What is Managed Hosting, and Why Do You Need One?

Last updated on September 3rd, 2022

Nowadays, the cost of purchasing hardware equipment to securely store the data are relatively higher. Also, its maintenance is not only expensive but a time and money-consuming way to host your business site. However, finding Reliable and resource-intensive Web Hosting is the best way to prevent yourself from making a hole in your pocket. This is not enough yet! If you want yourself away from the hustle of server maintenance. So, you can have time to plan advanced strategies to keep growing your business. Then you should choose the Managed Hosting that ensures to take care of complete maintenance and management of your site. 

Managed Hosting benefits your business with a number of exclusive perks, including easy setup, effortless hosting, quick configurations, security, updates, daily backups, server management, and 24*7 real-time support beyond expectations. If you want all these remarkable services and an easy hosting experience at your fingertips, then Managed Dedicated Hosting is the one-stop solution for your business site. 

This article will make you aware of the fundamentals of Managed Hosting and why you need it. So, keep staying with us until the end to get the best solution. Let’s get started!

What is Managed Server Hosting?

Managed Hosting is a service where customers buy the dedicated space over the web from the Hosting provider. It is also known as the Managed Dedicated Server or a Single-tenant hosting. In this Managed Dedicated Server, you’ll be given exclusive resources, storage, and reliable network infrastructure devoted to a single client on lease. There is no requirement to share your resources. 

Further, the users who choose the best-managed server hosting receive an ample range of benefits such as:

  • An isolated hosting environment
  • Operational management
  • High Level of Security
  • Robust Hardware
  • Server Administration
  • Complete Server Management
  • Real-Time Customer Support

Along with all these exclusive perks, the web hosting provider gives you the freedom not to worry about your server maintenance. With the continuous updation in the technology, the company finds the best way to cater to the end-user experience and better satisfaction. They assure you to provide reliable day-to-day infrastructure and quality hardware.

Why Choose a Managed Hosting Provider?

Well, you may know that if you’re technically an expert, then you can also manage your hosting. Then what’s the need to hire some expert or let the management of your server on your web host? The answer is simple: you can’t deny the cost of purchasing hardware equipment, server, and maintenance requires a massive investment, valuable time, and lots of effort. But with a managed hosting solutions, you can get away from such things and can enjoy your hosting. Also, it is the best way to save your money, time, and effort. Further, you can have much more benefits in your budget by opting for a Managed Hosting Provider like Serverwala, such as:

-If you want to Hosting Web Applications on your server, then Managed Hosting Server ensures an independent hosting platform with industry-leading services and add-on tools.

If you want the Extension or Consolidation of Data Center, you are flexible in choosing your nearest location to experience a managed plan’s better services.

-Managed Dedicated Server Hosting ensures the Legacy and Custom Application Hosting on its web space. Also, guaranteed to provide you a dedicated platform to let your site experience optimal performance and speed.

-Undoubtedly, the Dedicated Managed Hosting gives you the hardware powered by the top tier 3 and 4 data centers to assure you the High-Performance Computing environment.

-If you can quickly get the Website Analytics, you can check out which resource consumes the most power. 

-Online business demands more optimal and higher Disaster Recovery measures because you never know when your site gets caught in the hands of hackers. 

-If you have backups, then it would be easy for you to focus on your sales; that’s why Managed Hosting gives you Data Storage and Backups services. So, if incidentally your data is lost, then you can recover it quickly.

It’s not easy to manually take care of such things if you are hosting your site on an unmanaged or self-managed plan. That’s why managed hosting providers are required to keep your site optimized and updated with the latest technology-based tools and hardware.

What are the Benefits of Managed Hosting?

At this moment, you are aware of the mechanism and primary goal of choosing the managed hosting. But still, confused about whether or not your decision makes the difference in your business growth? You should know its crucial benefits. Let’s have a look at some of the top benefits of choosing the Managed Dedicated Server:

#1. Backup and Disaster Recovery

The topmost benefit of opting the Managed Hosting is getting unstoppable and constant services. They work round the clock, even in the time when you are taking a rest. If any technical issues and problems occur, they must be handled by your web host in the backend. Also, you’ll be given redundant servers, network protection, data backups, and other vital configurations to securely back up your data.

#2. Ability to Scale

Managed Hosting enables you to scale up your plans easily and quickly. You don’t require more technical expertise to work on your server. Instead of spending too much money on hiring a team, you can opt for the data center services that ensure to take care of your server and scale up resources and services wherever required. Additionally, you can easily predict the yearly cost of hardware maintenance based on your selected configurations. 

#3. Increased Security

Today’s hackers use much-advanced technology, including AI, computer threading, etc. So, to keep this level of security in-house, you need to spend many dollars and Indian currencies. Whereas managed hosting enables you to pay less or a fraction of it to exponentially more security. Managed Hosting also ensures the highest level of protection of your data from cyber-attacks, intrusion attacks, various types of threats, unauthorized access, and so on. It assures you end-to-end data encryption, DDoS protection, SSL Certificate, Transport Layer Security, and many advanced security measures.

#4. Lowering Operating Costs

By opting for the Managed Dedicated Server, you can save the cost of managing in-house hardware. This is because the web host providers already use reliable data center services. That’s why they offer the same benefits to you. So, you can experience optimal performance and high speed at a low cost. 

With these benefits of Managed Dedicated Hosting, every user would like to opt for the Managed Hosting plans. Further, if you still think that you can have other options of unmanaged hosting. Then you should once know the difference between both. 

Managed vs. Unmanaged Server Hosting

Managed Hosting brings more benefits and exclusive perks than unmanaged hosting. You will worry-free focus on your sales and business growth. You can expect such services with managed plans such as:

  • 24*7 Realtime Server Monitoring Services
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • Easy and Free Server Setup
  • A high degree of Scalability
  • Dedicated Resources
  • Capacity to Handle Traffic spike
  • Server Maintenance and Monitoring

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Unmanaged Hosting where you get the complete responsibility of your server. You need to manage, handle, and operate it by yourself. You can opt for these plans if you have a technical background and expert in handling the technical aspects of your hosting. Further, it is cheaper in price than the Managed Plans. You’ll get such services with the Unmanaged plans:

  • Server Accessibility
  • Cheap Plans
  • Quality Softwares ad Hardware
  • Complete Control 
  • Initial Server Setup

For more clear information, see the difference between both in a tabular form mentioned below:

Table Differentiating Managed vs. Unmanaged Server Hosting

ServicesManaged HostingUnmanaged Hosting
FreedomLow! Web Host Manage EverythingHigh! You have a Complete Control
Level of SecuritySecurity Maintained by Benchmark QualitySecurity metrics are not so good
FeaturesVLAN, redundancy, IPv4, Snooping, etcFeatures Fixed Configuration
PerformanceHigh PerformanceLow Performance
Data BackupsIncluded in PlansYou need to ensure data backups
Installation and SetupWeb Host install and setup your serverYou need to install applications on your own.
Areas of ApplicationLarge Enterprises, DatacentersSmall – Mid Size businesses
ScalabilityHighly ScalableNot easily Scalable

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Many businesses would like to prefer that managed hosting is a go-to choice. Even though their plans are more expensive than the unmanaged ones, they come with plenty of crucial benefits. You can expect a high level of quality with all the web hosting providers. That’s why choosing Serverwala’s Managed Hosting is the best solution that ensures robust and reliable plans with pro-active hosting infrastructure. You can also expect more data protection, data backups, SSL certificates, and much more at an affordable price with real-time customer support.

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