Top 6 Reasons to use Colocation Data Centers

Last updated on September 3rd, 2022

You can get a wide range of choices when it comes to maintaining your data. Various services are letting organizations and companies utilize the space and available resources provided by them.

Some companies are opting for complete cloud solutions to manage their data. But many others are inclined towards adopting the colocation data centers solutions because of the security issues associated with the cloud services. 

To set up the base for IT infrastructure, colocation data centers make sense for numerous businesses. The colo services enable cutomers to house their servers at its facility and enjoy the benefits of a dedicated data center’s infrastructure and security under comparatively lower cost. It also cuts the cost of building, construction, operations at the site, and maintaining the established data center. No matter what company size you own, you will gain significant advantages by hosting your servers at the colo data center.

 Incorporating colocation into your IT strategy will allow you and your tech team to access the servers at the colocation center whenever required physically. Additionally, you also get technical support from the colo center team. To understand what principle reasons have made the companies migrate towards colo centers without a second thought, bounce to the following segment.

Top 6 Reasons to Invest in Colocation Data Centers

Here are the six reasons that provide insights into why companies from all around the globe desire to invest in the colocation data centers. Let us study each of them at length.

  1. The site and server monitoring

The colocation data centers provide the facilities to secure the site and servers of the customers. Since customers put their trust in the colo providers for ensuring the complete safety of their servers, the colo data centers take a full charge to safeguard the equipment and servers. Customers acquire full transparency and visibility to monitor their assets. The colo centers assure that the cameras are installed everywhere to observe each and every corner. Additionally, physical security is also there in case someone attacks the center from outside. 

Moreover, the companies can operate with their data center to optimize the network for acquiring maximum effect. They do this by examining reports and real-time metrics on traffic, power usage, and other productivity stats. 

The colocation data centers provide customers with the key cards or biometric security features to access the servers, assuring the privacy factor. 

  1. Infrastructure effective support

The colocation data centers offer a wide range of solutions for customer requirements. They possess versatile spaces that can administer both older legacy equipment and the latest in high-density server technology.

Their tech team has the expertise to precisely evaluate the space and power needs. Further, to let systems deal against the humidity and hot climate, they install HVAC systems, backup generators, and sophisticated security systems. To take care of any of these systems’ failures, they get their backups ready so that the business does not cease at any time. As a consequence, customers get the accurate architecture that suits their deployment in the data center environment.

You will have relief and do not have to get bothered about the infrastructure as it will be under professional management. Though, you can still peep into the infrastructure and server’s operations if you wish to check for your comfort sense anytime you want.

  1. Efficient Interconnectivity

Most of the companies are willing to get the privacy of their data as well as the broad connectivity options. The colocation data centers make it possible for the companies to get both under one roof. The centers let you opt for the best ISPs and cloud service providers. They possess carrier-neutral facilities and render security services of direct connections. 

You also have the choice to create hybrid and multi-cloud architectures if you want to intensify the data security and cloud flexibility at the same time.

  1. 24/7 Accessibility

The companies are always concerned about the data if they take the hosting service off-site. They wonder how they will get access to their server stacks or rest things in case of any emergency.

That is why colocation data centers offer the facility to access your data and hardware at any point in time. You receive the 24/7 availability of your system to deal or operate with it. Hence, companies acquire the flexibility just as if they are operating in the dedicated data center.

  1. Local Network Access

The colocation data center gives you the option to have local network access along with the colocation facilities. It makes download, upload, disaster recovery faster and more comfortable for the companies. They do not require sharing the bandwidth with the entire Internet until making way for data transfer to and from their servers.

  1. Deployment Guarantee

The colocation data centers give the guarantee of deployment to their customers. The understand the IT requirements of the customers and help them by predicting their precise future needs. It eases the complications for the companies that can come in the future infrastructure migrations and saves their cost on resolving such complications.

Is Colocation Right for You?

The 2018 IDG study report suggests that two-thirds of businesses make use of colocation data center facilities to store atleast a part of their data. More than 70% of the enterprises, utilizing the private facilities exclusively to manage their data, are planning to shift towards colocation data centers. Many enterprises are opting for both on-premises vs. off-premises data solutions as they have the option to operate like this as well. 

When it comes to an understanding whether the colocation facility is suitable for you or not, you need to analyze if it is fulfilling your requirements and letting your business grow or not. Consider the following factors and go for the option of colocation data centers if they make sense to your business.

  • The colocation data center establish backup and redundancy to safeguard the companies’ data from any malware or threat.
  • It gives the cost-effective way to expand your network’s reach and enhance its capabilities.
  • It accommodates big data analytics workloads through their computing resources. If you take the case of software-defined data centers (SDDCs), this factor plays the central role, and you get the scalable virtualized server plans at an affordable price.

So, now you must have known that switching or opting for the colocation data centers can assist your business under many significant aspects.


Colocation centers are the passages passing through which many companies obtain the considerable amount of savings on IT infrastructure management. You skip the costing price of power and cooling that the entire colo facility has to pay to keep all the systems operating efficiently, just as they would be running in a private data center. Since the professionals and tech team of the colocation data centers will take charge of handling the day-to-day responsibilities of your servers, you can allow your IT people to put their complete focus on enhancing, marketing, and evolving the business products and services and not on any sort troubleshooting. The other significant benefit your business acquires from colo centers is the uptime. The uptime either boosts business productivity and is higher in such centers than private data centers. 

The collaboration of flexibility, reliability, versatility, cost-effectiveness, faster processing, less workload under a single roof of colocation data centers are attracting more and more business towards opting for colo facilities.

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