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What exactly is an SSL certificate and how important is it your website?

As digitalization is becoming ubiquitous, its different aspects are coming into light and it is becoming essential to safeguard your business from the dark side of internet. The number of hackers is increasing steadily and is putting every digital entity at risk.

Today, if you own an online business, you know what’s the value of security, loosing data from your website is the biggest threat for any business owner. It directly effects your customer base and also defiles the credibility of your organization.

It taints your website forever and marks it as unsafe for every netizen, thanks to social media and various other resource, it doesn’t take very long for an update to get circulated among millions of users. Therefore, it becomes essential to beef up your website with every possible solution. SSL Certificate is one of the most effective solutions that are deployed by the website owners.

What is SSL Certificate?

The full form of SSL is Secure Sockets Layer, it is a security protocol that establishes encrypted and secure communication links between web servers and web browsers.

The certificate works as a digital data file, it is used in linking the company’s data with a cryptographic key. It is also helpful in the creation of SSL connection and activation on your web server. It establishes a trusted and encrypted connection among web browsers and the servers.

Difference between SSL and TLS certificate?

TLS stands for Transfer Layer Security, it is an upgraded version of SSL. After the advent of SSL, there have been many updates in it and many of its updates are categorized under TLS as well. As an upgraded version, TLS is more secure than SSL, however, the latter is more commonly used and more popular among organizations.

What is the process of establishing trust of SSL certificate?

Creating a certificate is no big deal, even you can create one of your own, but, the bigger task is to have certificates digitally signed by trusted Certificate Authorities like DigiCert, Comodo, GlobalSign etc. Every browser has its pre-installed list of certificate authority, they are generally known as Trusted Root CA store. Websites that get approved by the security and authentication standards of the browser, get to register themselves with the Trusted Root CA store.

When to use SSL Certificate?

SSL certificates are specifically required when a website needs to feed personal or sensitive information over the internet or on a private network. It may involve personal information such as logging into multiple accounts or filling several forms online. Most people believe that SSL certificates are required only you make some transactions for keeping the credit card details and other information secure. Contrary to popular belief, SSL certificates are actually implemented on all the websites wherever personal information is exchanged.

SSL certificates are highly useful and they are essential in order to keep your website running securely. Server Wala helps you get SSL certificate and makes it available at a very reasonable price. Our services have helped many startups to make their businesses up and running at a very affordable price.

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