What is the Difference Between Managed VPS vs. Unmanaged VPS Which One is the Best?

Last updated on November 8th, 2022

Technology has a huge role to play in expanding your business. From building a website for your business to hosting it, you can significantly boost your company or organization. In this process, the most important thing is the choice of web hosting. Initially, people would prefer to opt for shared hosting where the server host shares the resources amongst various users. Thus the cost of affording this hosting for your website is significantly low. As the business grows and begins to draw more traffic, it demands more resources, security, and independence. The requirement to upgrade your hosting plan becomes essential as the website asks for dedicated server support. That is where Switching to VPS Hosting Serves your website for all purposes.

This guide will help you understand the VPS Hosting meaning or VPS server meaning and select the right type of VPS Hosting plan for your business website. It will further introduce the VPS Hosting provider’s traits that you must look for when you either need to opt for VPS Hosting or upgrade from your shared hosting plan to the VPS Hosting plan. Let us commence with comprehending the term VPS.

What is Virtual Private Server?

There are two types- shared hosting and dedicated hosting if we talk about the extremes in selecting web hosting type. One physical server gets divided into multiple accounts in shared hosting to provide the hosting facility to various clients. All the users share the resources of a single physical server. Whereas in dedicated hosting, an individual user receives the entire server for usage, and no other user can share the server resources of the allotted dedicated server. 

VPS hosting is a short form used for Virtual Private Server Hosting. The functionalities of this hosting let you enjoy the benefits of both shared and Dedicated Servers Hosting. In the virtual private server hosting technology, the single physical server gets segmented into various virtual servers. Each virtual server gets separate server resources such as operating system, disk space, random access memory, etc. Thus, VPS Hosting is the ideal alternative for users who do not require the entire dedicated server but want its privileges. The Best VPS server price is almost comparable to the shared hosting and much less than the dedicated server hosting. That is what makes VPS Hosting a more effective solution for your growing business. 

Moreover, while opting for virtual private server hosting, you will come across two broadly categorized plans – managed VPS hosting and unmanaged VPS hosting. Let’s jump to the following sections to learn their perks and differences between them. 

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Managed vs. Unmanaged VPS

Your website requires the server to store and secure its data, files, and databases. When a visitor attempts to access your website, the visitor’s browser sends the request to your website’s server. In turn, the server sends the required data of the website to your system via internet technology.

The VPS Hosting provider lends a virtual server to the website owner to host the website. This virtual private server hosting utilizes virtualization technology, where a virtual layer develops over the operating system of the physical server dividing it into partitions. As the VPS name suggests, the divisions will be both virtual and private. These partitions serve the users as if they are operating on an entirely separate server. The users can then install an operating system that supports their website on the allotted server. 

Based on OS type, the hosting can be either Windows VPS Hosting or Linux VPS Hosting. However, apart from selecting the right operating system to host your website, you further need to decide on the other type of plans in both cases. As discussed in the previous section, VPS Hosting has two broadly classified plans. One is managed VPS hosting, and the other is unmanaged VPS hosting. Any of the Managed and Unmanaged virtual servers you choose will determine how much you want to control your virtual private server to host the website. 

Though both environments give you the VPS Hosting server’s authority and privileges, it will still ultimately allow you to pick whether you want to control the particular resources or let the professional handle them for you. Once you figure out what both plans have to offer your business, you can easily decide which will be the best VPS Hosting for you. 

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What is a Managed VPS Hosting?

When you opt for a virtual private server to host your website, you get the responsibility of managing your remote server. It takes time management, technical expertise, and energy to maintain the server. In the plan of managed VPS hosting, the web hosting provider takes over all the responsibility for managing the user’s virtual server. Even if some server errors or issues happen, you do not have to bother about them. Taking care of server-related problems also comes under the service of managed VPS hosting. The web hosting provider is liable to monitor, acknowledge and resolve every job or issue associated with the virtual private server. 

Just as auto-pilot mode does the work of guiding the pilot about the flight path, speed, altitude measure, etc., and makes required modifications to ensure the safe running of the flight, the VPS hosting providers handles the resources of the server all the time. Their job is to do the installation, all the core updates regularly, and maintain the server state throughout so that the users can spend more and more time growing their business and dealing with the clients over sites. 

Examine the benefits you can achieve by choosing the managed VPS hosting plan for your website. 

