What is VPS Hosting & Why You Should Switch To VPS?

Last updated on September 3rd, 2022

If you run an online business, your business website will require reliable hosting support to make your business’s goals achievable in the long term. Web hosting does much more than just providing a space to store your website pages, files, and databases. It renders resources to build the SEO-friendly website and, in turn, makes it possible for your website to acquire the high ranking on the search engine. The important thing is you must choose the right hosting for your website that can match up to your business aims and fulfill the current as well as future requirements. 

With the rise in virtualization technology in the past decade, VPS hosting has become popular in the hosting industry. This article will serve you the detailed knowledge of VPS hosting’s workings and then further explain how VPS hosting is different from other types of available hosting and has become prevalent amongst most website owners. You will have insights into why many companies and individuals are switching to VPS hosting. Moreover, you will get a crystal clear idea about why and when you should opt or switch to VPS hosting. 

Before everything else, let us first define the term VPS hosting.

What is VPS Hosting? 

The term VPS hosting meaning stands for “Virtual Private Server” Hosting. This hosting utilizes virtualization technology to allot individual servers to the users. It renders the required resources from a single physical server that comprises multiple users. However, the VPS hosting setup tends to divide this solid physical server into numerous virtual servers reserved for individual users. As the name implies, it serves itself as a private server to the users by rendering separate resources such as random access memory, central processing unit, disk space, etc., to each virtual server. The resources which belong to one user cannot be utilized by any other user on a physical server. That also means, in the VPS Hosting, the users acquire the dedicated resources in their isolated server environment. 

This hosting platform serves as an ideal choice for SaaS(Software as a service) providers, game makers, websites with a considerable traffic volume, and companies, individuals, or organizations who require a secure, private, and affordable hosting environment with technical support and backup services. 

As you dig deeper into the functioning of a virtual private server, its services, and privileges in the coming sections, you will recognize how VPS hosting is becoming an option for so many people from different domains.

How Does VPS Hosting Work? 

The VPS Hosting workings help to bring or provide the experience of dedicated server hosting. When you operate on a virtual private server, it will let you perceive as if you are working with a dedicated server. You will not be able to sense the fact that you are actually sharing the physical server and functioning along with the multiple users on that same physical server. 

Let us study how VPS hosting works. So, what really happens in the web hosting provider system is that it generates the virtual layer over the physical server’s central operating system. It makes the creation of the virtual layer possible through virtualization technology. The software named Hypervisor makes it possible. This way, the physical server gets distributed into individual compartments having virtual partitions. 

Consequently, these virtual partitions enable each user residing on a separate VPS server to install their different operating systems and software. Each user will have their files running on their operating systems independently, in which no other user will be able to intervene. That makes the VPS service fully secure and private for all users. Also, the users’ website receives guaranteed unique resources like memory, disk space, and CPU cores dedicated to them only. 

The VPS replicates most of a physical server’s attributes and lends them to the user with similar processes and functionality. 

Most importantly, under the VPS Hosting, you will have a similar kind of root-level access that you can acquire in the dedicated server hosting. However, the virtual private server will grant you this access at a much lower price.  

Here we now move on to compare the virtual private server hosting with other common types of hosting in the consequent section to get an approach about how VPS hosting is unique and different from the rest of the hostings. 

Which One is Better: Comparison of VPS to other types of hosting 

All the various kinds of hosting available in the market enable distinct customization levels, functioning, and accessibilities on the server. They have differences with respect to cost, uptime, speed, page load times, performance, security, and some other factors. 

Here we have made the differentiation of VPS Hosting from other hosting services based on such factors. 

VPS vs Shared Hosting

In shared hosting, a single physical server and its resources are owned by multiple users simultaneously. You will have a certain amount of bandwidth, storage, disk space, and other resources allotted to your website, but still, you will have to share these resources with other users on the same server. This hosting fits well with the users who have less amount of traffic on their website or initiating with small business websites and blogs. However, as the traffic increases, they may get short of resources, and their server will become less compatible with fulfilling the requirements. 

  • Performance

The VPS hosting lets the website operate faster and have less loading page time than the shared hosting because of the independent dedicated resources that are not shared with other users. Hence, the performance of the website is more reliable in the VPS Hosting service. 

