How to Create a WordPress Website? Build WordPress blog Step by Step

Last updated on September 3rd, 2022

When you’ve never done something like this before, establishing your WordPress site could seem difficult. Thankfully, one of the best aspects of WordPress is how user-friendly as well as intuitive it is. It’s something that almost everyone can do!

Although the technical aspects of putting up WordPress sites are straightforward, deciding what to add on and how to achieve the desired result can be challenging.

Before we get into the processes, let’s define what a WordPress website means, when you should use it, or what to think about before you begin forming one.

What is WordPress Website?

WordPress is indeed a PHP-based CMS or content management system that works with something like a MySQL/MariaDB database. WordPress is an open-source as well as an open platform, also known as a site builder, which allows you to create Wordpress Website more convenient and straightforward for any business but also blogs.

WordPress has several features, like templates that allow you to simply put in your data and set up a site, extensions, add-ons, various layouts, and so much more.

Although there are alternative ways to Build Wordpress Website, WordPress is still the most prominent and commonly utilized open-source platform. Have you ever wondered why so many individuals choose WordPress over any other framework?

Why Create A WordPress Website

Even though WordPress was created as a framework for blogging activities associated with publications, it now powers one-third among all websites on the internet. This is due to the numerous benefits WordPress offers site owners, including such:

1. Adaptability and flexibility Website

WordPress could be used for nearly everything, from start-ups to e-commerce sites. Anything you decide to be doing, WordPress will indeed be able to accommodate you.

2. User-Friendly

Regardless of you have no technical knowledge; a WordPress website can indeed be functional in a couple of moments. You only need a web address and a domain registration account to get started.

3. Plugins and Themes

Plugins are specialized features that cater specifically to the necessities of your website, like shopping carts, feedback forms, galleries, and much more. While WordPress themes could provide you with a wide variety of services in the looks and mechanisms of your site, plug-ins seem to be specialized features that cater to the specific requirements of your official site, including shopping bags, contact lists, galleries, and far more.

4. Highest Ranking

Because WordPress sites have become so popular and quite often update content, they contain plug-ins as well as a range of tools to assist them to generate planned and optimized content – therefore they frequently rank higher than non-WordPress sites.

Aside from such benefits, individuals seem to have more incentives to select WordPress, such as the reality that WordPress sites seem to be mobile-responsive, features an integrated blog, and provide excellent customer support.

Now you’re aware of the benefits of WordPress, you ought to be aware that and are not quite the same things. Find out more in the sections below.

Start Building WordPress Website

Many individuals assume that and are the same things.

If you are planning to create a WordPress Website on, you retain complete control over web design changes and customizations – it’s advised if you’re acquainted with how WordPress functions. When you run your site, you may receive a far more personalized Wordpress website builder., on the other side, manages your site for customers, including hosting. You’ll have far less creative control in the website designing this way. It is, nevertheless, easier and better – and is suggested for beginners.

Let’s begin to build WordPress sites now you’ve learned about WordPress’s history and also how simple it is to create a Wordpress website using it.

Buy required Hosting Plan for WordPress Website

Now next stage is to determine a dependable web host for your website. We provide industry-leading infrastructure as well as technology at Serverwala. We offer international service to customers by chat, email, & phone, as well as a comprehensive level of expertise and video tutorials. 

In most circumstances, shared web hosting would be enough, and it is highly popular among WordPress users. Find out a little more about many types of online hosting in the sections underneath.

Shared Hosting for Wordpress Website

One of the most straightforward sorts of hosting services is shared hosting. It’s similar to sharing a house with one or maybe more roommates; in the context of web hosting, this same volume of sharers can reach thousands. When you purchase hosting services, your company’s domain would be hosted on the same server just like other websites that have purchased shared hosting.

Affordability is by far the most major benefit of shared hosting. Because the same web host support is delivered to thousands of individuals, the server’s price is shared, allowing service institutions to deliver very low prices. Second, shared hosting seems incredibly simple and easy to use, making it ideal for novices.

Despite shared hosting being beneficial, it could occasionally suffer from a poor neighbor impact, resulting in slow speeds or outages. Even the customer relations line is frequently overcrowded. Another disadvantage is that you are unable to personalize your online environment, which may have an impact on other sites. In general, shared hosting is a decent option.

Hosting on a Virtual Private Server

VPS hosting is much more like leasing a unit in a residential area, whereas shared hosting is much more like buying an apartment with housemates.

VPS hosting seems to be considerably superior to shared hosting for a variety of reasons, including stability, faster and more consistent allocation of resources, versatility, and the potential to expand the number of resources accessible to you.

However, relying on the hosting service provider, VPS hosting might be costlier than shared hosting.

Check VPS Hosting Plans from Serverwala

Dedicated Servers for Wordpress

Big corporations with several sites frequently choose dedicated servers. You get your server with hosting services, and you get all of the benefits that come with it. There are no unpleasant roommates, no security risks, as well as complete personalization, is available.

If you’re a newbie to this, dedicated hosting isn’t for you — the cost and difficulty difference isn’t worth it until you have a lot of experience. Second, because you’re placing all your chickens in one bag, a tiny security breach on your server might compromise the entire server, encompassing your entire website plus data.

Check Dedicated Hosting Plans

Install WordPress in Root Directory

It’s necessary to schedule WordPress and also get fully operational, at the expense of pointing out the obvious, when you’ve picked your web server and domain. Installation WordPress on Serverwala is super simple and requires only a few steps thanks to Serverwala Branding VPS Server installation.

Choose and Activate Theme with Wordpress Website Builder

Now next step is to choose a visual style for the WordPress website. There are countless numbers of themes to choose from, with varying prices from free to thousands of dollars. Whenever choosing a theme, make sure it makes perfect sense regarding your site’s theme as well as the layout and material you intend to post.

Professional WordPress themes are available. You’ll discover a variety of fully prepared options for diverse subjects in the WordPress theme preferences. Commerce, services, luxury, fashion, art, education, gastronomy, and a variety of other fields are among them. Each of them seems to have the potential to become a fantastic foundation for the website of your dreams.

Monstroid2 is an easily portable theme with something like a drag-and-drop editor that is among the most popular pro themes.

Install Required Plug-ins in your Wordpress Blog

A WordPress Plug-in is indeed a program written in PHP scripting that enhances a Website by adding features or functionalities. WordPress plug-ins give your WordPress website a lot of flexibility and adaptability, as well as advanced functions and services for your users.

You may not have as many plug-ins when you first start using WordPress, but the more you use it, the further you’ll discover that can help your site. The Plug-ins feature can be found on the WordPress admin panel.

Make SEO friendly WordPress Website

It’s a two-pronged approach to promoting your new website. First, make absolutely sure your pages are optimized for search engines by using important keyword phrases, descriptions, including body content. Second, put in the action to advertise your website in any manner you can. Utilizing social networking sites forums as well as sending out a regular newsletter would both be free choices. To increase your social ties and link attractiveness, consider guest blogging or discussing on forums, forums, as well as communities.

Take back up for the future and start blogging

Your most significant asset is your material, so ensure always back it up! In the event of a blog breakdown, this implies backing up your work so you don’t have to start from scratch. It could take a long time to get back up and running if you don’t back up existing posts, plug-in, including affiliate links. Your web provider should provide an option if you don’t have a chance to support your WordPress website regularly. For instance, Serverwala provides a fantastic automatic website backup assistance that assumes only a few minutes to prepare — you’ll never have to stress over backing up your website anymore!

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