Difference Between Linux and Window VPS Hosting – Which to Choose for Your Business

Last updated on September 3rd, 2022

If you are running an online business or e-commerce website, you will surely need supporting resources that accommodate traffic on the website. No one can take the risk of not backing their websites with such resources. It is the only source that will generate revenues and sales. 

Hence, many people opt for private environments that can serve them with dedicated resources. 

For this purpose, an option of VPS Hosting technology fulfills their requirements. However, one must decide the operating system for VPS Hosting. There are commonly two kinds of an operating system that gives support for the web servers worldwide. One is the Linux operating system, and the other is known as the Windows operating system. 

Before you wonder about Windows VPS Hosting or Linux VPS Hosting, you must get through the terminology VPS Hosting. The following column gives a brief explanation of what is meant by this term and why most businesses want to host their website by VPS Hosting only. The article will further make you understand different VPS hosting kinds based on the operating system in detail and which one will be most beneficial for your website. 

What is VPS Hosting? 

The terminology VPS Server is used for virtual private server hosting. It gives the web hosting environment to various websites with much more scalability and power than other web hosting servers. You may have heard about shared hosting and dedicated hosting. The VPS Server meaning has taken the middle way between them. The virtual private server allows users to own the resources and privacy while operating from a shared server platform. It functions as a primary server node and is a part of powerful dedicated servers in reality. The four principle aspects where the VPS Server outshines are security, durability, administration, and authority.

Furthermore, the VPS server price is quite affordable, and you can look for many companies who can provide VPS hosting free under the VPS server free trial. That way, you can gain more knowledge about how flexible the virtual private server works for the website and businesses. A virtual private server will build its copy of the OS, making it possible for the users to have unparalleled access to the particular operating system. 

Let us now leap on the different VPS Hosting that a user can choose from in the following sections – Linux VPS hosting and Windows VPS Server. You will learn about the specifications and features of both kinds of hosting. It will enable you to understand the hosting requirements of your website.

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What is Window VPS Hosting?

The Windows VPS Hosting is the software that hosts the websites utilizing Windows technology. Many users who run businesses benefit from the windows virtual private server technology. There are many advantages to get your website the VPS Server of windows. However, this VPS hosting option’s chief advantage is that it offers a comfortable and straightforward interface.

If you are an amateur familiar with Windows products and want to have a virtual private server for your website, the Windows VPS hosting will be a great choice and support for you. The business with large dependability on the Microsoft software must go for the Windows operating system to host their websites. If you are building your website with the ASP.NET framework, the website will require support from the Windows VPS Hosting to function optimally.

Moreover, there are many other perspectives that you should consider apart from the website type to appraise whether you require to host your website through windows virtual private server or not. That is why we have brought up below the specific features that will give you more insights into the Windows virtual private server’s usage, capabilities, accessibility, and functioning. 

Features of Window VPS Hosting? 

Mentioned following are some of the key features that the Windows virtual private offers to host various websites and online platforms. Let us quickly go through them. 

It provides significant brand privileges. 

Since we all know that the windows operating system has its base from Microsoft, one can enjoy various products and features. Microsoft is leading this platform and technology for a long time. The company has also provided solutions for technology’s many severe problematic issues through funds and talent. So, choosing the Windows VPS Hosting gives you access to the advanced software and the guide models, tutorials, and customer service possibilities. The company has designed all of them for the customer to make the best use out of them.

It offers administrator powers.

The Windows VPS Hosting provides flexible and several choices to the web administrators. As we all know, Microsoft has gained professionalism and a lot of experience in the business market industry. It knows how the tailoring of products works and hence, understands the requirements of a business. It offers the user the perfect options to accomplish what they want from their business or a company. 

You will get a wide range of grants in the Windows virtual private server system. Additionally, you can acquire full update authority and detailed customization of all the settings. It will be very beneficial for those who need to design website supplies to satisfy their specific needs. Significantly, IT specialists demand such kind of virtual private server.

It has flexible accessibility.

If we talk about accessibility, in any case, people would like to have access to their software, products, or system from everywhere they go. Fortunately, the Windows virtual private server system gives flexible access to its user. The people can have remote desktop access to this virtual private server. One can directly get a passage from anywhere to the Windows VPS from their interface.

It supports standard applications.

Various typical applications need high-internet speed and also the availability of the server on time. For such applications, Windows VPS Server works the best. These applications include billing, accountancy, tax generation, etc. If you are running these kinds of applications on a shared server, it will be wise to switch and upgrade to the Windows VPS Server system plan. You will get enhanced peculiarities for security, backup space, and monitoring the work. This hosting will prove to be your top-notch solution for your business.

What is Linux VPS Hosting?

The Linux VPS hosting meaning sums up the virtual private server that operates on the Linux operating system. It is known as virtual because the Linux hosting system runs on the memory of the host computer. It works on the methodology where there is one physical server on which the multiple virtual servers function independently. You will not have to spend your money to enjoy the benefits of the dedicated server. The Linux VPS will provide you with its separate operating system and applications which will not be shared by other virtual servers of the same physical server platform. Further, Linux is an open-source operating system, and hence, people can utilize and distribute it for free.

The people or organizations who run websites for their businesses that achieve a fair amount of traffic or want to generate a lot of traffic; opt for the Linux virtual private server plans to host their websites. Through this hosting, one can have authority over the installed products over the server. It is reliable and gives more security due to its open-source nature.

