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How To Choose Web Hosting Service in Hong Kong?

When you look for an appropriate web hosting provider, there are many things you need to consider before choosing dedicated server hong kong. It is always recommended to take advice from an expert especially in the case of hosting services. It depends a lot on the type of business you are engaged with and the region you are doing it in.

So is there an ideal procedure which you can follow and choose the most suitable? What all features and attributes you should keep in mind when choosing a hosting provider? Which type of hosting service does your business require? With this article, you will be able to find answers to all those questions. Here is the list of things you need to consider before choosing a hosting provider:

1. Platform

This is probably the most crucial decision that you need to make before deploying the server. It is essential to make a choice between Windows and Linux depending on what your business requires. However, it is not a tough decision to make because you need to choose on the basis on which technology is used to create the website.

Websites that are created with Microsoft technologies such as ASP.Net will be compatible with Windows servers like IIS (Internet Information Services). On the other hand, websites created with open source technologies such as PHP, Perl, Python will be compatible with Linux based systems like Apache, Apache Tomcat, etc.

2. Web Hosting Type

a. Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting hong kong could be used for a small website or homepage which could be shared with a limited number of people, for example, friends or family. It is convenient but also draws many security threats as it lacks security and customer support. That’s why a paid hosting service is an obvious choice if you are concerned about security. It also enables your website with better control and reliability.

b. Shared Hosting

It is the most preferred hosting service for the startups and individuals who want kickstart their business with a limited budget.

c. Dedicated Web Hosting

Mean for big or even growing businesses who want to provide service to their customers. With dedicated server hosting hong kong, you get dedicated resources that work only for your business unlike the shared service where a single server is shared among multiple clients. This particular hosting service is expensive and it requires an expert for handling.

3. Features

Features are very important and play a pivotal role in ensuring seamless management of the resources. The kind of services you get depends on the web hosting company. If you get a reliable provider, there are number of features you will surely get:

a. Server Uptime Record

This is something every entrepreneur should pay heed to, website logs and server uptime records are to be maintained well for giving out the best benefit. Dashboards are created to facilitate clients to have easy access to server uptime record and website logs.

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b. Multiple Addon Domains Option

It is a unique type of virtual hosting that enables the admin to manage multiple domains with a single hosting account. Addon domain capacity must be checked before you decide the hosting package.

c. Site Backup

Backup is an indispensable feature that you have to ensure before assigning any hosting service provider.  The service provider must be able to back the entire or reasonable quantum of data in a very short duration of time. Many times, due to outings or other technical failures, companies had to lose a significant amount of data. It is a nightmare for any business and it must be a prioritized feature.

d. Easy-to-Handle Control Panel

The Control panel of any server should be user-friendly, it should be able to accommodate as many features required. Besides that, it should bring ease into the handling of all the features. A complicated control panel could result in many errors you might make while executing the commands. There are complicated commands that could be handled only by experienced users.

e. E-commerce Features

And all-embracing service must also contain e-commerce support features such dedicated IP, SSL certification and software installation as well.

If you want to ensure all these features with your service, then you must go for Hong Kong Dedicated Server. With Server Wala, you can also ensure that you get it at a very reasonable price.

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