Does Server Location Matter for Google & Website SEO?

Yes! Google and SEO ranking is really dependable on the Server Location because it affects user experience, SEO ranking, Speed, Performance, and your website’s data security. 

Sluggish performance and Slow Site none other than frustrating that negatively hitting enterprises like never before. More than 53% of site visitors are hopping to your competitor’s site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Therefore, you need to ensure your site runs with the optimal speed and gives your end-users a better experience. One way you can implement this is to choose the physical server location nearest your targeted audience.  

Usually, the nearest server location can give you reliable network connectivity, a better loading experience, and seamless performance, along with guru crew customer support. But if you choose the location out of your country, your site may experience technical and customer support issues. 

For example, if you want to target UK customers and have a server & IP based on the same location, then data is a traverse from the Atlantic Ocean. So, unfortunately, the latency and speed of your server are automatically affected or maybe slowdowns.

In contrast, if you choose the server location nearest to your targeted audience, you can experience better speed and proximity.  This guide helps you to know more about the factors or aspects affecting your SEO and Google Rankings. Let’s get started!

Key Factors that impact SEO and Website’s Ranking on Google

It is recorded from a recent Google Study, page views drop down by 11% on taking more than 3 seconds to load and up to 44% for a 20 sec delay.

Although you know that a single second delay in loading can affect your sales or put your business into a major loss beyond repair. So, you need to ensure your site is optimal enough to deliver a better experience. 

Some factors are entitled to enhance the SEO for your site. Let’s hop into them:

#1. In Terms of Site Speed

Site speed is always considered to be the topmost factor that can be a reason for a better SEO or worst ranking. This is usually true for Shared Hosting. This is because you have limited sort of resources. So, a sudden increase in traffic affects the site’s performance and speed. Sometimes, unable to handle your server properly. However, your site doesn’t get enough resources to load your website since it slows down your site that is not good for SEO and user experience. 

Instead of choosing a web hosting with limited resources, opt for the Best Web Hosting Services that give you robust resources to ensure loading your site page with one click. This will surely impact the Visitor’s perception and help enhance the site’s Google Ranking on the Search pages. 

#2. Downtime and Reliability

Choose the web hosting services wisely that offer you unlimited bandwidth to ensure high server uptime and web page loading speed. 

If you run a startup or small firm, you might first be enticed to get the hosting option available at a low cost. Generally, a shared hosting plan is considered by most web hosts because of low entry barriers and low cost. But instead of a small firm, if you are running a responsive site with lots of high-quality multimedia plans, you need more bandwidth to ensure the highest uptime and more reliability. 

You can opt for the better web hosting providers that uplift your server load time by giving you unlimited bandwidth. So, your site never goes down and ensures more reliability. 

#3. Email Hosting 

If your intention is to start a business site, then most users will get unlimited business Emails. So, check about the Email Hosting services before purchasing any web hosting plans from the web host.

#4. Scalable Hosting

When traffic or Visitor volume increases on your site with time, you need to migrate your data to a higher plan or upgrade your hosting services to ensure that all services suit your hosting needs. Then you need to stay with the same web hosting provider to get better scalable hosting options. 

#5. Regular Backups

One of the top-notch benefits of choosing the best web host is taking advantage of regular data backups. Whether your site may encounter DDoS attacks or your network is penetrated, you mistakenly lose your site data. In such a situation, at least you have the option to recover your data if you had taken the backup. If the database goes down accidentally, your web host recovers your complete data within a couple of times. So, whatever web host you opt for, make sure it performs the regular data backups.  

#6. Customer Support

Doesn’t matter what web host you are opting for or which web hosting plans you choose; customer support is the most necessary thing that every business type needs. Therefore, ensure the web services from a reliable web host that promises to provide you 24*7 customer support with instant expert guidance. 

#7. Secure Host Provider

Not all web hosts promise to give you heightened data security, whereas it is one of the top factors that Google’s Search Algorithm considers for better ranking. Unsecure web hosting may lead to the reason for low ranking. Undoubtedly, you can do much more to prevent your hosting from hackers and outside attacks. But the web host can secure complete server and site data more efficiently. Even they ensure more data protection software, real-time server monitoring, regular scans, and much more to assure high data protection.

All the factors mentioned above are directly or indirectly co-related to the Server Location you choose. Be it Speed, Reliability, Backup, or Support everything is influenced by the location of the server, and of course the quality of web hosting services.

Keeping these factors in mind, you can take the right decision of choosing the right web host that can provide unlimited bandwidth and many more exclusive services. But what web host is best to opt for such services? Consider Serverwala because it can meet your business demands. 

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Try Serverwala’s Hosting Services for your Preferred Location

It’s true that if you opt for a server far from your native country or location, then during upgrading or modifying network services. Your server may go down. This could end up in a bad SEO ranking. Whereas if you choose the web host that provides servers on multiple locations where data is distributed. So, you can access the data from your nearest server. For that, you need a reliable web host.

How Does Web Hosting Affect SEO? (Updated 2021)

Serverwala is the one-stop solution that is not only known for serving remarkable services but also rendering web hosting services for flexible locations globally. So, you don’t have to worry about loading speed, performance, and even customer support.  

Final words you need to consider

Server Location has a huge impact on SEO as well as your website ranking. If you’re struggling with your site ranking, it’s recommended to choose a reliable web host provider like Serverwala. So, you can choose the preferred or nearest location to buy Cheap Web Hosting services. This makes it easy to target more local and nearby audiences. In contrast, you can manage geo targets with webmaster tools where location is not a big issue. So, take the decision wisely and ensure better security, growth, and success of your business. 

Hope this article lets you stand out in a better place. So, you can choose the server location nearest you and better for your business growth.

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