How to setup VPS on a dedicated server?

Certainly, setting up VPS’s on a dedicated server can be very useful for personal use or reselling them. There are many steps for setup VPS on a dedicated server.

Step 1: You need to select a proper dedicated server. There are many service provider offering good service at the best price, you can go for them. Then you need to properly set the dedicated Server Node Configurations.

Step 2: Choose the right virtualization Software, which is required to be installed on the dedicated server. There are free and paid virtualization Software available, but surely paid one has more flexibility.  If you need 10 VPS, you need to purchase 10 VE licenses. Furthermore, install VZMC on the dedicated server node for managing the VPS.

Step 3: Next, the cPanel or Plesk needed to be installed on each VPS. You may go for other control panels, as your client demands. cPanel or Plesk both costs money eventually, but they are considered as best in their class.

Step 4: Billing System should be installed and manage accordingly. Billing Software likes Modernbill or WHMCS is a suitable choice.

Step 5: Then the operating system and other necessary software can be installed as per buyer’s requirements.

Ultimately, Creating VPS on a dedicated server and selling them is considered as a good business, because the profit ratios are considerably well.

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