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Why Is Linux VPS Hosting The Better Choice?


Among the emerging web businesses, many are relying on virtual private server hosting for their website. The reason is the affordability and high reliability that come with VPS hosting. Sometimes most website owners do not consider much about the underlying operating system that runs on the VPS. But, it is equally important to pick the compatible OS as it is to pick the right web hosting plan. It might be possible that initially, the choice of OS will not matter. However, with the growth of your web business, the selection of the operating system will determine the advancement and functioning of your website. 

The two most prevalent and popular operating systems that are leading the web hosting industry are Linux and Windows. Both of them bring numerous inherent attributes when it comes to website hosting. But, you can experience some distinct benefits with the Linux operating system oftentimes providing it more comprehensive appeal. This becomes highly applicable if we talk about virtual private servers. 

Linux has been the superior choice of countless users for server-based operations. It has the power to make web hosting more cost-effective, flexible, and highly efficient. Thus, here we have come up with some significant insights into the Linux VPS Hosting, which every web business owner must know. 

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What is Linux VPS Hosting?

Linux VPS hosting involves the usage of Linux as the underlying operating system of the web hosting server. The OS serves as the most crucial application that runs on any kind of device incorporating the hosting servers. It works as the link that enables every server hardware to communicate and respond to all the application requests.  

The operating system is considered indispensable even for very fundamental single-user machines or devices. So, you can comprehend how essential an OS can be for a web hosting server that is required to handle and manage all the hardware for various users. Let us mention some of the critical roles of the operating system to let you have a better outlook about its capabilities – 

  • It runs and controls applications.
  • It is responsible for managing Input/Output operations.
  • It takes charge of identifying and handling errors. 
  • It is accountable for the allocation of resources such as CPU time, memory, etc. 

How Does Linux VPS Hosting Work? 

Linux VPS hosting can come with two types of plans. The first is Managed Linux VPS hosting, and the other is Unmanaged Linux VPS hosting. These two plans differ in the hosting provider support. Let’s understand them in brief – 

Managed Linux VPS hosting

In this type of web hosting, you let your hosting provider or company manage the entire virtual private server. Everything related to VPS, from its configuration, management to its security, becomes the responsibility of your hosting provider or company. The managed Linux VPS hosting plan is suitable for those who are not well aware of the server technicalities or do not possess much technical knowledge. Also, those who do not have time to handle and run their virtual private servers can pick the managed Linux VPS hosting. 

Unmanaged Linux VPS hosting

In this type of web hosting, you get the complete charge of your entire virtual private server. Everything related to VPS, from its configuration, management to its security, comes under your responsibility. Many renowned hosting companies provide technical support with unmanaged Linux VPS hosting. The unmanaged Linux VPS hosting plan is suitable for those who are well aware of the server technicalities or possess enough technical knowledge. Also, those who wish to handle and run their virtual private servers on their own can pick the unmanaged Linux VPS hosting.

Further, in general, with the Linux VPS hosting, you will acquire the following privileges – 

  • Dedicated resources
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Multiple domain hosting
  • Secure hosting environment
  • Root access
  • Customization power

Why Choose the Linux VPS Hosting For your website?

In this section, you can find the excellent features that come with Linux-based best VPS hosting. They explain the reasons for picking the Linux VPS for hosting your website. 

Key Features of Linux VPS Hosting 


Linux is an open-source operating system, which is free to employ even for hosting purposes. Thus, the overall cost of Linux VPS hosting is relatively lower than the web hosting service based on other operating systems. 


Due to the design of the Linux OS, being a VPS administrative, you acquire unprecedented flexibility. Linux can easily adapt to any environment and can be configured into a highly directed web hosting platform solution.


Linux provides high data security. Since it is an open platform, vulnerabilities are detected and resolved at the early stages


You get a robust design and steadfast performance with the Linux VPS hosting. Linux helps in avoiding reboots even during high loads. 

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How To Choose the right Linux VPS Hosting plan?

With so many hosting providers offering different Linux VPS hosting plans and packages, it becomes quite difficult to pick the most suitable one. Thus, you can consider the following points for amplifying the plans and choose the best VPS hosting plan for your website.

  • You must seek a renowned and reliable hosting company. 
  • You must obtain highly scalable web resources. 
  • Your hosting company must render 24/7/365 technical and customer support. 
  • You must be able to upgrade your hosting plan as and when required. 
  • You must acquire the 99.99% uptime network. 
  • You must be able to run the desired applications and software. 
  • You must obtain administrative control of the virtual private server.
  • Your Linux VPS hosting plan must be cost-effective.

Why is Serverwala Best for Linux VPS Hosting? 

Serverwala is the industry-leading hosting company that is highly recognized for rendering the best VPS hosting at the cheapest costs. It is a top-notch organization that aims to enable a seamless website’s performance. Further, the company provides enterprise-grade hardware support and lets your website deliver an excellent end-user experience. You can obtain any of the managed and unmanaged plans from the company. Check out the below-mentioned advantages that the company offers with its cheap VPS hosting plans and packages.

Round-the-clock technical support

You will acquire 24/7 technical expertise through highly skilled and experienced professionals. You will be able to contact them via Live Chat, Skype, Email, and other communication channels. 

Full Root Access

The company will let you have root control of your Linux VPS. You will get authoritative access to secure, operate and manage your server the way you need without any restrictions. 


Your Linux virtual private server will come with high-level security features. Your website will get ultra-secure firewalls, DDoS protection, and an SSL certificate along with the automatic security threat identification system. 

99.99% Uptime Network

Your website will be able to achieve zero downtime with redundant power and constant secure channels delivered by the company. Further, Serverwala ensures high-tech network flexibility and a 99.99% uptime network guarantee. 

Twenty times faster connectivity

Your website will be able to experience twenty times faster connectivity with the Linux VPS’s ultimate band of network and highest connectivity of 1 GBPS. Moreover, you will have the access to unlimited bandwidth for fulfilling your web business necessities. The company will permit you to utilize a 100 TB data transfer rate monthly with each Linux VPS hosting plan. 


The users who have never work with the Linux OS fear its accessibility. They often predict that Linux is difficult to deal with than other operating systems such as Windows. However, at the current time, it has become much more user-friendly than one can imagine while keeping its core benefits sustained. Moreover, cPanel and WHM provided by the Serverwala make it even simpler for you to control and maintain your Linux VPS with utmost ease. You will also obtain the self-service portal with the company’s VPS hosting plan, which provides the full control panel options to perform varied functionalities and routine tasks simultaneously.

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