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Advantages of Managed VPS hosting

Mentioned below are some of the principal advantages offered by the managed VPS hosting to the users, which will enable them to become stress-free and enjoy the services around the clock.

Provides high scalability

The users get comparatively high scalability. It means the virtual private server hosting provider will provide you with server resources, for instance, a central processing unit, random access memory, and bandwidth in a required sequence. Whenever your virtual private server demands server resources, it will get them on time without any delay or complications through the managed VPS hosting provider. Hence, the degree of scalability one can achieve via managed VPS hosting is greater and more effective. 

Grants IT expertise

The managed VPS hosting provider takes care of all the technical jobs and issues. You do not have to worry about the setup, configuration, and installation of the virtual private server. The company’s trained IT experts do all of them and then provide you with the perfect and accurate virtual private server to use. Whether you require VPS server windows or Linux-based VPS, you will have the technical team’s support to deal with the server system in both cases. They also take charge of updating, upgrading, and revising the errors of the operating system.

Delivers 99.99% Uptime

What disturbs the user’s peace of mind is inefficient uptime. You never know when your website can encounter a considerable amount of traffic. The managed VPS hosting plan makes sure to deliver you 99.99% uptime and relieves all your worries. It controls the traffic over the website. Moreover, the web hosting provider renders the monitoring service 24/7 round the clock. It ensures that the network and server are operating efficiently and also prevents the system crash. When such things are taken care of, the users can keep the work balance.

Conserves time and efforts

In the current ongoing developing age, time is considered equivalent to money. When you save time and effort, you get more opportunities to grow your business, take the required rest, and enjoy your work. When you pick a managed VPS hosting plan, you conserve your time and efforts by reducing your workload. You also do not have to make efforts to do the technical jobs perfectly to let your server operate efficiently. The web hosting provider ensures that all the modifications and operations are perfectly happening with your system. 

What is Unmanaged VPS Hosting?

Unmanaged VPS hosting carries away the web hosting providers’ responsibility that they possess in Managed VPS hosting. All the hosting provider’s liabilities get shifted to the user in the unmanaged virtual private server hosting. The user performs all the jobs of setting up the server, configuration, upgradation, and installation after buying the unmanaged VPS hosting for the website. The user takes charge of whatever is happening on and with the VPS. 

The VPS hosting provider performs the only role of providing the network connection and the virtualization platform to host your website. As discussed earlier, managed VPS hosting is like switching to an auto-pilot zone. Here in the unmanaged VPS hosting, it is like switching off the auto-pilot zone. The user will take full control of the allotted virtual server. Furthermore, you will also have to monitor the functions of the server and network. The VPS Hosting provider can only ensure and guarantee you the physical server’s availability and efficient performance.

Users must have excellent technical knowledge if they want to host their website through unmanaged VPS hosting. Otherwise, it can take a lot of time to manage and sustain your system. The user may not know if he makes some errors with setting up the server at the initial time. But then, he will need to pay the cost for his mistakes. 

Advantages of Unmanaged VPS hosting 

You may have found that the managed VPS hosting has a lot to serve you on the table. Whereas in unmanaged VPS hosting, you will have to operate everything related to your server. Moreover, you will also be required to have technical skills and understanding. Still, unmanaged VPS hosting is in no way behind managed VPS hosting when it comes to providing privileges to users. Here are some of the significant advantages mentioned below, which you will have when you opt for unmanaged VPS hosting.

Gives more authorization 

Indeed, unmanaged VPS hosting authorizes you to manage your virtual private server entirely when the VPS hosting provider renders you the server. You become altogether responsible for dealing with the server however you want and need. You have the power to tackle the issues and make modifications whenever you wish. No one will interfere while you are operating your VPS. 

Very cost-effective 

If we talk about the expense of VPS Hosting, it is already very affordable. Additionally, the cost of unmanaged virtual private server hosting further goes down if we compare its price with managed VPS Hosting. So, if a user is tech-savvy, this plan will help save the extra cost. You can also search for VPS hosting free. Some companies provide the VPS server free under the  VPS server free trial. That will enable you to judge the workings of the particular type of VPS hosting system. 

Provides more customization control

When you own unmanaged VPS hosting, you get the power to customize each and everything from the core. It gives you the flexibility to fix all the settings, setup, and updates according to your preference. In the end, you can have a fully-fledged virtual private server the way you desire. 

