VPS Hosting: How to Manage Your Own Virtual Private Server?

Last updated on September 3rd, 2022

Are you wondering about hosting your website using a virtual private server but doubtful of managing it on your own? If this is what your mind is pondering, then you have bumped into the right place. In the ongoing time, VPS Hosting’s demand is expanding post-haste amongst the website owners, especially those who want to generate revenue out of their business website. After all, one would want to seize benefits while investing their time and money on the website. Although many people lack knowledge about virtual technology and how simply they can employ it even if they do not possess any technical abilities. And, that is where their business may get left behind in the market industry. One gets the privilege to solely rely on the hosting provider for the installation, maintenance, setup, and technical assistance for the virtual private server.

This article will take you on a ride from comprehending profoundly about the Cheap VPS Hosting, how it can profit the website at an extensive level, to how you can efficiently manage and run your virtual private server.

Let us begin with understanding the virtual private server hosting and its functioning at the core level.

What is VPS & How it Works?

How VPS Works

VPS Hosting is a virtual technology that enables websites to acquire efficiency and compliance without spending money on a dedicated server. It serves the purpose of both shared and dedicated servers. Since not every business requires the support of the entire dedicated server, this hosting gives the website the strength to have a private server without indulging and dealing with the complexity of outsourced hardware. The VPS hosting somewhere finds its path in between the shared and Dedicated Server Hosting. 

The Best VPS Servers is virtual server functioning within a single physical server. The physical server can host multiple virtual servers, and they become independent from each other. This design has been achieved through software, which is known as a hypervisor. The software divides the physical server into segments of what we call the virtual private server. And, each component has nothing to do with the other virtual members. Hence, if you opt for the Cheap VPS Server for your website, it gets a separate operating system, memory space, and other resources. You can reboot the virtual private server independently, not bothering the other VPS users of the same physical server. That makes the VPS view as if it is a single independent server. 

VPS Hosting vs. Shared Hosting Functionalities

In both the hostings, the primary physical server serves the resources to all the users. However, in the shared hosting, all the users will share the resources equally amongst them. So, the bandwidth will flux according to the usage, and no user can control the amount of bandwidth available for them at a certain point in time. 

In contrast, the VPS hosting allows customization where the user controls the data and bandwidth usage. You can ask the VPS hosting provider to allot you the RAM, server space, and bandwidth according to your requirements. The allotted amount of resources will be yours all the time, and you can access them however you want.

VPS Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting Functionalities

As the name implies, the dedicated hosting gives the user a full-dedicated server for his requirement. All the resources of the single physical server will be a hundred percent in use for your site.

In comparison, using the virtual private server hosting, you can have the particular amount of dedicated resources you want for your usage from a single shared server. 

As you have understood the difference between a virtual private, dedicated server and a shared server, cling to some facts in the next section about how VPS hosting can serve your website the best.

Why Should You Buy and Use VPS Hosting for Your Website? 

Why Should You Buy VPS

Here are the significant peculiarities of the virtual private server that effectively assist your business and show you the analysis about why you should purchase the VPS Hosting for your website.

  1. To Expand Your Enterprise and Manage More Traffic.

If you seek to grow your business or your business is already approaching more traffic, then the Cheap VPS Hosting will be propitious for you. That is because the virtual private server will offer more resources for your website at the same or lower price than the other web hosting servers.

  1. To Run Application Programs.

If you wish to run various applications through your website, you must opt for VPS Hosting. The shared hosting will not give you the privilege of this in any server hosting plans.

  1. To Strengthen Security.

When the same physical server requires to host multiple websites, your website gets open to more threats and attacks. However, using VPS Hosting, you can safeguard your site as it will have its separate virtual server of its own and will not share any resources with other users on the same physical server. That is how the VPS Hosting increase and strengthen security and keeps the data protected.

  1. To Increase the Uptime.

When you run a business over the web, the uptime becomes very valuable. In the shared server, the bandwidth keeps changing according to the user’s utilization at a particular time. Suppose, due to the inconsistent bandwidth, the infrastructure goes down. Then you will not be able to process your business. You may suffer a loss in many ways due to this issue. The VPS Hosting offers excellent uptime on your virtual server which no other server can disturb and thus, gives you the reason to keep complete reliability on it. 

