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How to Host a Website on VPS Hosting: Complete Guide

Are you a beginner looking to build a website? If this is the case, then you must be looking for answers to many of your questions. Opportunely, you have landed rightly on this page, as it will provide you the complete guide to move forward with building your website from the core.  

To start with your website creation, you need to have a registered domain. If you do not possess one, then you should register a domain name in the first place. The second step is the crucial move where you buy a hosting server from a web hosting company. The web hosting provider’s role is to allow you to utilize the webspace to store the files, data, and database of your website. Your website gets the storage on the server and gets access to the technologies along with the services.

In the current time, every wise person, from a web developer to the one who wants to drive the resource-intensive site, will opt for a virtual private server. It is because a Cheap VPS Server enables the user to operate independently and control the entire hosting environment. To have a precise idea about the virtual private server and its workings, continue reading!

Choose Your Desired Location For VPS Hosting

What is the Definition of VPS Hosting? 

what is VPS

The “VPS” in the VPS server meaning stands for a virtual private server. It is a server that is gaining more and more popularity with the developing time. You can take this server as a combination of dedicated and shared server or between the shared and Dedicated Servers. Numerous websites operated on a single physical server, i.e., the virtual private server. Still, each user who pays for the server’s usage gets independent authority and privacy on it. No one is allowed to invade the space and privacy of any other user’s virtual server. 

Each user operating on the Best VPS Servers gets the privilege to utilize the resources such as central processing unit, random access memory, and operating system, which will belong only to him. The person also gets complete root access to the allotted server by the Best and Cheap VPS Hosting company.  

The additional services provided by the Cheap VPS Hosting company to its users include:

  • Data backup
  • Search engine optimization services
  • Technical support
  • Web application firewall assistance
  • Electronic mail services
  • Malware security
  • Accessibility to the website tools and credentials, etc. 

Suppose it is the first time you get to know about the Best VPS hosting meaning and will be hosting your website for the first time. In that case, it will be an excellent choice to opt for registering the domain name for your website and taking the web hosting server from the corresponding provider. That is because the user can acquire the domain name, which will be correctly configured with your server hosting account. It will also let you manage and control the domain and hosting account very implicitly.

Let us dive deep into the functionality and working of the virtual private server hosting. It will help you know more about this hosting server and the benefits it can serve to you, your website, and your business development. 

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How Does the VPS Hosting Work? 

how vps works

The virtual private server comes out from the single physical server. The Best and Cheap VPS Hosting provider has the hypervisor, which is the virtualization software. The hypervisor serves the function virtualization layer. The resources and space that a user requires are the virtual replicas from the original server. The hypervisor extracts these replicas to let customers access them. Each virtual private server can be termed as a virtual machine with its independent dedicated resources, as mentioned in the earlier section. 

The traditional architecture of the server includes the physical server, operating system, and application. In contrast, the server’s virtual architecture includes a physical server, virtualization layer, different operating system for the individual applications. Hence, the virtual architecture allows individuals to enjoy better security and isolation from other users. 

Through the cheapest VPS Hosting functionalities, you can experience the following advantages – 

  • The VPS Hosting has scalability, no matter you have opted for Windows VPS hosting or Linux VPS hosting. However, many people choose the VPS server windows because most people are more friendly with the Windows VPS operating system environment. 
  • It provides you complete authority. 
  • With the best VPS hosting, you get reliable uptime.
  • It has higher security and safeguards your data over the web effectively. 

Moreover, if you categorize the virtual private server broadly, there are two types – managed VPS hosting and unmanaged VPS hosting. Moreover, if you categorize the virtual private server broadly, there are two types – managed VPS hosting and unmanaged VPS hosting. 

The managed VPS hosting serves the managed service through the hosting provider. You do not have to take charge of the services related to the server management, such as software installation, backup, security, and updations, etc. But, in the unmanaged VPS hosting, you are only the in-charge of all such maintenance. 

