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Do you know the signs indicating that you need to upgrade your hosting plan?

Last updated on September 3rd, 2022

We all know that shared hosting is a cheaper alternative and it is also suited for the beginners. But, there are times when you need to take a step further which is required for meeting the challenges that arise with the expansion of your business. You get to know it when there are more visitors on your website, it becomes harder for you to manage and the visitors experience slow speed.

To counteract all these issues, you obviously need a dedicated server which could serve the visitors of your website with better response. Well, once your business grows, then it is definitely the time to buckle up with better gear and technology. But, how will you realize that it is the time to upgrade your hosting plan. There are some signs or symptoms that you may look for and if you see them happen, you can then ascertain, it is the time.

Sluggish speed in peak hours

There are specific hours in a day, week or months when different businesses face high traffic. For example, if you have food delivery website during lunch and supper time, the traffic would be higher. Especially at the weekends, you have to be more careful because most of the customers for food at this time of the week.

Now, these are the peak hours we are talking about and that’s when you realize that with the current resources, you are not able to serve your customers. Shared servers could be used be among various clients which result into slow speed. This is the best time to examine if your shared server can fulfil the requirements of your business or not. And if you think that speed is an issues during peak hours, it is wise to deploy a dedicated server as soon as possible.

Unexpected Traffic Spike

Well, that is exactly what you want, but you have to be prepared for that. It happens many a times that all of a sudden, traffic gets high and it only turns out to be a bad experience for the users. Instead of celebrating this moment, you actually end up repenting it, therefore, it is the best way to ensure that your website is backed up with dedicated or VPS hosting.

Lack of Customizability

Many a times, you need to run tweaks in the existing mechanism and change it to the point of adapting a different environment. It is not at all possible to perform this action with a shared server, you have to have a dedicated server if you want to customize your platform. Mostly, this situation occurs when we install third-party plugins or add-ons, with shared hosting, it is very difficult to address these issues.

Limited Security Features

When you are sharing your server with multiple other clients, you obviously cannot expect robust security. If you have a small business which doesn’t deal with too many users or their information, then it is fine. But, if your business is growing, then continuing with a shared server is a sheer compromise with security. When your business grows, you get higher number of users and you also deal with data which includes their personal information such as credit card details, email or phone number. A breach in security could be a catastrophe for your business.

Accelerating Downtime

You cannot simply give in to this issue because of shared servers. If your website is down, you are losing potential customers and giving them to your competitors. The established businesses can tolerate a minuscule of downtime, but, if you are a startup, you cannot afford it. And it is best to secure your website against this disaster with a dedicated server.

Suspension of account

Quite often, we have seen individual users’ or organizations’ account getting suspended. This is a problem that users face due to a few reasons:-

  • Failure in making the payment
  • Something suspicious has been noticed on your account
  • Website has been infected by virus

There are some hosting service providers who even suspend your account on exceeding the limit of usage. However, a customer-friendly provider will definitely warn you multiple times before suspending the account. And it is constantly happens, then you need to understand that it’s time upgrade your hosting plan which gives you more of whatever you were falling short of.


Your website represents your business and it doesn’t work properly, then you cannot expect the latter to grow. Therefore, it is best for a growing business to ensure its success with a dedicated server. It is a concrete step which makes your business function with much better security, speed and efficiency. Server Wala is a hosting service provider which gives you dedicated or VPS servers as per the requirements of your business.

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