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Understanding the Basics of Docker – cheap dedicated Server hosting

In simpler words, Docker is a tool that allows developers to easily deploy their applications in a container to run on the host operating system i.e. Linux.

You ought to become more acquainted with the most essential components and tools around the Docker ecosystem. A firm understanding of those will make it easier for you to ask the right questions on how to navigate the sea of “Docker” without feeling lost.

Now let us understand some of the building blocks of Docker so that you can work around it efficiently.

Docker is generally composed of 5 core components which are briefly explained below:

  • Docker Image and Dockerfile
  • Docker Daemon
  • Docker Client
  • Docker Host
  • Docker Registry and Docker Hub

We associate with Docker through Docker Client, we type any command to Docker Client that we wish to keep running for controlling containers. Docker Daemon is the component which deals with the Docker images and containers on the local machine. It oversees and controls containers utilizing commands got from Docker Client.

Docker Containers and Docker Daemon sit within Docker Host which start the Docker on our system. We utilize our system terminals for interfacing with Docker Client.

As stated that applications keep running in containers. We create a Docker container of the application by creating a Docker Image of the application. This Docker image is made by composing a Dockerfile.

In the wake of writing and making a Dockerfile and a Docker image of the application, we used to drive that image to Docker Registry for distributing the application either secretly or publicly. The default Docker Registry is Docker Hub where we can discover diverse Docker images either from official Docker images or from third-party sources.

Docker can be somewhat overwhelming at first, particularly as it’s seeing so much use and significantly more publicity. In this way, exploring the entire environment can be challenging when beginning.

With the information above, you ought to have a firm understanding of what Docker is about by now and to make the right inquiries or ask the right questions to be sure about what single concepts are about and why they are helpful.

In the next few paragraphs, I want to discuss why clients who want the cheap dedicated server hosting might want to take a closer look at Docker.

If you are wondering what the point of Docker is, you should note that development environments can be distributed across multiple systems without anyone having to worry about having the right software versions. The Docker containers can be pushed to the cheap dedicated server hosting or any other instance of Linux.

And, if you are wondering if Docker is for everyone, know that Docker has many uses, but it’s not a panacea to all system administration problems. In some cases, Docker can lead to increased complexity and a relatively immature solution.

That said, it’s well worth looking at Docker if you run services and applications from a cheap dedicated server hosting.

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