How a Small Security Flaw can Cost you Millions?

We all are well aware of the fact that there are as many security threats on the Internet as there are opportunities. With the progressive and robust IT, hackers & cybercriminals are also utilizing the same advanced technologies to get into the users’ ways. Quite recently, an acquaintance Mr. Kashyap operating a multi-billion dollar business encountered a major downfall. In order to save a few pennies, he was employing free tools as well as pirated software on the server that was hosting his online business. Overlooking the security issues and cybercrimes under the world wide web, he had to welcome a virus in his web server through the free software he was utilizing. Moreover, he had not cared enough to take the backup of his web server data as well. Mr. Kashyap had kept highly confidential & incredibly sensitive data on his web server. He was cheerfully utilizing the pirated software for almost a year without acquiring any difficulty. However, lately, his complete data residing on the web hosting server gets deteriorated and he lost access to his web server. He actually underwent an attack of ransomware. This has cost him thousands of dollars.

Now for many, the question comes of what is really a ransomware attack. Let us answer that question for you. Ransomware is referred to as malware that is devised to make a user or enterprise lose access to their files or data on the system. The cyber attackers attempt to encrypt these files and in turn, demand a ransom price money from the user to provide them with the decryption key. They fundamentally put the user or enterprise at a place where paying a ransom payment becomes the straightforward & cheapest pathway for them to retrieve access to their data. 

When he was buying a web hosting server, the sales executive recommended him the backup data service that incorporated Ransomware security. However, Mr. Kashyap declined to purchase the data backup service that was only costing him around $5-$10. Therefore, he got no ransomware protection and neither data center could take any responsibility for the lost data. 

We have come up with this guide to save you from being another Mr. Kashyap and avoid getting into any such situation. 

How to Prevent Ransomware? – Prevention is better than Cure

How to Prevent Ransomware? - Prevention is better than Cure

There is no debate that ransom prevention is always better than cure as it saves you money, time, efforts, and most importantly, your brand reputation. Thus, in this section, we have formulated excellent ways to prevent ransomware. Have a glance at them! 

You must never click on links that are not safe.

You should always try to avoid clicking on links that come under your spam box. Also, you must not click the links that appear on unknown websites. This is because, when you attempt to click on such malicious links, there can be a download that will automatically get started. The download further can easily infect your system and bring malware ransomware.

You must try not to share or disclose your personal details.

Whenever you get an email, text message, or phone call from any source that you can not completely trust, which asks you for personal details, you should not respond. This is because cybercriminals and hackers can attempt to gather your confidential information in advance for the malware ransomware attack. Then, they make use of such details to tailor phishing text messages, particularly to you. Furthermore, if you wish to confirm whether the text message you receive is legitimate or not, you must reach out to the sender straight away.

You must never open up email attachments that are suspicious. 

Malware ransomware can make its path to affect your system through your email attachments. So, you can avoid opening up the email attachments that seem dubious. In order to ensure that the email you want to open is reliable, you must closely examine the sender as well as the email address. Moreover, you should not try opening up the email attachments that direct you to operate macros for viewing them. In case the attachment contains malware, it will acquire control of your system through a malicious macro once you open it. 

You must never make use of USB sticks.

You should never attempt to connect the USB sticks or any other data storage media to your system when you are not aware of the source from where they are coming. This is because there are chances that the cybercriminals have manipulated them to cause harm to your system’s ransomware protection. 

You must strive to maintain your programs & operating system updated. 

When you update your programs as well as operating systems on a regular basis, you can ensure ransomware protection. Moreover, when you execute the updates, you must ensure to employ and implement the latest security patches. This helps you to make it difficult for hackers to manipulate susceptibilities in youroi8 programs.

You must make use of only the download sources that are well known to you.

Ransomware protection can be intensified by not downloading software, apps, or media files that are not known to you or are from unknown websites. This helps in minimizing the chance of downloading ransomware. You must put your trust only in websites that are reliable and verified. You can further recognize such websites by checking the trust seals on them. For instance, a browser address bar of the web page you visit must show the URL starting with “HTTPS” instead of “HTTP”. Moreover, a shield or lock symbol in the address bar of your browser can also imply that the web page you are visiting is secure. You can also take caution while downloading anything on your mobile device. You must rely on the apps such as the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, according to your device.

You must make use of VPN services when employing public Wi-Fi networks. 

The conscious utilization of the public Wi-Fi networks is a wise security action one can take for ransomware protection. This is because when you employ a public Wi-Fi network, your system becomes highly vulnerable to outside invasions. In order to remain secure, you either should avoid employing public Wi-Fi for personal transactions or make use of a secure VPN service.

