Backup Services for Reselling at Cost Effective Prices

Brief Overview

Jigar Thakkar has been our client for the past three years. We have been providing him with our Linux virtual private server hosting services & facilities at the cheapest cost pricing. Recently, he started a reselling business of backup services and found us to be the most dependable web host to partner with for acquiring required services.

Obstacles Faced

Our client wanted to begin a business where he can sell backup services to his end customers as a reseller. However, he could not find the right web host to partner with who can provide him with the most compelling & steadfast data backup services at minimal prices.

How did we help?

We at Serverwala data center offered Jigar Thakkar the most reliable & best-in-class backup services to resell at the cheapest cost rates. At the same time, we have also assured him the 24/7 technical & customer support via a team of experienced specialists.

Positive Aftereffects

  • Our client has been able to resell the backup services at the most affordable cost prices. This results in accumulating a huge number of customers and generating high-profit margins.
  • He has been able to grow his reselling business with the utmost security and zero complication.
  • He has also been able to establish his brand as the most trusted and reachable one.

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