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How well do you know SSL Certificate and its implementation?

It is important to understand the idiosyncrasies of technology before we start using it. In case of SSL certificate, it is the same, you need to come to terms with its functionality. Let’s  try to understand what happens when a connection is established between a browser and a website on which SSL is installed. This specific process is known as ‘handshake’ or ‘Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) response.

It happens in a very sequential manner, first, visit requests the browser to connect with a website. Next step is to acquire the site’s IP address through a DNS server and requesting a safe connection to it. For establishing a secure connection, browser asks the server of the website to show its SSL certificate copy. When the certificate is provided, browser tallies it with its Certificate Authority and then determine, it it is valid.

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When it comes to different SSL certificates, validating the domain name very important, it depends on how they are being distributed. When it comes to verifying the rights of applicant and making the tally of domain names, it actually becomes essential for for admin to make changes. Through these changes, different domain names could be devised through the entire verification process. Not only that, diversification of certificates is possible too.

Types of SSL Certificates:

Organization Validated (OV) SSL Certificate

It typically connects with the organization’s existence and make the entire organization better in terms of its domain name. It would also keep in account the belongings to authorized organizations, it gives details to each and every entity. The way this certificate works, makes sure that no obstruction stands in your way to get thoroughly certified.

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate

It is a different variety of certificate in which security and trust is prioritized, it shows how the highest level of security can be achieved. It gets differentiated with the icon of padlock and green address bar, it is also regarded safer when it comes to online transactions. The name of the certificate authority and also the organization gets displayed at regular intervals in it.

Wildcard SSL Certificate

This particular variety ensures the security of sub-domains as well, the protection to domains according to their different natures of business. This type of certificate is very valuable to those venture which are free of stringent vetting process. The screening of the applicant by the organization can be definitely done through this information. It brings an automation into the entire process better results.

Does SSL work on every device and operating system?

Yes, SSL is compatible with all the devices and operating systems, it supports all types of portable devices such phones, laptops, tablets and desktops as well. In case you are using a very old device, it is possible that some protocols may not work. Today, if you want to ensure the safety of your website, SSL is a must-have for you. It gives you website a seal of security and authenticity, it equips your website with some key features such as serial number, certification path and version. Deploying all this, your SSL certificate can make things work for your business and Server Wala will help you get this right for you.

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