After all these specifications, the question comes to mind about which company can provide you with the best VPS server. Let us take you to the response to this query.

Why is Serverwala VPS Hosting the Best to Host your Website?

serverwala - Best VPS hosting provider

You can find many VPS hosting providers that may also offer you Cheap VPS hosting free or Cheap VPS server free under the VPS server free trial package. Still, the Serverwala company stands out in the industry for rendering the services for a virtual private server. The company extends its services to all the people from everywhere around the globe. Here is what you can expect and gain by opting for the web hosting services from this company – 

  • 24/7 customer services 

The company makes its professionals and technical experts available for its clients all the time. It has certified technicians who have the knowledge and skills to resolve every issue in a lesser time. 

  • 100% uptime guarantee

While choosing Best VPS Server from this company, you also get a hundred percent guarantee for uptime. Your business will not suffer any loss due to this and will be secured under the server. 

  • Quick website loading

Your websites will have a faster loading capability, and the company gives you support with the SSD drives.

  • Affordable prices

The Best VPS server price is quite affordable, and people planning to launch their website under budget can go with this company’s services without any doubt. 

The company’s experts are also available over a phone call, and you are free to connect with them at your comfortable timings. Have Any Query? contact us

Steps to host your website with Cheap VPS Hosting 

how to host website on VPS

This section has presented a detailed stepwise guide to host your website with VPS  Hosting. At the end of this guide, you will accompany enough knowledge to give your website the platform, which is based upon modern virtual technology and can give your business the advancement it deserves. Let’s hop to the following mentioned steps. 

Step 1: Pick the model of the website. 

The first step is to decide and choose the type of website that suits your requirements. Typically, there are two kinds of websites from which you can opt any. One kind is the static websites, and the other is dynamic websites. Read the further brief descriptions for both of the websites if you are not aware of them. 

Static Websites – Static websites are also known as basic websites. The models of these websites are quite simple. They consist majorly of multiple web pages that are hypertext markup language pages. One can easily create them and customize them accordingly on their computer. You can utilize the software available such as Dreamweaver, to do that. The pages then require uploading on the host server using different software of FTP (File Transfer Protocol). One such FTP software is FileZilla. If your website’s web pages need any edition, deletion, or updation, you will have to edit the pages on your system, and then the pages need uploading again. That is why these websites are known as static, as you cannot modify their pages dynamically.

You will find static websites cheaper than the dynamic websites whose description is available in the next column. You must take care of the fact that static websites have limited functionality. They also do not have much scope for e-commerce platforms and intercommunication.

Dynamic websites – Contrary to static websites, you can modify the information and data on the website according to your requirement. According to the viewers, growth of the website content, and availability,  you can do that at any point. People utilize the technology of client-side and server-side scripts to build, update and alter the website’s content. The client-side scripts will come into play when you want to deal with the website’s appearance or intercommunication over the website. This technology executes on the client’s computer.

In comparison, the server-side scripts will fall at the side of the server. This technology enables customers or people to build individual accounts on the website, and interaction between the owner and other parties becomes possible. So, you can understand why such websites play a massive role in the e-commerce industry and social networking area. 

CMS drives dynamic websites, making it possible for you to manipulate content such as text, images, videos, design, etc. Also, at the same time, it allows users and visitors to leave remarks or initiate conversations. These websites are the ideal choice for businesses, industries, and organizations, or even start-ups.  

Step 2: Select your hosting server.

If you are using static HTML websites, you can have many web servers that host them. If your website comes under web applications, you need to consider any of the two hosting platforms – Linux Hosting or Windows hosting. Your choice will depend on the needs of your business or work. 

  • Linux Hosting – This hosting will allow you to execute scripts written in Hypertext Preprocessor, Python, Perl, and many other languages that are UNIX operating system-oriented. It assists the databases under PostgreSQL and MySQL.
  • Windows Hosting – This hosting executes the scripts of ASP (Active Server Pages). It makes use of .NET and the technologies of Microsoft. It further assists the databases under Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access.