Let us make you consider furthermore features offered by the virtual private server hosting to your website. 

Unique Features of VPS Hosting

features of vps hosting

All the web hosting plans toil with certain advantages and goes with various kinds of websites. A virtual private server hosting best suits the website that does not want to get constrained in its resources and functionalities but also not ready to afford the dedicated servers. One can acquire the following unique features for their website using Best VPS Hosting plans.

  1. More Flexibility

The VPS Hosting gives you more options than shared hosting to manipulate the hardware and software configurations the way you prefer. You have the privilege to run your applications and do customizations. Therefore, the VPS Hosting will be giving you more flexibility with the resources and server usage.

  1. Complete Authority

While having the virtual private server host your website, you get more control over the overall design. As this hosting provides you with the server that operates autonomously from other VPSs, you achieve root access. It helps to configure and establish any applications and software according to your website demands. However, the shared server will only give you access to the directory. The shared server also does not gives benefit you to customize or configure the software. You will have to utilize the software the way they are. Hence, now you know what to choose for gaining complete authority.

  1. Cost-Effectiveness

When it comes to the VPS Server Hosting price, you will be pleased to know that it is comparable to the shared server and much less than the dedicated server but has both servers’ advantages. One can seek the VPS server free for a short period to experience its operations under the VPS server free trial package. You can search for many VPS host providers who offer VPS hosting free trial. The cheap VPS Server is very cost-effective in its maintenance and executions.

  1. No Requirement of Technical Expertise

Another feature of a Cheap VPS Server is that it does not require much technical knowledge to drive it. One can easily handle, operate and maintain the workings of this hosting. That is because it contributes to the graphical user interface control panels for the users. They do not require any technical expertise to do the installation and configuration part using the GUI interface. However, in the dedicated server, you will have to possess the technological information, as the server needs manual configuration.

How to Manage Your Own VPS Hosting?

Manage Your Own VPS Hosting

There are two options available for hosting your website through the virtual private server – Unmanaged VPS hosting and Managed VPS hosting.

The managed VPS hosting comes up with the advantage of getting assistance in every aspect of your website. You do not need to take the responsibility of protecting your site from crashes, hacks, and menaces. The hosting service provider team will always be on your side to fix everything from installation to the technical issues. The experts will ensure the efficient working of your virtual private server. They also take liability for the best performance of the uptime rates. Although, you will still have the authority to configure or customize the things if you wish to.

Your mind can now reflect why anyone would prefer an unmanaged VPS Server where everything comes under user responsibility. That is because some people and developers understand the technicality and wish to have the freedom to do everything independently. Even if one does not, eventually working under the VPS environment, they begin to understand every system’s function. They can set up the server in a way that works perfectly for them. Doing this job can initially consume a little time, but the user gets the server’s exact specifications with powerful performance once it is done. 

Hence, we have presented a quick guide on managing the VPS Hosting on your own for those who wish to buy the unmanaged VPS hosting plan. The mentioned three-pointers will assist you in running the course of action required for unmanaged VPS hosting.

  1. Running the Control Panel

You can administer your virtual private server through the primary control panel. You will find system control and passage to get the essential data, for example, internet protocol details in the control panel. 

The first step you need to make is to log in to your control panel. You will discover the SolusVM interface. This interface will let you access the resources through which you can easily manage the server. For instance, you can examine the bar graphs that exhibit memory space, virtual swap, disk usage, bandwidth, etc. 

In case, you block SSH access mistakenly. You can access the command line shell in the Cheap VPS Server utilizing the serial console to operate the server.

  1. Controlling the Domain Name System (DNS) Server

The next step, you will have to take is to connect with the domain or domains you wish to run on your virtual private server. If you have registered or transferred the website domains with the Best VPS Server provider, log in directly to the customer panel. Go to the My Domains option, place the respective website domain and then click on Manage Domain. Further, go to the Nameservers option and set the name servers for the virtual private server using any of the mentioned following –

  • dns1.name-services.com
  • dns2.name-services.com
  • dns3.name-services.com
  • dns4.name-services.com

After all these steps, your domain or domains will execute on your VPS Host.

