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Dedicated Server Hosting: 7 Reasons to Choose

As an entrepreneur, you have a surplus of decisions to make, Web Hosting is one of them. You’ll find an ample range of options in the web hosting market, but choosing a Dedicated Server Hosting can make a difference because of catering more power, better SEO results, greater control, security, and so on. 

Apart from these, there are plenty of reasons to need the remarkable benefits of a Dedicated Server. Although it won’t be a fit or perfect solution for every single firm. Still, most companies demand and require it for their business. Maybe yours is one of them. If yes! Then you need to go into the depth of the hosting.

Although the cost of a dedicated server is relatively higher than that of a shared or VPS Server but comes with exclusive benefits that you are still unaware of. However, take a quick tour of the 7 core reasons that let you know why you should opt for Dedicated Hosting for your business. Let’s get started!

#1. Dedicated Server Resources 

Some hosting such as Shared Server comes with a limited tag in which you can have limited resources. This means if one task utilizes the resources, the other task needs to wait until the first one is completely processed. This shows the unavailability of resources for your site. Later, when your site starts receiving significant traffic, it can be a reason for a slow speed and sluggish performance. 

However, Dedicated Server Web Hosting ensures the isolated hosting environment with dedicated resources that completely belong to your site. You don’t have to share them with other sites, unlike shared hosting. That’s why with Dedicated Hosting, you can ensure more resource availability. Besides, the more exciting thing is that if any bad scripts running on other sites or traffic spikes in bandwidth won’t slow down your site performance and speed. 

#2. Full Administrative Control

No matter what type of Dedicated Server Hosting you have opted for, you’ll be given complete Root-level or SSH control of your server. When you look for the cheapest plan like a Shared Server, you won’t have server access because of following the resource sharing principle. 

Whereas with a Dedicated Server, you can install the custom applications, security protocols, configure a server, scale up resources, upgrade your plans, add another server, customize packages, etc., and much more of that. You can even monitor your site statics through a control panel. Also, you can employ any programs or applications you want for your site. That’s why it is one of the best benefits of using dedicated hosting. 

#3. Optimal Website Performance

Opting for Dedicated Server Hosting ensure you maximum uptime and guarantees unlimited bandwidth for your site. You can’t expect such benefits with shared hosting. If your site receives too much traffic, Dedicated Hosting gives you enhanced security and more stability than shared hosting. It can smoothly and efficiently manage traffic spikes without letting your site get affected by any means.

Although the hardware is powered by the top Tier 3 and Tier 4 Data Center, that’s why ensure more robust power and reliable infrastructure. Further, the unlimited bandwidth, powerful processors, dedicated resources, and Solid State Drives are some reasons for providing better performance and lightning-fast speed to your site. 

#4. Security is a Top Priority

Doesn’t matter you are running a small-scale business or a large website with thousands of web pages. Security is the most important factor that plays a vital role. We can say it must be your top priority when you are making your site online. With servers that share resources such as Shared or VPS, there are huge chances of data loss. Your site gets affected by security breaches and attacks at any time. That’s why Dedicated Server Hosting comes into the spotlight. It offers you more enhanced or optimal security measures to protect your site data. 

You can expect security like DDoS protection, SSL certificate, Advanced Encryption Standard Security(AES), Transport Layer Security(TLS), and add-on inbuilt security software such as Antiviruses, Firewalls, and much more. All these high levels of security measures protect your site data from different types of threats, spammers, hackers, and intrusion attacks.

#5. Distinct IP Address

Each server comes with a distinctly unique IP Address. With shared hosting, where you are sharing resources means sharing your IP address also with multiple sites. In such a case, if one of your neighboring sites is a spam or adult site, then it will also affect your site ranking. 

With the best Dedicated Server Hosting, you have an isolated hosting environment. This ensures the unique IP address on which you can host your site. This must play a more significant role when running a large site such as an E-commerce site, Gaming site, and online portals for which SSL is the top priority. 

#6. Lightning Fast Speed

As you may know, speed matters a lot when you are running your online business. It can be a reason for your business growth, increased conversion rate, traffic, and high revenue. If your site lags or consumes more than 3 seconds to load, it will negatively affect your site performance and increase the bounce rate. 

We can say, Speed is the most important factor why businesses opt for Dedicated Server Hosting. It gives you more optimal and reliable infrastructure, top-tier data center hardware, robust processors, Solid State Drives storage, and more exclusive resources. This ensures the high speed of your site. So, your business can be secure from facing a major loss that you can face if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load. 

#7. Server and Traffic Load

If your site receives a massive volume of traffic every day, it impacts your site functionality. Also, if thousands of visitors come across your site every day, then you should choose the Dedicated Server Hosting instead of a VPS or shared server. Because only dedicated servers can provide you more power and reliability to manage the traffic load. 

If the server you are using manages multiple sites, this means it compromises the performance after a certain time. Another reason is the server load that can happen due to hogging the server resources. That’s why choosing the Dedicated Server is the go-to choice that helps combat the problem of managing server and traffic load. 


In light of the exclusive perks it offers, there is not even a single reason why a goal-specific business like yours shouldn’t opt for the Dedicated Server for accomplishing the hosting needs. A Dedicated Server is a complete worth of money web hosting platform that caters to a premium level of services. This includes support, lightning-fast speed, optimal performance, easy customization, heightened security, and other useful benefits to improve SEO ranking. All these intense resources ensure you maximize revenue from your business.

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You may get in touch with us through Live Chat, Email or Call to know more about the features, price, and packages. 

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