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7 Myths to choose the dedicated server

Growing businesses walk on an unpredictable rope between non-investment to run successfully and dropping too much capital into overheads on employee’s office space and websites. A dedicated service provides you the ease of a server which is committed exclusively to your business for a single purpose, as your website. There are many myths encircles dedicated hosting that need to be removed so one can make a much-informed choice provider. It takes time in understanding these myths, it will help you in identifying if the dedicated server is indeed a feasible option or not. It would also make you able to not set unrealistic expectations.

  1. A first myth which had set many misconceptions for the dedicated server in people’s mind is that these servers are expensive. Authentically, the dedicated server was expensive. But as like so many factors, the latest technology, increased competition has cut down the prices of dedicated hosting servers. Now they are within affordable reach of the average website owner.
  2. Dedicated server hosting is equal to no more control on your servers. If you want to handle your website, you can opt for it. You are free to choose controls which you want and which you don’t want. Levels of customizations are available which really is a choice you can make. Ther is the possibility of a hands-free approach too. Dedicated servers will provide the additional required support.
  3. Next myth says that a dedicated server and VPS are the same in nature. If you choose VPS ( virtual private server), it would be a more secure option than shared hosting but still server space is shared with others. And the dedicated server is wholly caring for your needs and requirements.
  4. Technical knowledge is absolutely necessary for your server. This myth is totally wrong because a basic knowledge of server is enough for you to understand, no need of any technical expertise is required. Even without any technical knowledge can get you easily operate and make complete use of the dedicated server hosting plan.
  5. According to the myth, uptime is just a number. There is no value left running thousands of visitors to your website only for them to be met with an error code. You ‘ll be able to claim for credit only when your site is down for longer than uptime guaranteed.
  6. When you cut down the corners with web hosting, you ‘ll be on your own issues inescapably cropped up. A myth says that most reputable providers give technical support to dedicated server customers due to the juncture of their software. Other claims that they offer the facility of the control panel.
  7. Server spec doesn’t matter, firstly right spec can create a difference between a visitor relinquishing off your site in the earliest time possible. It means searching the right RAM, storage capacity, and bandwidth to fulfill your anticipated needs.

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