How to Keep Your Business Data Secure with Managed vs Unmanaged VPS Hosting?

Last updated on September 3rd, 2022

Are you wondering about providing the hosting platform to your website through VPS Hosting service? If this is the matter, then you have landed in the right place. Virtual Private Server Hosting has been into the growing demand of business owners and individuals for hosting their websites. It is due to the fact that VPS Hosting comes up with the privileges of Dedicated Servers at a lower cost and renders more reliable performance than shared hosting. 

Although you are thinking about the right choice to make for your website, there is yet another selection you need to proceed with after you pick VPS Hosting. This hosting platform presents two broad options to choose from – unmanaged VPS hosting and managed VPS hosting. To keep your data secure with VPS hosting and implementing the appropriate infrastructure, you must Pick the best VPS Servers for your website

To comprehend which and how virtual private server hosting can provide you with data security at its best,  let’s jump to the further sections that will provide answers to various questions and direct you to make your choice.

Why Use Managed vs. Unmanaged VPS Hosting for Security? 

To know the reason behind utilizing any of the managed VPS hosting and unmanaged  VPS hosting, let us first gain insights about both the types of VPS hosting meaning and their prerogatives. 

  1. Managed VPS Hosting 

The server management, maintenance, and security demand time, efforts, and technical expertise. You may or may not have any of these three factors with you. The managed VPS hosting service takes away the burden of taking charge of the server or any responsibility related to the server. Your VPS service provider handles all the duties and is accountable for taking care of every obligation that comes with the server, such as core updates, maintenance, software installation, etc. 

The business owners have the opportunity to give full focus to expand and indulge in the business by letting managed VPS service provider controls the backend. On the other hand, if you are an individual with little or no technical expertise, then managed VPS hosting is the solution that can help you with everything that evolves along with the server. 

  1. Unmanaged VPS Hosting 

The name itself implies that the virtual private server hosting service is unmanaged. In the unmanaged VPS Hosting, though the VPS service provider renders the server platform to host your website, you still have to take responsibility for everything from the server maintenance to technical issues. The service provider will ensure that the physical server functions well and transmits the required facilities to you. The entire accountability of the virtual server comes upon the shoulder of the user.

If you wish to handle everything from the core and choose unmanaged VPS hosting, make sure you possess the technical expertise. If you are not good with the server’s technical understanding or do not have time and still opt for this hosting, bring yourself dedicated in-house resources to manage your server, operating system, and other server-related resources. The only thing you can acquire from the unmanaged VPS hosting is the maintained network. 

Plunge to the subsequent discussions to strengthen your decision to choose from any of the mentioned VPS hostings for your business website. 

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Does Managed VPS Hosting Include Updates and Patches? 

If we talk about managed virtual private server hosting service, you will be content to know that your independent virtual server will get regular patches. For those who are new to the hosting industry, it is a must to mention that patching is way more important than you think. The core operating system patches not only secure the VPS hosting but also obstruct the hackers to utilize exploits against the virtual private server. 

Moreover, under the managed VPS hosting system, your server will acquire regular operating system updates too. Hence, you also get the OS updates when the presence of the exploit gets discovered. After getting the updates, the exploits can be patched and hinder the attackers for the prevention. 

On the contrary, if you own the unmanaged VPS hosting, you will have to install the updates as well as all the software patches by yourself. Indeed, the managed VPS Servers helps to keep the server up-to-date. Your server gets the latest patches to maintain the VPS security system and safeguard the server against threats, hackers, or third-party. Also. the system installs the patches only during the best times of your business operations, and that is usually after-hours so that no other function has to stop in between. 

How Do Managed VPS Hosting -Level Backups Work?

Ultimately, the virtual private servers are just machines. No matter how precisely you maintain and control the server, there is always a slight chance where the servers and the files stored on it can get damaged. To deal with such a situation, the managed VPS hosting comes up with the solution of a robust backup structure. Your service provider will install the backup software in your systems. The backup software will be available all the time to keep regular backups of your server files. After taking backups, all the data obtained get stored in the cloud space of your virtual private server. In case if something happens that damages your data or files, you will not have to take any stress about it. That is because you can easily retrieve all your files to the latest restore point instantly. There will be minimal or no data loss, and you can continue running your business website without any further hold. 

Unfortunately, the unmanaged virtual private servers do not serve the promptly backup implementations. You will have to make efforts and take out time to find backup solutions from the third-party. You will require to make sure that the files or data are getting successfully copied off of your virtual server in a protected manner so that the data loss can be prevented up to the specific limit. 

Does Managed VPS Hosting Come with Security Protection? 

