Serverwala is Now a Certified cPanel Partner

Serverwala has been one of the most reliable and prominent data center service providers in the Corporate World. For that, we are proud to have acquired numerous awards that address our commitment towards our customers. We have always been opening creative and accessible gateways that render the most essential and secure web hosting solutions for the users. 

On the current date, we are more than pleased to announce that the Server Wala has now officially become a cPanel Certified Partner as an outcome of our consistent endeavours and progression to render the most competent technical expertise to our customers. 

As most of you must be aware of the fact that cPanel has been in high demand under the hosting industry because of its intuitive interface and rich collection of privileges, we have made sure to enable our customers to employ it. Though they may still encounter different sorts of errors and misconfigurations, that is where our technical officials guarantee to take charge of resolving any of such issues within a time limit, making the customers free of any load.

Hop to the subsequent section to get the insights and value about the cPanel Certified Partner Program. 

cPanel Certified Partner Program

cPanel is a famous administration dashboard utilized by many companies, individuals and organizations. It serves as a user-friendly web-based interface to control and manage your web hosting server. To put it in simple words, cPanel functions as a Linux-based graphical interface (GUI) control panel to let you operate website and server management in a simplified manner. 

You will require a certain technical knowledge level to handle the website and server functions without cPanel. However, having a cPanel makes it easier for you to make the modifications with the management of the website and server operations through a graphical interface. It will enable you to publish websites, manage domains, organize web files, create email accounts, and much more with ease.

Due to the features and the comfortable accessibility offered by the cPanel, it has been gaining extensive popularity among the hosting services and users. For this reason, many hosting providers initiated to render the cPanel access to their users. However, you will think twice while opting cPanel from a particular company depending on its capability to handle issues with the control panel if any of them happens. Hence, to strengthen the users’ decision, the cPanel Certified Partner Program got introduced in 2019.  

All the hosting companies which are already NOC Partners have the right to obtain this certification. According to cPanel’s statement, the cPanel Certified Partner Program has devised and intended to put those partners in the limelight who have attempted and succeeded in selling and supporting cPanel & WHM® software with the trained employees and technical support staff. 

As the Server Wala company has been a cPanel NOC Partner, possessing expertise in various technical aspects and rendering intensified services with upgraded resources to our customers, we had resolved to enroll in the cPanel Certified Partner Program. Since we have acquired cPanel Certified Partnership, we can officially proclaim our technical team’s skills and expertise. 

Here are our earned certifications –  

  • cPanel Sales Professional (CPSP)
cpanel partnership certificate
  • cPanel Professional(CPP)
cpanel partnership certificate
  • cPanel and WHM Administrator (CWA)
cpanel partnership certificate

It is crucial for the hosting companies to make their employees enroll in the courses proposed by the cPanel University and acquire the certifications in three distinct tiers as it helps the employees mark their technical expertise to their customers and enables the company to become a Certified Partner. Our system administrators were already specialized in the technical aspect, and hence, it was a simplistic and pleasant process for us to get the certifications for our tech skills.

Follow the next column to know how you, as our customer, can receive significant advantages from our cPanel Certifications.

How will our customers benefit? 

The following points explain how the customers of Server Wala will be benefiting from our cPanel Certifications – 

  • The cPanel University tends to update the courses within a particular time period and edit them with the latest features. Hence, the certifications will also expire after one year. Consequently, we as a Certified Partner will keep reassuring with the status that our technical support team comes under the trained and experienced people. Moreover, you can rest assured that our technical staff will have to be up to date with whatever modifications the cPanel will make. 
  • All the support cards that our company will make accessible with the cPanel will be under the new Ultra Priority Technical operations’ assistance. It will guarantee our customers about having the quick solution to any intricate problems from the cPanel technical experts. 
  • Further, the Server Wala is not going to take a rest here. Our technical experts are willing to showcase their expertise, and so they will continue to take on additional challenges to earn more certifications. Since the cPanel Technical Partners acquire ranks on a leaderboard based on the number of credentials gained by their employees, our staff will keep climbing the leaderboard in the coming time. The Server Wala has vowed to remain the most reputable and best hosting company globally.
  • The customers will anyway be going to benefit by opting for the cPanel. It enables the users to control and handle the accounts effortlessly, no matter if they possess the knowledge to operate Linux or not. However, if any issue happens, without giving a second thought, they can very quickly rely on the company’s certified technical team to have prompt resolutions. 

That is not it! Here is more for our customers to have. 

Get your solo cPanel License from ServerWala!

The customers who are seeking virtual private server (VPS) hosting or dedicated hosting for their online business can now get the solo cPanel license for both the hostings under our Server Wala services. Everyone knows the significance of having this license when it comes to dealing with business operations for its advancement through VPS Hosting or dedicated hosting. Now, you can have all your necessities served under one roof. 

Final Words

Server wala has never lagged in implementing 100% network efficiency, customer support, top-tier equipment, high security and most importantly, reliability to its customers. Becoming a cPanel Certified Partner is just another facet of reassuring our customers about our services and guaranteeing integral expert technical support. Having acquired the certification has also let us earn a new form of esteemed accreditation and render more profound services to our customers that we have always aimed. 

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