

Mostly in case of a spam policy violation, clients will get informed.

Termination could result from not responding to or rectifying the spam policy violation notice. Clients are responsible for maintaining the database with accurate contact information.

A customer will get contacted for an answer and resolution to every legitimate spam claim. Clients must reply within a 24-hour window. In response to UBE/UCE concerns, Serverwala holds the authority to block traffic, internet sites, servers, or networking hardware. It continues until a solution gets located and preventative steps get put in place. As this objective will be to prevent the offense from happening again. Serverwala is free to stop providing all services to a user if it should continue to receive concerns about the same issue. This is essential to prevent the policy's blatant violation of spam.

Opt-in emails are prohibited by Serverwala, along with all other third-party mailers. Before they can get delivered, all opt-in emails should receive the Serverwala abuse department's approval. Except that the Serverwala abuse department will pay attention, and prior authorization gets needed. To report a certain case of email abuse (spam), please email [email protected]

Your server will be immediately taken offline if your Serverwala IPs appear in Spamhaus. Similarly, you won't be able to request any more servers from Serverwala.

User as a reseller

A reseller refers to somebody who has acquired our reseller services. As the provider for various clients in this situation, this person is entirely accountable for the end user's actions. Given that we'll only communicate with the user as a reseller, it is their responsibility for managing the spam concern.

When a user registers as a reseller or uses the service for resale, it is the reseller's obligation to offer the relevant information when filing a complaint. If not, the entire service would get terminated. In the event of any dispute, we would only interact with the reseller's representative; we are not obligated to speak with the reseller's client directly. Only resellers who have registered with us are the subjects of our dealings.

The reseller is accountable for upholding a zero-spam policy. We don't want to harm Serverwala's solutions' goodwill, which makes it extremely important.

We follow the European Parliament and Council's Regulation (EU) 2016/679, which was incorporated on April 27, 2016. It focuses on the preservation of individual people regarding the handling of their private data and the free flow of these kinds of information. Regulations regarding the sending of commercial emails include GDPR and the US CAN-SPAM Act.

The major elements are as follows:

1. You're not permitted to use false and misleading header information. The "from" and "reply" fields' contents should be correct and legitimate, as well as classify the person or organization that sent the email.

2. It's forbidden to use false and misleading email subject lines. The subject line of an email cannot misinform the recipient as to what is inside.

3. Every email should include a clear explanation of how the recipient can choose not to receive any more emails. For recipients to opt out of accepting further emails, the user needs to provide a return email address or another framework. The technique should allow the recipient to withdraw their consent in less than 30 days. The user should stop sending emails in under 10 working days.

4. A working mailing address is required in every email. Every email message requires a legitimate, usable postal address.

Are you sending SPAM?

Consider taking this simple assessment if you're unsure if the messages you send are spam or not.

  • Do you mail to any individuals who have not voluntarily chosen to receive communications from you?
  • Do you send it to addresses on a list you bought?
  • Do you intentionally give false information about yourself in your profile, for example using a false address?
  • Are you making use of a domain name that you aren't allowed to?
  • Have you utilized a misleading or factually inaccurate subject line?
  • Is there no way to unsubscribe from your email?

So unless you specified YES in response to any of these inquiries, you are probably a spammer. Or you will soon get identified as one if you continue to follow these mistakes. Kindly get in touch with the customer service team if you have any issues or worries before attempting to validate any emails.

Changes to the Terms of Service: Serverwala reserves the right to change these policy proposals, in addition to additional guidelines, at any time and without notice.