Data Backup – Be Prepared for Worst Case Scenarios

Data Backup - Be Prepared for Worst Case Scenarios

As an owner of a business or company, you must be well prepared to face any kind of worst-case scenario, especially when it comes to data loss. Apart from ensuring protection against ransomware, you need to make sure that your business data is always secured through backups. This helps you in the cases when your system gets attacked by ransomware and you are not able to decrypt it. 

For creating your data backup, you must employ an external hard drive and disconnect it as soon as you are done taking the backup. This is because if the ransomware gets active during the time your hard drive remains connected, the data you took on the drive will also become encrypted. Further, you must back up your business or company data at regular intervals. 

Moreover, if you do not know or wish to secure your data manually, you can make the usage of your backup software. However, you must exercise carefulness in this case as well. The reason behind this is many times the “security tools” themselves can act as Trojans. The act of constructing backup copies of your data serves as a primary task done by the backup software. This enables the backup software to acquire access to all your data files & sensitive privileges. 

The software holds a direct connection with its provider. Thus, it is quite simple for hackers or cybercriminals to append extra commands as well as functions. These additional elements can create harm to your system and may not be identified by you initially. So, in order to dodge being caught in such a scenario, you must be very meticulous in picking up the aptest data backup software for your company. Some data security solutions like Kaspersky Total Security Tool come with plug-ins that can build data backups. By making usage of such plug-ins, you can avoid the need of looking for third-party backup software providers.

Serverwala – The Official Partner of Commvault for Backup Solutions

Serverwala - The Official Partner of Commvault for Backup Solutions

Apart from the data center solutions, at Serverwala, we also provide powerful data backup services. We have officially partnered with Commvault for providing complete backup and recovery. Our principal motive behind rendering the most promising data security backup is not to earn but to ensure the integrity, brand reputation & safety of our customers’ web businesses. We are recognized for attaining a well-reputed position & success in the industry through the advancement of our customers’ businesses. One can discover the powerful & highly dependable data backup service with Serverwala cloud data centers at the bare minimum charges of just ₹8 per GB. 

Steps Companies Should Take to prevent Ransomware Attack?

Steps Companies Should Take to prevent Ransomware Attack?

Ransomware malware attacks are not only a threat to individual users but they often target online businesses & enterprises. From small, and medium-scale businesses to large & lucrative organizations, anyone can become a target of a ransomware attack. The below-highlighted points tell how should a company handle a ransomware attack. Check them out! 

Staying updated

Your company must run the latest operating software and keep updating other areas wherever possible. This is because outdated source creates a potential room for ransomware attacks.

Raising awareness among employees

When a user knows what he/she is looking for, her/she can be highly efficacious at countering outside attacks. So, the company can execute a data security protocol that lets employees evaluate whether an attachment, link, or email is reliable.

Being prepared

Your company or business must be well prepared with a plan in case of any ransomware attack happens.

Considering cloud technologies

Cloud technologies provide steadfast measures to ensure ransomware protection. This is because the vulnerabilities are relatively much more challenging to exploit than over on-premise systems. Additionally, with cloud storage solutions, you can easily retrieve the older versions of your data. This implies that in any case, if your files get encrypted through a ransomware attack, you get the possibility to return to their unencrypted version by making use of your cloud storage.

Backing up data

In any business environment, it is always essential to make sure to keep the backup of the data to secondary devices. Further, you must assign this responsibility clearly & precisely. 

Summing Up

Online businesses are running against an extending wave of data security threats over the Internet. Cybersecurity threats, as well as data espionage, are more prevailing in today’s time than at any other period in our history. The ransomware itself has created more than a $2 billion money loss this year. Further, the more dangerous thing that is happening is that such malicious attacks are no longer confined to hackers or cybercriminals. Anyone can now buy Ransomware-as-a-Service kits at a cost of barely around $39 to satisfy their low moral standards and hunger to yield a few dollars.

As the cases are with other types of malware, cautious steps & the usage of robust data security software are the concrete steps in the correct pathway for ensuring ransomware protection. Moreover, a further wise decision toward this kind of malware is to build data backups. This enables you to be well prepared even under the worst-case situations and gives protection against ransomware. But, you must not forget that ransomware/malware prevention will always be better than cure. On the other side, you can reach out to our highly proficient experts & specialists anytime to gather more insightful details & know how you can gracefully prevent or handle a ransomware attack. They make themselves available 24/7/365 via customer assistance service over multiple communication modes to give solutions of the best ransomware protection for your business or company. 

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