Top 10 Ways to Increase Web Hosting Sale

Last updated on September 3rd, 2022

Trust is a key factor to enhance heightened sales of any product, especially over the internet. When you are selling something online, the customer does not get to see the product in front of him neither does the customer get to perceive it through his other senses. All they get to see is a likely image of the product through a screen. Thus, trust is lacking, and enhancing the trust factor among customers should be the key goal if you are trying to Increase Web Hosting Sale of your company.

Best Ways To Increase Web Hosting Sale

Here are some effective means that ensure that you hit the right track when you are trying to make a sale.

1. Get Reviews and Feedback Online

The first step that ensures good customer-company relations is if you keep their views on high regard. This can be done through the use of reviews and feedbacks have taken online. It is very easy to generate a review form for your customers wherein they can tell you about their user experience. They can also easily indicate any changes that they would like to see in the future for better interaction with your website.

2. Testimonials from Customers

A testimonial is very similar to a review but it is posted on your website. The testimonials serve as an indication of the authenticity of your product and how it was useful to the customers. You could be giving the best hosting offers and that could only be communicated to the probable customers through effective use of testimonials. To ensure the authenticity of a testimonial, you should provide the name of the individual customer along with their company and designation. This will help you to boost trust and hence your sales by a huge margin.

3. An Attractive Portfolio

A portfolio comprises of an infographic that lists out all the achievements that your web hosting company was able to achieve. It proves that you are an established and experienced company and can handle your customer’s needs efficiently. The portfolio indicates how you have helped your various customers go around various problems that have come up. It provides a positive impact on any prospective customer.

4. “About Us” is Mandatory

If you go through the web hosting review sites and click on any of the links, you will get to see that all of them have a well-written About Us. The About Us sections tells any prospective customer about your establishment. This, in turn, provides a personal touch with the customers. They feel closer to the company and hence trust the many products much more.

5. SSL Certificate

Google Chrome, since 2017, has warned against sites without an SSL certificate claiming them to not be secure. Thus, if you are a hosting company in India without an SSL certificate, then customers are less likely to purchase anything from you. Anybody would be concerned about their security, especially over the internet, and this security is determined by an SSL certificate. Thus, getting the SSL certificate at the earliest is a necessity to ensure proper trust among customers.

6. The Many Payment Options

For the many hosting companies in India, the matter of payment is crucial. In the present times, there are many payment gateways that you can opt for. If you go for some online payment option such a Google Pay or Paytm, then you are likely to get more customers as nearly everyone has these payment options. Options like PayPal are not likely to garner many customers as PayPal is not a preferred mode of online payment in India. The option for offline payment is also very crucial when you are setting up a web hosting service.

7. Your Legal Obligations

You must illustrate all your legal obligations on your website, keep them easily accessible, and have them written in plain, easy to understand English. The legal obligations include such documents as Privacy Policy, Delivery Policy, Returns, and Money-Back Policies, Cancelation Policies, and so on.

8. Technical Accuracy

A spam website often strikes out from the way it is written- incorrect sentences or spellings, wrong grammar, and so on. On the other hand, a professional website will always have meticulously written content, preferably written by experts. Thus, if a prospective customer comes upon your site and finds that it is not well written, then they may have the impression that it is a spam site. The need for technical accuracy is way too high when you are hosting a website.

9. Professional Association

Many professional bodies guide and regulate how different things are supposed to work. A furniture item has to be built and tested following the specifications listed in the Bureau of Indian Standards. Similarly, gold jewelry should come with an effective ISI hallmark that ensures its purity. A professional attachment always ensures high quality in the product and thus should be sought out. This helps to enhance the level of trust that a customer may have on the web hosting service.

10. Coupon Codes

It is true that coupon codes do nothing to enhance trust in prospective customers, but these serve as an excellent means to enhance sales. Coupon codes are attractive deals that bring down the price of your wares by quite some extent. The presence of attractive deals in the form of coupons works tremendously to bring customers to your website. Using coupon codes is a clear cut way to increase the traffic to your website!


These are but only a few ways to ensure that your customer gets to believe that they can trust your web hosting company. The more you opt for ways that improve the relationship between your company and the customers, the more they will be trusting of your wares. The more they trust you, the more they are likely to go for your products over anyone else’s. This is a cyclic pattern and all you need to achieve the highest position is to ensure that you deliver truly in your word to your customers at all times. Thanks for reading serverwala blog hope this will help Increase Web Hosting Sale in your hosting business.

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