You can consider any of the above hostings according to the need of your work. Your choice does not have to depend upon the operating system you use at your home, at work or your office. Suppose your website has no requirement of scripting support, then you can go with Linux hosting. It will be a cost-effective choice for your website. But in case you demand database support and scripting, opt for the hosting platform that will support the technologies you want to utilize. 

Step 3: Pick the web hosting plan.

You have many options to pick from when it comes to a web hosting plan. Given below are the web hosting services from which you need to pick one. 

  1. Shared Hosting – In shared hosting, multiple website owners share the same physical server. But each website owner authorizes their separate allotted account. The hosting provider gives them the login credentials that are safe and secured with the server. Since various users operate from the same server and share its space, the shared hosting plan is automatically low- cost and affordable. 
  1. Dedicated Hosting – The dedicated hosting gives you access to the complete server to operate your website and its data. It is comparatively faster, secured, and reliable. It is the perfect choice for large businesses and sites which have high-traffic. It enables them to reach maximum customization, arrangement, establishment, and extensibility. Since you get the entire server to authorize and control, the dedicated hosting cost is somewhat high. 
  1. Cloud Hosting – In cloud hosting, multiple virtual servers can operate to host either a website or a group of sites. It enables the extensive ability to manage the traffic on the website in any condition. If you host your website through cloud technology, your websites’ functions can expand or shrink dynamically and not be limited to just one server. Cloud hosting is the best option to host huge websites, including blogs, newsletters, etc. 
  1. VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server Hosting) – In VPS hosting, every website will have robust server storage. The server has the design so that each divided virtual unit can function securely and independently. It is the perfect option for almost every kind of business or work that is willing to advance through the web. It is the middle-ground option where you receive all the benefits at an affordable price.

Through VPS Server, you can gain professional web hosting aptitudes comparatively at lower prices from the best VPS hosting companies.

Step 4: Changing your Domain Name System

After purchasing the required web hosting plan, you will receive the name server known as domain name servers or DNS. The domain name server serves the internet protocol addresses. To let your website function, you necessitate changing the name server of your domain. It is the compulsory action to do for the working of your website under the web hosting server. Once you get it done, your website will be ready for the next following step. 

Step 5: Uploading your website

The last and crucial step to take for making your website available to everyone is uploading. You need to upload the website to your account. For this, you will connect it to the server utilizing the facility of either cPanel’s File Manager or FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Client. Once you get this process done, your website will go live to you and all the internet users. 

As we know, many people are taking up the services of VPS hosting as this technology has become accessible to people because of the Cheap VPS hosting option (as the VPS server price has come down). Are you aware that you can host multiple websites on a virtual website server or not? Let’s also check that out in the following last section!

Can I Host Multiple Websites on VPS?

multiple websites on vps

The answer to this question is yes. The VPS hosting enables you to host all of your domains while possessing a single virtual private server. Hence, you can host multiple websites using one virtual private server. That also benefits you by reducing the expense as you do not have to buy more than one web hosting server plans. Fortunately, you do not have to limit yourself to hosting a particular number of websites under the virtual private server you buy. You get the privilege to host any number of websites under your VPS Hosting Plan. That is also another big reason people prefer virtual technology over all the other web hosting servers.

You can use this technical ability of the Virtual Private Server by utilizing any of the two technologies. One is the Apache, and the other is Nginx.


There is a need for everyone to process accordingly with the progression of the VPS Hosting technology. Not giving your business or work the right support through technology will ultimately make your efforts go in vain. You can miss introducing countless people to your services and vision if you will not take the right action at present. The virtual private server has made things way more manageable for the people and their company to grow and expand overnight. Do not miss out on this opportunity you have right in your hands. You can connect to the Serverwala company’s professionals for guidance and support to build and host your website. 

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