  1.    Installing the Required Software Applications

The last step, you need to know is to install the required software applications. There are various interfaces that the different VPS Hosting provider serves to the user to perform this step. The interface will enable you to install many frameworks and software applications. It also can let you accomplish administrative jobs. The administrative tasks consist of maintaining the databases, settings of the domain name system, electronic mail, etc.

To tell you more, choosing the unmanaged VPS plans to let you own comparatively Cheap VPS hosting than the managed VPS Hosting.

The insights about the VPS Hosting are not over yet! The coming section is about knowing how to get the new virtual private server hosting that is ready to utilize for your website. Let’s quickly check that out.

5 Steps to Get Your New Virtual Private Server (VPS) Ready to Use 

Ger your vps ready to use

Although your VPS Hosting provider will provide you with the installed server software environment, there are still a few steps you must know to get your new Virtual Private Server (VPS) ready to use. Most of the web servers operate on the Unix-based operating system. The Linux VPS hosting has little more critical steps to follow than the Windows VPS hosting as the Windows VPS offers many graphical user interface options for the Cheap VPS Server Windows.

Let’s now bounce to the brief guide.

Step 1:  Logging Into the VPS

In the first step, you need to connect via secure shell access that offers strong encryption and authentication protocols. Your web host must provide you with the server’s IP address, a username, and a password for your account when you sign up for any VPS plan. If you have the Unix-based OS, connect to the server through the command line only. However, if you are using Windows VPS hosting, install an SSH client at the initial stage.

Step 2: Updating the Server 

When you get done with the VPS login, you will have the option of server updates. Here you need to update all the server packages and the security patches pending in the list. Insert the command – apt update and then press enter key. The server will inspect all the server packages that require upgradation. Once the server does that entirely, insert the command apt dist-upgrade and again hit the enter key. When the upgrading process is done, restart the VPS by inserting the reboot command. At last, close the window and log in again after two-three minutes. 

Step 3: Creating a New User and Modifying Privileges

The next step is to set up the new user. For this, enter the command – add user your username. You need to replace the second part of the command line with the name you prefer for yourself. Then, to acquire the privileges, enter the second command – # usermod -aG sudo your username. And it’s done. 

Step 4: Enabling Public Key Authentication

You must enable public-key authentication, as it gives more security than regular passwords. Through the enabling procedure, you can create both public and private keys. It will be great if you can refer to the specific guides to generate SSH keys. The manual will be different for Windows VPS Hosting and Linux/Unix systems. When you save the changes at the end of the enabling public-key authentication procedure in the file, you must reboot your system. When you log in the next time, the system will ask you to enter the private key and passphrase.

Step 5: Setting up the Firewall

Use the ip tables program to set up the constraints to manage the traffic on your VPS Hosting server. The process of setting up a firewall is a one-time method. Thus, make sure you do it correctly utilizing a detailed guide.

Having given the guide, do you wish to know which company can provide justice to the VPS hosting meaning or VPS server meaning by rendering the best VPS Hosting services to the people? If yes, the following section comprises your answer.

Why is Serverwala the Best VPS Hosting Provider?

Serverwala: the best vps hosting provider

Serverwala renders its VPS Hosting and many other server services globally. It has recognition in the industry for providing the best VPS Server. The company gives the following principal privileges to the customers when it comes to hosting their websites-

  • Affordable services
  • 100% network uptime
  • Top tier server equipment
  • Compact security

Furthermore, the company professionals understand the concerns of the people when it comes to hosting their website for the business. After all, the growth of the business can generate value and revenue for people. Serverwala is one of the top-selling & cheapest provider of World Class VPS Hosting in

That is why they have made themselves available 24/7 for over a phone call to sort people’s queries and technical issues. You can also contact them to know more about the server hosting services.

After gaining immense knowledge in VPS Server, it will be a waste to wait to host and grow your website. Connect to the company experts right away and acquire the heights you can in the business industry. Have Any Query? Contact Us 


In the end, if your mind is wondering about buying a virtual private server hosting for your website or upgrading your shared hosting to the Best VPS Server for business development, then ensure yourself that you have redirected in the right direction. Do not miss this opportunity when a lot of people have already taken a flight in this direction. Whether you go for Windows-based or Linux-based VPS Hosting, you have acquired more than enough knowledge to comprehend how comfortable it is to set up your virtual private server and exercise its privileges.

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