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Linux vs Windows Dedicated Server: What to Choose?

Everyone poses a different opinion once it comes to choosing a dedicated hosting. The heated debate boils down to selecting the better one between Linux vs Windows Server. As the servers on x86 level are emerging to become more popular, Linux servers are on high demand. However, there are numerous people cheering for and using Windows due to its comfort zone and familiarity. 

Which one between Linux and Windows is better for you depends on your requirement. Before making a choice, you should have a clear understanding of both of them. Our today’s discussion is dedicated to just that. We will outline the features of both the operating systems, their pros and cons and also their core differences. Make sure to stick to the end of the article to make an insightful decision. 

Before proceeding with our discussion, let’s quickly address a common concern. No matter whichever Dedicated Server Hosting you pick, your priority should be finding the right hosting service provider. Choosing Linux Server vs Windows Server will not be as much impactful if you cannot leverage the full potential of each of the hosting. And a reliable hosting service provider like Serverwala ensures that. 

Without further ado, let’s proceed.

What is a Linux Dedicated Server?

Linux Dedicated Server

Linux is an operating system that is in use with most web hosting services as it is cost-effective. A Linux dedicated server is a value-for-money choice for many business owners because when we compare the prices of Linux vs Windows servers,  Linux is much cheaper. The operating system in itself comes for free.

Linux server is also compatible with a diverse range of open source SAAS-based services and applications that reduce costs. It is considered a reliable operating system. The best part about Linux dedicated servers is its flexibility. You can easily customize the server with fewer system resources than you would need in the case of a Windows server. 

What is a Windows Dedicated Server?

Windows Dedicated Server

Large enterprises prefer to use Windows Dedicated Server due to its familiarity. It costs more than a Linux based web server. Therefore, small businesses or start-ups may not prefer to use it. Windows server has a direct GUI access that allows you to manage via remote desktop. That’s why it is easier for server management. 

Also, a windows server allows the clients to manage the server regardless of the operating system they are using. Therefore, even Mac users can easily manage the server. It also advances its support for ASP.NET and ASP web pages. This is yet another reason that allures business owners to pick it.

Key Differences between Linux vs Windows Server

Linux vs Windows Server

 Server Cost 

One of the key differences between Linux vs Windows Server is Server cost. Linux servers cost less than Windows. However, we must outline the reason so that you can understand which one is worth your money.

Windows has an intuitive interface. Therefore, you won’t face any trouble in comprehending its features, functionalities and operation. 

On the other hand, Linux would compel you to spend some time comprehending its features if you are not used to it. It has a different interface and it may seem to be a bit complicated for the beginners or non-tech business owners. That justifies its low cost.

Operating System

The most significant difference between Linux vs Windows dedicated hosting is that one of these runs on Linux OS and the other on Windows OS. The user interface is significantly different. If you are more familiar on Windows, you may need some time to adjust on Linux. This is why, many businesses, even the small start-ups prefer to use Windows hosting in order to avoid complications. 

However, if you are planning to directly interact with the operating system without using an online tool such as cPanel for managing your database, software and email, you won’t feel much difference between the two.

 Control Panel 

Linux commonly used a control panel named cPanel. It is a standard tool for most of the small-scale web servers. If you are just starting out and don’t have adequate tech expertise with advanced features, you will soon realize its efficacy. You can install different software pieces from an easily accessible and clean interface, thanks to this overtly popular panel resource. It also allows you to create your customized version of MySQL database and configure PHP as per your requirement. 

Windows, on the other hand, uses a tool named Plesk. It is also available for Linux users. It has some similar features as those of cPanel.


Any dedicated server is flexible and allows you to manage and customize the features of the server as per your project requirement. Both Linux and Windows allow you to execute the same. Linux has a cPanel that facilitates even the beginners to handle all the features on the server. Windows, on the other hand, uses the tool Plesk that allows you to modify the server just the way you want.

Now, while talking about flexibility, we need to take the complications of the server into account. For instance, Windows is more intuitive, user-friendly and overtly popular. When comparing Linux Server vs Windows Server, Windows is easier to customize.


