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Are you aware of the fact that the website is the biggest element that reflects the image and integrity of your web business? When you run an online business, it develops, reshapes, and transforms. And so your website should also go through the required transitions. The major percentage of a business’s credibility is determined by its website design and functioning. Thus, you can interpret how crucial it is to host your website on the right and ideal hosting server that can enable you to easily mold and advance your business website as and when needed. This will further let your customers acquire an excellent end-user experience at every stage of your web business. 

Here we will give you insights into the VPS Hosting that has become the foremost choice for many owners running small to large businesses. Since the development of virtualization technology, VPS has been gaining popularity for serving the ideal hosting solutions to numerous businesses at the most feasible prices. Let us first begin with comprehending what VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is. 

What is VPS Hosting? 

VPS hosting is the type of web hosting service, which enables you to own a partition of a physical server and host your website on it in the same way one hosts the website on a dedicated server. The VPS provides an independent and private hosting environment by being a part of a physical server only.

Talking about its formation, when the physical server is divided through the virtualization software, various segments can be created. These segments work as virtual private servers. Each VPS operates separately without interfering, impacting, and disturbing the other’s functioning in any way. So, you can have many advantages that come with dedicated server hosting while hosting your website on a VPS. Further, since ultimately you share the physical server space with many other users, the overall VPS hosting service cost is considerably low.

Why is VPS different than Shared and Dedicated Hosting? 

The VPS operates while blending the crucial features of the two common types of hosting servers – shared and dedicated servers. It is also known as the middle ground between shared and dedicated server hosting. 

The shared server hosting makes you share the space as well as the resources of the physical server with numerous users. It is the cheapest web hosting service as everything is shared among the users. However, this also brings many restrictions and drawbacks such as –

  • Limited resource availability
  • Security issues
  • Least control over the server
  • Confined customization
  • Frequent downtime when web traffic increases or due to some other website’s operations
  • An issue with one website can lead the whole server down, etc. 

Whereas the dedicated server hosting makes you own the entire server space as well as all its resources to host your business website. You get complete control over your server and can run it as per your necessity. No other user can access or disturb your server and website’s functioning without your consent. However, since you have to rent the whole server coming with a lot of privileges in the dedicated server hosting, you need to invest a considerable amount of money. 

Now you must have understood how VPS hosting works as a middle way between shared and dedicated server hosting. It keeps the hosting cost affordable by enabling physical server space sharing. On the other side, it facilitates many privileges of the dedicated server hosting by rendering the virtual and private hosting environment along with the dedicated resources. Thus, for those who need to eliminate the constraints of shared server hosting plans but cannot afford dedicated server hosting, switching to VPS hosting serves as their perfect opportunity. 

Who uses VPS Hosting? 

VPS hosting serves as the perfect choice for a broad range of web businesses. Here are some of the highlighted situations in which website owners tend to host their website on VPS Hosting

  • The foremost situation is when you have a limited budget. As already discussed in the previous sections, VPS hosting comes at an affordable price and serves as the best option to overcome the limitations of a shared server hosting plan. You can have the required hosting benefits and efficiently grow your business website at a reasonable investment. 
  • When your business website requires a specific operating system, you must not adapt to the one provided by your hosting provider. Unlike shared server hosting, you can run any desired operating system with VPS hosting. 
  • When your business website is receiving heavy web traffic, it is better to shift to VPS hosting as it enables effective traffic management without degrading the website’s performance. 
  • When you need to run resource-intensive applications, you need to have an independent hosting environment for their smooth functioning.  
  • When you need to run more than one website for your web business, VPS hosting accommodates your needs perfectly. 
  • Also, when you need to have better control over your hosting server and hosting flexibility, VPS becomes your choice. 

Why is it beneficial to use VPS Hosting For your website? 

Mentioned below are the key privileges of the best VPS hosting that explain how VPS can be highly beneficial for hosting your business website. 

High reliability

With VPS, you acquire dedicated and greater resource availability. Further, you get the possibility to scale up your web resources as per the growth of your business website.

Better SEO ranking

The VPS hosting provides a dedicated IP address, intensified performance, and high speed. It also lets you acquire the maximum uptime and the least downtime. This enables your website’s best possible SEO ranking. 


Your hosting provider renders you the administrative control of your VPS. You can run, control, and access your entire virtual private server as you desire. 

High data protection

The VPS provides an isolated and private hosting platform that secures your data from outside attacks and various vulnerabilities. You also get the chance to execute multiple security layers at your end to ensure your complete data security. 

What is the Future of VPS Hosting? 

More and more web businesses are inclining towards VPS Hosting services due to the benefits and privileges it renders at the most affordable prices. Further, web hosting company Serverwala has been maintaining as well as raising, at the same time, the standards of the VPS hosting services for its clients. The company is also at the forefront for offering the cheapest VPS hosting plans and packages with the two most popular and efficient operating systems – Linux VPS hosting and Windows VPS hosting plans. Get a glimpse of the Serverwla web hosting company in the next section. 

Why Serverwala is Best for VPS Hosting? 

Serverwala falls on the list of industry-leading and top-notch web hosting companies worldwide. The company is highly renowned for rendering Cheap VPS Servers Plans with the utmost high-grade services and facilities. Serverwala aims to accommodate every demand of its clients needed for smoothly accelerating the growth of their business websites. Check out below some of the significant benefits that you can obtain with the Serverwala VPS hosting plans and packages – 

24/7 Technical Support

The Serverwla data centers provide round-the-clock technical assistance via various mediums including Live Chat, Email, Skype, Whastapp. You will acquire expertise from experienced and trained professionals who offer prompt responses. Moreover, you will be able to contact them directly for an instant solution.

Full Root Access

The company renders you the full root control of your virtual private server. This will permit you to run and manage your server without any confinements. Also, you will be able to configure as well as customize your VPS anytime based on your business website’s needs. 

DDoS Protection

The company’s servers come with ultra-secure firewalls and are highly compact. Your business website will gain advanced security features along with the DDoS protection and SSL certificate with the VPS hosting. Further, your system will have the ability to identify potential security threats. Also, it will implement the safeguards before any harm takes place. 

1 GBPS Network Speed

Your business website will attain the ultimate band of network with unlimited bandwidth. It will be able to experience the highest connectivity of a 1 GBPS network while having secure connections. Further, your website will obtain twenty times faster connectivity and the highest loading speed. 

99.99% Uptime Network

The company never compromises on rendering redundant power and high-tech network flexibility. Your business website will acquire the assurance of a 99.99% uptime network with constant secure channels. 


With the Serverwala hosting company, you can have unmanaged as well as managed VPS hosting. Although, in unmanaged VPS hosting, you get full responsibility for your server’s functioning and management. But the company guarantees to provide round-the-clock technical assistance with all its hosting plans and packages. Moreover, you will have the security-as-a-service for your data protection while achieving your website’s seamless performance. Reach out to Serverwala’s 24/7 customer support service to gain further details about its leading VPS hosting services and facilities. 

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