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Which Company Provide best dedicated server host in India?

Certainly, when you out for shopping a dedicated server host in India, there are plenty of options are available from many service providers. Today we came with three ‘dedicated server host’ that is best for India.

1. Serverwala: The Server Wala Provide best dedicated sever in India with starting price of $ 115.00 MONTHLY to $ 135.00 MONTHLY you get Intel Xeon E3-1230 V3,

16 GB Ram, 1 TB Storage, 10 TB Bandwidth, 2.40 GHz

2. Bigrock: With starting price of Rs.6,999/mo to Rs.9,399/mo, the bigrock is one of the leading dedicated server hosts in India.

For the Rs.6999/mo (MACH-1) you get configurations like- Intel E3-1220LV2, 2.30 GHz Dual Core w/HT CPU, 4 GB RAM, 1000 GB HDD in RAID 1, 5 TB data Transfer and 2 Free IPs.

Where in MACH-3 costs Rs.9399/mo you get- Intel E3-1265LV2, 2.50 GHz Dual Core w/HT CPU, total 8 GB RAM, 1000 GB HDD in RAID 1, 10 TB traffic Transfer and 2 Free IPs.

3. Go4hosting: The go4hosting is also popular with its starter price at INR 8995. They also have three more packages- INR 10995, INR 22995, and INR 34995.

For INR 8995, you get- 2.4 Ghz/8MB Cache cpu with 4 Threads, total 4 GB Ram, 1 TB Enterprise SATA Storage, 5 TB Traffic.

For INR 34995 you get- 2.0 Ghz/ 20MB Cache cpu, 16 X 2 Threads, high 32 GB Ram,

2X1 TB Enterprise SATA Storage, RAID 1 RAID, 10 TB Traffic, etc.

4. Hostgator: The hostgator gives you full root access, with the starting price of Rs.9555/mo to Rs.16215/mo.

In the BASIC pack (Rs.9555/mo), you get- Intel E3-1220v3, 3.10 GHz Quad Core cpu, 6 GB RAM, 1000 GB HDD in RAID 1, 1 TB Transfer, 2 Free IPs and Free Website Migration.

In the PRO pack (Rs.16215/mo), you get- Intel E3-1271v3, 3.60 GHz Quad Core w/HT CPU, total 30 GB RAM, 2TB HDD in RAID 1, 2 TB Transfer, 2 Free IPs and Free Website Migration, etc.

Remember, before purchasing anything, always read the terms and condition for avoiding any dispute in the near future.

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