How Does Web Hosting Affect SEO? (Updated 2023)

Does the Hosting Plan really affect your Website’s SEO?

Last updated on March 16th, 2023

The marketplace on the Internet is developing at a higher pace. Every individual, organization, and enterprise are willing to get their business website to achieve the top rankings on the Google search page. If your website does not get to rank on the first page of Google, it is likely to go unnoticed. That is where the technology of search engine optimization comes into recognition.  

The execution of Search Engine Optimization in your business requires a lot of work that has to be done at the backend. SEO plays a crucial part in the growth and advancement of your business website. While considering the work details in search engine optimization, most website owners or companies either neglect the choice of web host or take into deliberation at the end of the priority list. 

However, the web hosting you pick for your business will substantially impact your website rankings, about which many people are unaware. The length of the impact will vary depending on your website’s size and traffic volume, but on the other side, your web hosting factor will be either promoting or degrading the website rankings. Indeed, you will want your hosting to support your website rankings.

Jump to the section below to comprehend how your web host will impact your search engine rankings.

Five Ways About How Your Web Host Can Impact Your Search Engine Rankings

The Speed of a Website Affects The Ranking.

If your website has a faster page load time, it will eventually rank better in the search engine. But the speedier loading may not let your site be seen on the first page of the search engine. That is why you need to have steadfast onsite and offsite SEO to watch your website rankings grow on a higher level. 

The right web hosting will provide the least loading time and a better user experience. It will protect your website from poor metrics such as the high bounce rate that can shift your rankings down. 

The Destruction of The Data Leads to The Ranking Loss.

There always be a possibility that you may lose your data due to human error, the catastrophe at your host’s datacenter, hacking of the site, an unintended deletion of the data, and other reasons. When the site loses data, it eventually loses the ranking on the search engine page. Thus, to secure your data and, in turn, your website ranking, you have to ensure to incorporate high security and a rigid backup system. A high-quality web hosting and reliable hosting provider will let you preserve your data and promptly recover the site data in case if any kind of destruction happens. 

SSL Certificate Helps to Promote The Website Ranking.

If you can make your website seem trustworthy, Google can easily consider giving your website an excellent ranking. But, if your website does not provide any reliability factor, then getting a good rank on a search engine will be a tricky task for your website. 

Similarly, your visitors can only gain confidence in your website if it renders the security factor. Otherwise, they will not think to purchase any product or service from your website and not browse your website for a longer time. 

The best and simple solution to gain the trust of search engines and users is to install an SSL certificate on your website. The SSL stands for Secure Sockets layer that encrypts the connection between your server and your user’s web browser. Your web hosting provider can provide you with the SSL certificate and permit the secure exchange of personal information while improving the website ranking. 

Uptime is an Important Factor.

The right host can offer your website the maximum uptime. If Your website faces high levels or often downtime, you must immediately switch to the required hosting environment. The downtime may not affect your website ranking much, but it can give a negative image of your brand to the users. Your visitors will have the bad user experience and will not desire to revisit the website even if your website ranks right over the search engine. It will undoubtedly have a negative influence on your bounce rate and your CTR from the search engines. As a consequence, your website ranking will eventually suffer the downfall.

Server Location and Performance is Another Crucial Factor. 

Your physical server’s location affects your website’s performance and can vary its ranking on the search engine. Also, it depends on the type of hosting you are picking for your website. If you opt for cloud hosting, then the server location will not matter as it widespread your website’s data over multiple servers. However, if you pick a shared, dedicated servers, or virtual private server hosting, you have to consider the hosting server’s location. If your visitors are farther from the physical server’s location, your website will have more loading time for them.  

After learning about how your web host can influence the SEO and impact the website ranking, let us move on to resolve how you can choose the right and SEO-friendly hosting environment to raise your website ranking. 

How to Select an SEO-Friendly Web Hosting Service?

There will be no precise web hosting service option for every kind of a website. The hosting service that will work the best for you will depend on your website type and the volume of traffic it receives. However, there are the following points that every website owner must consider to discover the right SEO- friendly hosting choice for the website – 

  • The hosting service must possess the high benchmark of performance.
  • It should have excellent customer reviews online for providing the required satisfying service. 
  • It must incorporate an automated backup system or provide a third-party plugin.
  • It must render the installation of an SSL certificate.
  • It must guarantee the maximum uptime for your website.
  • It should give you the choice to have an accurate data center location or include an integrated or third-party CDN. 

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Make sure that you purchase the SEO-friendly hosting service for your website. Or else, get yourself ready to experience the consequences you will not wish to have for your business. Many times, the underlining cause for low SEO rankings, sudden website crash, downtime, and excessive load time is your unsuitable web host. Therefore, think twice and remember to examine the points mentioned in the previous section before you pick a web host for your website. 

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