Why is Data Backup so Essential for Your Business?

Last updated on September 3rd, 2022

The data backup is the archived or copied files and folders of your web business, which can prove to be essentially useful to restore them in the event when you may encounter any data loss due to some mishappening. If you study Cisco’s 2017 Annual Cybersecurity Report, you will find that ransomware and other attacks are quite large over the Internet and so have become very common. This article addresses some of the facts about data loss and how it can be really critical for your business. Also, it provides crucial information about how effective data prevention and data backup solutions can help secure your business against any threat

Truths about Data Loss via Cyber Attacks

Data Loss via Cyber

Along with the data loss through the cyberattacks on your web business, you can lose more than you think and not just the data or money. There is a high possibility for your business to lose a lot more aspects that you have acquired with time while putting in never-ending efforts and strategies. Consider the following severe facts about data loss through cyber attacks. 

  • The businesses who have been the victims of cyber-attacks or data breaches, more than half of them are subject to public scrutiny. They have lost the brand reputation, which further resulted in their loss of customer loyalty and customer trust.
  • Many businesses which have been through cyberattacks also lost their revenues. The loss has not been minor, but they have faced more than 20 percent of total revenues.
  • The companies or organizations that have suffered cyberattacks or data breaches, a considerable number of them have encountered loss in vital business opportunities after the incident of the data loss.

Thus, it must get clearance from the given facts that the consequences of data loss because of the cyber-attacks can be highly destructive for a web business. That is why business owners must keep a corporate data backup strategy their first priority. 

Let us dive into the kinds of threats in detail that your confidential data can face before we get insights into the data prevention strategies.

What are the Threats to your Confidential Data?

Threats to your Confidential Data

You can discover malicious software almost everywhere nowadays. Though these types of data security threats give significant risks to web businesses, there are many others out in the environment that can take you through the same risk or sometimes even higher. Let us check out some of them that threaten the business data and place it at big risk.


These are the people who are the skillful computer programmer that hacks the system or code and acquires the illegal access to your web business data. They utilize it for their benefit and cause harm to your business.


It is the type of malicious software that is designed by some person and aims to block your access to your own computer system. The attacker then asks for a ransom amount of money from the system’s owner to let him restore his access to the computer system.  


They are kind of malicious codes or programs framed to modify the computer operations and multiply themselves to corrupt files or data. 

Physical Disasters

Many times people overlook the physical threats that can harm your data on a large scale and renders risk every day. For example, it includes fire, flood, or other types of natural disasters that have the capacity to wipe out all your business data in your location. It also makes virtual recovery next to impossible. Also, your data can be stolen during a theft, where the attacker can directly steal a hard drive or storage device. Moreover, there is also a possibility when you may encounter hard drive failures and different types of hardware mishaps.

How to Prevent Data Loss?

Prevent Data Loss

Your data backup is nothing but a copy of your existing files on your system. As we have discussed in the previous section about the different kinds of possible threats to your business data and their effects, you must comprehend how essential it is to keep your crucial web business data backup.

To prevent data loss, you must follow the three common rules of backup, and they are mentioned below – 

  • You must keep at least three copies of your data so that a single event could not erase all the copies of business data. 
  • You must keep storage of your data in at least two different formats, for example, in the disk, tape, cloud, etc.
  • You must keep storage of your data in at least two different formats, for example, in the disk, tape, cloud, etc.

Here are some of the standard practices that are implemented by businesses to back up their data.

Local and Network Backups

The most straightforward way to create a backup of your business data is to store the copies of your essential files on hard drives, tape drives or other storage devices attached to your systems or network. When you keep a copy of files to the hard drives, USB flash drives, external drives, or other devices, it becomes very effective to have your backups available locally when you require them. They all get connected to your systems and devices through a local or wide area network. You can have an efficient data recovery plan and keep the local copies of your backup. However, it should not become your only strategy for preventing data as there are also risks of physical disasters, ransomware, theft, and other threats. Therefore, along with the up-to-date local backups of your files and data, you must also store at least one copy offsite or in the cloud. 

Cloud Backups

Most people are shifting their businesses to the cloud server, and thus, the cloud also provides the solution to create your business data backups. Cloud backups are the popular ways to keep and secure your copies of data offsite that are stored on remote servers. The copies of your data or files can be accessed through the Internet connection. Cloud serves as an excellent backup option that also renders redundancy and security for businesses. It makes sure that your crucial data is available in case the onsite data get ruptured or struck with a physical disaster. 

Online File Storage

You can also create a backup of your important data and files in your  Dropbox, Google Drive, and other online storage websites. You must understand that online file storage is different from cloud backups. Online file storage has the limitations such as –

  • You will have limited file versioning.
  • Online file storage lacks automated backups.
  • You will have limited backup folders.

So, these limitations prevent you from creating true cloud backups through online file storage. You can utilize online file storage for keeping few files and some data. A true cloud backup service actually permits you to generate automated backups of entire systems. It further allows you to store your backups in as many versions as you require. 

Serverwala Backup Solution – The Perfect Data Loss Prevention Method 

Serverwala Data Backup Solution

Let us introduce you to one of the best and leading backup service providers in the industry – Server Wala. The Server Wala company renders the most simple, reliable and affordable backup solution for your web business. You will get the privilege to secure your physical and virtual server data under extensive solutions. The company provides flexible and customized options for backup facilities.

With the company backup facility, you will have the following benefits- 

Centralized management

You will be able to manage everything through a dashboard that is easy to use and serves as the single centralized management. 

Ultra-fast disaster recovery

You will acquire the backup, which will be running in minutes when you require it. 

Seamless cloud backup

The Server Wala company also permits you to securely send data to the ultra-secure local data centers with no additional steps. 

Universal Restore technology

You will also get the opportunity to restore the full systems to entirely different hardware under the Server Wala company backup facility. 

Flexible data recovery

You will be able to backup and restore anything from a single file to an entire server.

Multi-destination support

With the Server Wala backup facility, you get the benefit of sending backup data anywhere. 

1-step system deployment tools

Your web business will acquire fast performance and cost-effective system maintenance with the 1-step system deployment tools. 

Smart storage management utilities

You can achieve streamlined IT tasks and can boost system performance.

You can connect with the Server Wala professionals anytime. They are available 24/7 to provide instant customer support and resolve your queries. You can communicate with them via different modes – Whatsapp, Skype, Phone Call, E-mail, Live Chat.

Browse the official website of the Server Wala company to grab more information about its backup services and facilities – 

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