  • Security

VPS hosting is more secure than shared hosting because of the obvious reasons that it renders the isolated and private environment. No one can intervene in the resources, unlike in shared hosting service. 

  • Cost

The shared hosting is available at cheaper rates than the VPS hosting service, and however, it also produces less value. 

  • Authority

In the VPS hosting, the user will get the SSH and receive your server’s direct root access. On the other side, the complete server authority and its control for modifications lie with the hosting company in the shared hosting service. 

VPS vs Dedicated Hosting

The dedicated server hosting allows the user to own an entire physical server to host the business website or websites. It becomes the ideal option when you require to manage very high-traffic websites that take up a large number of resources. You acquire the flexibility to set up the dedicated server however you desire. It is entirely customizable in every aspect. 

  • Performance

The dedicated server hosting provides high performance due to the entire physical server’s availability working solely for your business. However, the VPS hosting can give you comparable performance if you opt for the right hosting plan or package according to your website’s requirements. 

  • Security

When it comes to security, we can say that both dedicated servers and virtual private servers provide high protection due to its isolated and remote environments. But it will be best if you look for a reputable hosting provider to get guaranteed security. 

  • Cost

When we compare VPS vs Dedicated Server, dedicated server hosting is a bit more expensive than VPS hosting. The VPS Hosting enables you to pay only for the number of resources you utilize at comparatively lower rates. It also lets the user scale the resources and costs according to the business requirements.  

  • Control

The dedicated server hosting will let you install your preferred operating system, and in the VPS hosting, you will get limited options according to your hosting provider. 

VPS vs Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting enables you to host the website over multiple servers rather than just on a single physical server. When you pick cloud hosting for your website, every server in the cloud cluster will save a copy of your website with regular updates. It defends the website from encountering downtime. If the server cannot manage your website operations due to high traffic spikes, then the cloud cluster will redirect your website traffic to another server that is not too busy. 

  • Performance

Cloud hosting provides the high-availability and high performance when it comes to expanding CPU power and memory capacity on need. It will certainly offer better page load times and no downtime. The VPS hosting will also render the same performance level as long as there is no requirement for additional resources at the current time.  

  • Security

Virtual private server hosting is highly secure and sometimes more secure than cloud hosting. That is because of cloud hosting’s physically distributed nature, which makes it more exposed to cyber-attacks. Moreover, public cloud hosting will not be able to meet compliance needs.

  • Cost

Although the costs for both cloud and VPS hosting are comparable, you need to pre-determine the resources to make use out of them in VPS hosting. Cloud hosting provides the flexibility to pay for what you utilize and does not have to pay in advance and get concerned about unpredictable pricing that can arise due to the overheads and complexities. 

  • Control

The clod hosting gives you more control when it comes to deciding about operating systems, tweak network architecture, firewalls, load balancing, and IP addresses. But then you will also have to face the complexity that comes along with them. You will not need to have much technical expertise in VPS hosting to configure the server as required in cloud hosting.  

Most unique pros and cons of VPS Hosting 

You will find both advantages and disadvantages with almost everything you research. It is like every coin has two sides. Virtual Private Server Hosting can be the aptest solution for your business website, but it will have both benefits and drawbacks to offer. Here we have mentioned all the pros and cons that come along with VPS Hosting.  

Pros of VPS Hosting

  • VPS hosting offers a faster pace than a shared hosting environment, and eventually, it becomes more reliable to host your website. 
  • It provides the plan or package that includes the required server resources for your website, and they become private and secure for you. No other user has the right to share those resources or intervene in their operations. You get the guarantee to utilize them whenever and however you desire. They do not fluctuate at times. 
  • Any issues or traffic hikes happening at the physical server cannot disturb your virtual private server and the website’s functioning. 
  • The VPS hosting plans are easily scalable whenever there is a need. Your site may require additional resources as it develops and expands with time. At such a period, you will have the opportunity to easily upgrade the resources such as RAM, CPU, disk space, bandwidth, etc.
  • The VPS server price is very cost-effective, and you will only have to pay for what your website needs. Many hosting providers render cheap VPS hosting. You may also find some hosting providers who can offer you a VPS server free or VPS hosting free through VPS server free trial packages to experience its service before you decide to opt for a longer-term. 
  • It provides you SSH and root access to your hosting environment while enabling you to have more authorization or control. 
  • It gives you customization choices to set up and configure your server according to your necessities while giving you the operating system option. The two most popular are – Windows VPS Hosting and Linux VPS Hosting. 
  • It renders the server backup platform and makes it easier to protect your data and files.