Having talked about the logic behind Managed vs. Unmanaged VPS Hosting and the privileges they give to their users, now is the time to address the significant differences between them. Continue reading to know both sides of the coin before reaching any conclusion.

Significant Differences Between Managed VPS & Unmanaged VPS

This section has somewhat summed up managed VPS hosting and unmanaged VPS hosting while displaying the differences between them against each other. It will assist you in comparing both categories of VPS hosting fruitfully. 

Managed virtual private server hostingUnmanaged virtual private server hosting
The user does not have to be concerned about whether he has technical knowledge and skills or not. The user must possess a considerable amount of technical knowledge and skills. He also should have information about the server. 
The web hosting provider will take care of everything from the installation of the server to managing the efficient performance of the server all the time.The web hosting provider will only take care of the physical server and the availability of its efficient performance to the user’s virtual private server. 
The user gets more time to invest in the business growth and its functioning as there is no need to take out time for maintaining the hosting server. The user has to make equal time to monitor the working of the business as well as to maintain the virtual private server. Both jobs are his sole responsibility. 
The cost of managed VPS hosting is a little expensive if we compare it with the cost of a managed virtual private server.The cost of unmanaged VPS hosting is cheaper than managed virtual private server hosting.
The user does not have to deal with any technical issues that may happen with the server. The user has to deal with the technical issues that can happen with the virtual private server’s functioning.

Which one should you choose for your business? 

After comprehending both the virtual private server hosting plans in the previous sections, if you wonder which one of the managed and unmanaged VPS hosting will suit your business, follow the brief guide provided below. It will give you a clear insight into which plan to opt to host your website.

Choose the Managed VPS Hosting if you can relate your requirements to the following points. The managed VPS hosting will permit you to:

Diminish the risk factor

The user can effectively reduce the business’s exposure to various online risks as the managed hosting provider will always monitor the server and maintain the functioning from the backend.

Ensure consistent high speed

The managed VPS hosting provider will operate along with you to modify the resources according to the business’s requirements and website. It will ensure that the consistent work process remains intact with the websites’ high speed.

Access to skilled expertise

If you are new to this field or do not have much technical knowledge, you will get skilled expertise in managing your server. You will have access to the latest technology and do not have to invest your time, money, or effort while dealing with technical things. 

If the points mentioned above are not your requirements, you can pick Unmanaged VPS Hosting. It will not only saves you cost but also gives you more control over your virtual private server.

Suppose you are tech-savvy, and you know well about the server’s functioning, then picking up the unmanaged VPS hosting plan will benefit your business in much the same way as it can benefit from the managed VPS hosting plan. Moreover, you do not have to address any issue with the managed VPS hosting provider as you will fix it on your own. It will give you flexible hands to play with the virtual server’s operations however you wish. You can design, experiment, and modify your server according to the growth of your business.

Hence, if you are one such person who desires to maintain the business work in the way we have discussed just now, then go and opt for unmanaged VPS hosting without a second thought.

Promptly moving towards our last section, get an opinion about which company can lend you the best VPS hosting amongst the various virtual private server providers in the market. 

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Why is Serverwala Best for Managed & Unmanaged VPS Hosting? 

The company from which you will decide to buy Managed VPS Hosting or Unmanaged VPS Hosting must provide you with the following facilities – 

Transparent and reliable services

The company should not hide any additional charges from you and provide you the transparency in their services by giving you access to the easy and written billing mode. It must serve you with the intense resources to develop your business productivity at higher rates. 

Top-tier equipment for the server

With the advancement and developing age of technology, the company should serve its users with the latest technology guaranteeing top-tier equipment for excellent services.

100% network uptime

The company also must ensure to provide 100% uptime to the users. The business can effectively meet its goals if the uptime is on track and the network facility is up to the mark.

Serverwala is one such company that provides its services globally, delivering all the above-mentioned facilities to the user. Furthermore, the company also renders its clients services at the most affordable rates. 


There are many times when users decide to switch to Managed VPS Hosting plan even after knowing all the technical skills and wanting to run the server by themselves. They can have no time to manage the server because their business and other personal work require more time. It all comes down to the individual’s priority in the end. 

Both the managed and unmanaged plans will be going to serve all the privileges of the VPS Hosting. Hence, analyzing your priorities and necessities, wisely decide which VPS Hosting plan will help you with the maximum profit.

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