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Last updated on September 3rd, 2022

Server Wala has been the most reputable and reliable organization of the Corporate World all over the globe. We have received various awards that address our commitment to rendering secure and high-quality services for our customers. Today, we are gratified to announce that we have moved our services to a commercial domain. 

The Server Wala company has witnessed remarkable growth since the inauguration of the hosting business in Jaipur in the year 2012. By the time we were able to step out to expand our business and established other corporate offices in Bangalore in the year 2016 and Surat in the year 2018. Our willingness and passion for accommodating tech-oriented business requirements globally have made us augment the range of the company’s services to a large extent. And now, they caused us to transform to

Examine both the .org and .com domain extensions in the subsequent section. 

.org vs. .com – The Two Top Level Domain Extensions

The domain name extensions are the end part of website URLs utilized to categorize the websites on their type. Both the .org and .com domain name extensions come under the category of top-level domains. Picking the right domain name extension tends to become more significant than the domain name itself because it appends prompt credibility and aligns the website with its brand.

Further, the top-level domains (TLDs) are divided into two broad classifications – gTLDs and ccTLDs. The ccTLDs is an acronym for Country Code Top-Level Domains. They are location-specific and are commonly reserved for countries and some territories. For example, .us,, .de,etc. On the other side, gTLDs stands for Generic Top-Level Domains such as .com, .org, and .net, etc. They are accessible to everyone from anywhere around the world. 

The .org is commonly utilized by non-profit organizations, while .com is used mainly by for-profit businesses. They both serve their own distinct prerogatives to the users. 

  • The .org is a short domain name extension to indicate the term ‘organization.’ And the .com is a short domain name extension to designate the term ‘commercial’. They both possess the high-quality in their functionalities and can be equally remembered by the people. 
  • The .org is commonly utilized by non-profit organizations, while .com is used mainly by for-profit businesses. They both serve their own distinct prerogatives to the users. 
  • If we consider the .com domain name extension, it is more mobile-friendly and better capitalization on the continuing mobile trend. However, while discovering the perfect domain name, you’ll observe that there are many more .org extensions available to buy. Whereas, to acquire an eminent domain with a .com extension is fierce competition for the companies or organizations. Also, the .com provides more credibility and flexibility to the users. 
  • Indeed, the .com has been the world’s most famous and most recognized gTLD, reasonably because it was one of the original top-level domains.

Although Server Wala is available to serve the same enterprise-grade services and customer-focused support as earlier, to the entire world with a user-friendly hosting environment. We are now also catering to the growing demands of colocation services and cluster servers for business-seeking organizations apart from the high-tech web hosting services. The company is incorporating VPS hosting, Dedicated Server, Cloud Server, and other hosting services. Furthermore, we are empowering the users to host business for flexible location, i.e., Co  location Server, and furnish the tech-oriented requirements of managing multiple servers by one system, i.e., Cluster server.

The Mighty

By shifting the domain from to, we have aimed to render our customers with excellent, secure, and robust solutions in various web services. It is an essential building block to accomplish Serverwala’s long-term vision. The Serverwala Data Center’s founder, and CEO,  Mr. Akshay Saini, explains, “The company will now be proffering the users better pricing, on premises support, hardware specifications, and best in company standard premium services along with one click access to Top Level Domains(TLDs) and much more.”

Along with the web hosting services, Serverwala provides the Colocation Services and Cluster Server with flexible support by certified technicians, expert assistance, and optimized security. We keep on upgrading and enhancing our top-tier equipment with the latest technology-based tools.

We are pleased to have been listed among the top 10 Hosting Providers in the world for offering 24/7 maintenance and monitoring services and constant customer support with affordable quality services worldwide. 

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