The next section covers the key features of the Linux VPS Server and will let you decide whether it will be beneficial for your website for the hosting purpose or not. 

Key Features of Linux VPS Hosting 

The following are the key features of hosting from a Linux virtual private server that show what privileges you can enjoy by opting for your website. 

It offers reliable security.

When it comes to hosting your website through Linux VPS Hosting, you get the assurance of reliable security. It is more than difficult for malware, viruses, and third parties to break its protection and defenses. Linux has its base from UNIX operating system. Hence, the Linux VPS hosting provides excellent protection against the environment of data and information threats. The administrators will have independent control over all the server aspects, and one cannot even hide a file from the owner. Thus, if you are running a business and Linux VPS hosting is there for its website, then the company gets safe and secured from all the online fulminations and fraudulence.

It offers high-quality, managed plans.

Two plans will come across if we talk about the significant category of web hosting plans offered by the VPS hosting. They are managed VPS hosting and unmanaged VPS hosting. Linux gives the best VPS hosting or best VPS server plans because all Linux VPS’s web hosting plans come under the fully managed category. A managed VPS Server takes away the user’s load to manage and deal with the issues of the virtual server. The web hosting provider will take responsibility to take over the customization process to various fixations. However, the unmanaged VPS hosting will not provide you with this advantage. Under the Linux VPS Hosting, you can inform or address the server’s issue, and the web host will resolve it in no time.

It gives affordable services and plans. 

The Linux virtual private server hosting is also known as the cheap VPS hosting because the VPS server price is very cost-effective. When you are using this hosting for your website, you do not require to pay any kind of license fees. Whereas in other web hosting plans and services, you will have to pay the license agreement’s cost to the provider either monthly or annually. The Linux VPS hosting profits you in saving money in the long run of your website and business. If you are looking for cheap VPS hosting with cPanel, you can go for the Linux virtual private server hosting plans and services. 

Since you have learned about both kinds of web hosting – Windows VPS hosting and Linux VPS hosting and their key features, let us see what makes them different from each other on a fundamental level. 

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Differentiation Between Windows and Linux Virtual Private Server Hosting

The below features, advantages, specifications or privileges can or can not be supported by the particular virtual private server hosting. Accessibility in Windows VPS Hosting Accessibility in Linux VPS Hosting
The requirement for the regular reboot YesNo
Complete control panel controlNoYes
Accessibility to the secure shell network communicationNoYes
Support from the open-source communityNoYes
Support from the Microsoft CorporationYesNo
User-friendly interfaceYesNo
Intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface)YesNo
Payment for license fee monthly/annuallyYesNo
Remote desktop accessYesNo

Linux or Window: Which One is the Best for Your Website?

Let us now tell you a little more about the Windows and Linux virtual private server hosting, so that you get the transparency in your mind for choosing one of them for your website. Mentioned following are essential peculiarities to know about web hosting types while determining to buy one from the web host provider.


The Linux VPS hosting cost is way cheaper than the windows VPS hosting because the open-source platform supports it.

Whereas, Microsoft owns the Windows software and charges an extra fee for the license from the user. 

Technology support

You must know that developing your website using the technologies like ASP.NET, VB.NET, ASP Classic, MySQL, C#, VB Development, MS Access, etc. needs Windows VPS hosting support.

 In comparison, the Linux VPS hosting will be the ideal choice for applications like PHP/Perl, ROR, Java, Python, SSH, CGI, FrontPage Extensions. It can further provide configuration options such as Centos, Debian, Ubuntu, etc.

Easy usage

It depends from person to person when deciding which technology is easy to utilize and handle. If you are a person who possesses technical knowledge, you can find working over Linux hosting easier because you will have the cPanel management tool. But in case you are not much aware of technical stuff, then Windows VPS hosting will be a more straightforward option for you as it will provide you with the graphic user interface. 


The scalability factor determines the ability to handle the loads over the web server. If you talk about web hosting, you need to consider the uptime and downtime on the website. Linux VPS hosting serves its users with a hundred percent guarantee for uptime. 

However, you cannot get assured of having a hundred percent guarantee for the uptime on the website under the Windows VPS hosting system. 

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Why Serverwala is Best for Linux and Window VPS Hosting?

Here is what will strike your mind straight after getting through the Windows VPS hosting and Linux VPS hosting and deciding which one to choose – Who can provide the best VPS hosting type you have picked for your website.

The company Serverwala providing web hosting services all over the world is the gateway to your question. The company’s following attributes make it the best web hosting company for both Windows VPS hosting and Linux VPS hosting.

  • The company is upfront with the services and their charges. The professionals do not hide any additional fees.
  • The company provided 24/7 customer support in technical issues and queries about the virtual private server. 
  • You can read the testimonials on the company’s website for reference and assurance of the services. 
  • The company holds awards and recognition in the corporate world for its high-quality and fast services.


Remember to wisely select the virtual private server hosting system for your website as the VPS hosting will influence the work, business growth, expense, and website development. Each of the VPS hosting, i.e. the Windows and Linux virtual private server hosting, has advantages and disadvantages. You have to make sure which one suits your work and website the best. You may also connect with the Serverwala company’s experts if you have any confusion regarding virtual private server hosting, they are available to guide and give you the right direction at any point in time.

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