Research Agency seeking multi-location Servers

Brief Overview

The research agency had the requirement for running multiple servers in various locations in order to fulfill its research objectives. We, at Serverwala, let them acquire what they were seeking in no time at the most viable cost pricing. The client is now operating & executing the research work seamlessly.

Obstacles Faced

The client has been looking for obtaining web hosting services from a single web host that has established data centers across the globe and offers diverse server locations. However, the research agency could not find any such web host. This further resulted in delayed tasks and projects.

How did we help?

When the research agency reached out to us, we helped them instantly set up multiple web servers in different locations. At present, our client is effectively running 12 dedicated web hosting servers in different locations. Also, we have provided our client the access to most advanced & resilient technologies to let the agency attain successful results in their research.

Positive Aftereffects

  • Our client's research has been conducted at a faster pace without any unnecessary downtime.
  • The research agency has been able to boost its operations & functions.
  • The corporation employees are also able to invest their focus on their work development rather than seeking server support.

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