Cons of VPS Hosting

There are a few cons against the numerous pros of VPS Hosting that will hardly make any difference, but it is good to have knowledge about them too. So, let’s go through them also. 

  • VPS hosting is a little more expensive than shared server hosting. 
  • You will require considerable technical knowledge to handle and operate the server efficiently if you opt for unmanaged VPS Hosting. However, this drawback can be overcome by opting for the managed VPS hosting service. Though it will cost you a little more, you will get complete technical support from the hosting provider’s professional team. Everything from setting up the server to resolving any technical issue will be monitored and handled by your managed VPS Hosting provider. 

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  • In case the setup of your virtual private server gets any fault in the configuration, your server and website will become exposed to security vulnerabilities.

Why should you choose the Serverwala VPS for your website? 

The Server Wala company is known for rendering the Best VPS Hosting globally. It is also listed under some of the most prominent and leading organizations in the corporate world. It has also received numerous awards for its commitment to quality work and customer-oriented services. 

The company offers cheap VPS hosting under the affordable managed VPS server price along with the following benefits –

  • It implements DDoS protection.

You can acquire a high data security level with an SSL certificate and 2048 encryption security with all the company’s data center hosting plans.

  • It offers a premium network.

The company lets your website have minimum and seamless performance under a premium and secure network connection.

  • It provides low latency.

You can let your website operate twenty times faster with the company’s servers’ intensified security, reliability, and speed.

  • It gives passionate customer support.

The company renders 24*7 on-premise customer and technical support with intelligent solutions from experienced experts.

Reach out to the company at its location at – Server Wala, Jaipur Electronic Market, Ridhi Sidhi Circle, Gopalpura Byepass, Jaipur(RJ), INDIA

You can also contact them directly for further information and queries over a phone call anytime you wish. The contact details are mentioned as-

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The company also allows the facility to e-mail them your queries or feedback and guarantees to revert within a day. You can mail the company’s professionals at any of the following e-mail addresses. 

Technical Support: [email protected]

Billing Inquiries: [email protected]

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When should you switch to VPS Hosting?

If you can relate to any of the following points, you can easily consider switching to the VPS Hosting without any second thought.

  • Your website has outgrown all the resources available with your high-end shared hosting plan.
  • You require multiple security features for your business website such as – 
  • Intensified Security Features
  • Advanced Monitoring Capacities
  • More Backup Space
  • Improved Website Reliability
  • More Security For Online Payments
  • The traffic volume on your website is rapidly increasing, or the website is showing high traffic spikes. 
  • Your website’s operations have slowed down. Moreover, the page load time is increasing, and the website is demanding more RAM.
  • Your website involves an online store and payment gateways, and thus, you also need to pass a PCI compliance test.
  • You are receiving server errors such as encountering the messages like “Internal Server Errors?” or “Service Unavailable Errors?”. That means your website may also facing downtime issues. 
  • You require a secure and private server with dedicated resources for your website but do not want to invest a higher amount. 
  • You require to have custom software.
  • You are working as a developer and are attempting to build websites for your clients. 


You have learnt more than enough about VPS Hosting to decide whether your business will benefit from picking the virtual private server hosting or not. However, as far as we have discussed, it can be concluded that VPS Hosting can be a suitable option for all websites with medium to high traffic or eCommerce websites that run a full-blown online store. Furthermore, if you wish to have the leading authority from the server’s core, you have the option of selecting unmanaged VPS hosting for your business website. Otherwise, if you want to focus on other aspects other than the server or lack the technical expertise to deal with the virtual private server, you can easily opt for the managed VPS hosting.  

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