Security is a crucial concern for all business owners. And when it comes to selecting a dedicated server, the concern is more intense as the security of the server will determine the security of the website. Any reliable company offering server hosting services must maintain it so as to keep their clients safe and secured. Usually, Windows and Linux both have tight security protocols. 

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However, there’s a problem that arises with the popularity of one OS over the other. Since Windows is more popular than Linux, it is more likely to withstand attacks. This can be avoided by picking a reliable hosting service provider.

 Technical Support

If you manage multiple domains simultaneously, cPanel of Linux can be your best friend. It makes disk space management real easy. That way, you can manage disk space for a diverse range of domains with the help of a single host on the user interface of cPanel. You can also allocate distinct amounts of space to each of the clients on the basis of the contract. 

Similarly, you should note that web hosting agencies have more experience in working with both Windows and Linux servers. That’s why they can provide you with adequate resources to manage your domain no matter whichever OS you choose.

Ease of Use

This is a critical concern. And we must consider the aspect of ease of use from the perspective of non-technical business owners. If you are to focus on your business, you cannot spend a long time understanding the nitty-gritty of the Windows and Linux Dedicated Server. 

Now, Windows has an intuitive interface and most of the users are familiar with it. Therefore, selecting Windows dedicated hosting is ideal if you don’t want to spend a long time comprehending its features and functionalities. It is also easy to manage the resources on Windows.

However, we must mention that Linux is not troublesome if you can understand its basics. It doesn’t want you to be a tech expert.  

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Table Differentiating Linux vs Windows Servers

Differentiating factorsLinux dedicated serverWindows dedicated server
Server costRelatively less than a Windows server. That’s why small and medium businesses prefer to use itRelatively more than a Linux server. That’s why large enterprises prefer to use it
Operating systemIt uses the Linux operating systemIt uses the Windows operating system
Technical supportYou can seek help from your hosting service provider. Your hosting service provider will help you with this.
Ease of useThis is a bit complicated for beginners.It has an intuitive interface and is easy to use
FlexibilityIt may take some time to understand the features. It is more flexible as per the non-tech business owners.
Security More secured as it is not overly popular and small businesses use itIt has high-security concerns since large enterprises use it. However, it has tight security
Control panel It uses cPanel It uses Plesk.

Where to Buy the Best Linux and Windows Dedicated Server? 

Best Linux and Windows Dedicated Server Provider

When it comes to picking Linux or Windows for Server, the first step is to choose a reliable hosting service provider. No matter whether you choose Linux or Windows, without an experienced service provider, you cannot be assured of the security and consistent network support. 

If you search for a hosting service provider on the web, you will be flooded with lots of options. It’s not unlikely to be overwhelmed in such a crowded web. Here’s why we recommend Serverwala. 

The company has been operating in the niche for a long time. Therefore, you can rest assured that they won’t be a fraud. 

Many often, business owners complain that a hosting service provider is not there when in need. You can seek assistance from your hosting service provider to maintain the server or customize it. It requires the service provider to be easily available and wants them to offer impeccable customer service. That’s what you can expect from Serverwala. 

Before choosing a company, you should read the reviews and check the ratings. Serverwala is way ahead of the competitors in this regard. They have satisfied a global clientele with superb service and are ready to serve you as well. You won’t regret it.


There you go – a detailed discussion about the difference between Linux vs Windows Server. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution, Linux will be your ideal bet. It is suitable for small and mid-scale businesses. On the other hand, if ease of use is your primary concern, Windows is the right server for you. It is ideal for large enterprises. 

However, you need not worry about the flexibility of the dedicated server. Linux has a tool named cPanel and Windows has Plesk to help you make your way through these. The tools facilitate many customizing features. Depending on your requirement, you can choose the right feature for your business site.

Before closing today’s discussion, we would like to mention one thing. The decision of which server to pick doesn’t always rely on the operating system. It depends on choosing a reliable hosting service provider like Serverwala. It is like a trusted partner who can maintain the server for you and power-up your online presence. It ensures that your website doesn’t crash when a huge amount of traffic comes in. So make this decision very wisely. 

We hope you have found the article enriching. Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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