Short difference between RHEL and CentOS?

Certainly, the RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) and CentOS are both based on Linux, but there are a few difference between two operating systems. There are differences in Product release, Pricing, Users, Performance focus, Support, etc.  Let’s go deep into the matter!

Product release: Where the RHEL initially released in 13th May 1995 and considered as a few original old Linux destroy, the CentOS is based on RHEL code itself. The CentOS first came into the market on 14th May 2004.

Pricing: The CentOS is free to use. But for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux, you need to purchase a paid license.

Performance focus: Because the RHEL or Red Hat Enterprise Linux is older, so it supports many platform and freeware. But the RHEL focus is to make a stable system. Likewise, the CentOS also focus on stability, but it misses deep intermigration by the coder and user.

Users: Consequently, the RHEL is used by many important platforms, data centers, servers, etc. The CentOS is used by less critical business platforms, due to its non-official or public support groups.

Support: Lastly, the CentOS is supported by its community or it’s community driven support. If a bug comes or beta version of CentOS comes, they try and make it perfectly workable. But the RHEL is supported by their closed developers- ‘Red Hat’ itself. There are few open communities are present for RHEL but the hard work for any problem solving is performed by the ‘Team Red Hat’.

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