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How To Point a Domain Name To Dedicated Servers?

Last updated on September 3rd, 2022

This question could be answered best with an example. Suppose that you have a cloud-based or hosted server with Azure or AWS and you need to assign a name to it for running any kind of service through it. First of all, you need to keep some basics in mind about dedicated servers, cloud, or hosted servers.

Dedicated Servers/Virtual Private Servers

Both of these terms refer to the same mechanism which is nothing but a virtual machine with a particular operating system. Though it looks like a trivial detail, it has significance in the industry and for handling dedicated servers and other such components, you need to know the details. With profound knowledge of this matter, you would be able to secure more storage, memory, and processing power. All these things are very useful in running applications efficiently.

You can also use a container but its functionality is limited and you can host only one application with it. For many service providers, it is also a preferred choice of hosting services for mobile and other platforms. With this service, you can actually run the platforms with fewer resources and manpower. However, there is a prevalent approach of sticking to containers for people who want it less complicated. If you are resorting to this approach, you also have to deploy a Linux or Windows box depending on the OS you work on.

How do we assign the name to a server?

This is a question with two sides to it and the answer is rather interesting. It involves the DNS Zone file with important records over your domain. If you get the domain from a DNS provider, you need to be careful about a few things. Running a domain is not a big deal but handling multiple dedicated servers is. The records provide easy-to-deploy resources helpful to evading all the measures that are harmful to the growth of the business. You also need to take cognizance of the operating system you are using for it.

Keeping these things in mind, you can easily name your server and optimize the zone files for a better outcome. Serverwala can help you with this task and add many such promoters to your business.

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