The managed VPS hosting service comes with essential DDoS security. The DDoS is the acronym for Distributed Denial Of Service. We can define it as an attack by a third-party or hackers. In this attack situation, your server is inundated with packets. It happens to the position where the virtual private server will at last stop operating. 

The DDoS protection provided by your service provider helps to prevent your server from getting attacked. Technically, it is done by detecting unusual traffic patterns. The service will automatically block the units of data from hitting your virtual private server. It will actively monitor the network traffic and efficiently counter DDoS attacks. It does not matter if you are on the system or not, and if you are aware of such happenings or not, the managed VPS hosting service will detect the potential threats and execute the rules or operations to secure the server. 

Again, you will not get this type of security where you do not have to bother about any threat under the unmanaged VPS hosting. You will have to bear the sweat in this case while handling such threats on your own or under some other service. 

Does Managed VPS Hosting Offer Virus Protection?

Opting for the managed VPS hosting for your website will help develop strong protection against viruses and other kinds of hacking trials. Many service providers will utilize ServerSecurePlus and MAD to help resist the attacks effectively. 

Basically, the ServerSecurePlus is known as the overarching security tool that runs malware scans, strengthens file transfer protocols regulations, and renders real-time protection intelligence. The tools incorporate anti-virus software, email virus filters, and many more. 

Whereas, the malicious activity detector known by the acronym MAD is the security tool that hinders hackers from brute-forcing server passwords. It does its operations by detecting a threshold of failed logins. When it encounters such back-to-back failed logins, it blocks the internet protocol address and does not allow the user to access the server for a specific period of time. This technique prevents hackers from utilizing the automated software to presume passwords and check on the web server in order to gain illicit passage.

Picking the unmanaged VPS Servers service will not ensure you any such attributes and software. Again, you will need to achieve all of these anti-viruses and brute-forces detection at your own stake. The VPS security granted by the managed VPS Server is unmatchable by the managed VPS Server. 

Do Managed VPS Servers Have Automatic Upgrades? 

Indeed, when you are hosting your website, hardware upgrades are crucial for VPS data security. The upgrades include, for example, hard drive RAID (redundant array of independent/inexpensive disks) that enable to the storage of files across multiple hard drives. Suppose if the RAID crashes, then all your data on the server will be at the risk of getting lost. The managed VPS hosting team takes charge of monitoring and controlling such physical hardware to keep your server safe and secured. Your servers will acquire the automatic hardware upgrades at your data center. The support team will upgrade the hardware before its failing or letting it out-of-date. The upgradation will be done accurately at an appropriate time. Your service provider will also implement the changes required to increase RAM or hard drive space if needed. 

Of course, in the unmanaged VPS hosting, you will be the in-charge of all these things and will not have any dedicated support. The responsibility of checking and implementing the upgradation of the physical units will be on your shoulder eventually. 

We have discussed a lot about the two types of VPS hosting and have known a lot more about how managed VPS hosting gives the users many privileges and takes away many responsibilities from them. However, it is tricky to pick the right Managed VPS Hosting provider from the market as there are numerous of them promising the same and equal services. That is why you must be cautious about opting for any of them and do the research in-depth about their reputations and services before you take the hosting plan. 

Let us help you by introducing you to one of the best VPS hosting providers of the current-time in the industry. The provider is known under the company name – ServerWala. Jump to the following column to know why one should choose the managed VPS hosting services from this company. 

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Why Should I Choose  ServerWala Managed VPS Hosting? 

Serverwala Cloud Data Center is the industry-leading company providing services all over the globe at an affordable VPS server price. It offers qualitative and cheap VPS hosting at the same time. You can acquire the support of both Windows VPS hosting and Linux VPS hosting under the company’s Managed VPS hosting service. Furthermore, Serverwala gives the mentioned considerable advantages to its clients. Let us go through them quickly. 

  • Enterprise-Grade Hardware – It ensures to provide a powerful blend of hardware tools, including RAM, SSD, and Intel Core processor, to experience end-user experience.
  • DDoS Protection – It enables a high data security level with an SSL certificate and  2048 encryption security with all its data center hosting plans.
  • Premium Network – It enables the website to give a fast and effective performance under a premium and secure network connection.
  • Low Latency – It lets your website operate with 20 times more speed with intensified security, reliability, and speed of their provided servers.


It makes complete sense to opt for the managed VPS hosting to let the service provider manage the back-end while focusing on your business growth. You may think of picking unmanaged VPS hosting only if you willingly want to control the server from its core or you have your own dedicated technical support team at your company, organization, or enterprise. That is because the unmanaged VPS hosting will bring you a lot more work to maintain and secure your server all the time, as we have considered above. Now that you know what responsibilities and privileges come with both of the VPS Hostings, choose amongst them wisely for your business website. 

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