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5 reasons to switch to dedicated server

A dedicated server is a physical server, which a person or an organization can use generally for their hosting needs. This type of infrastructure provides you your own physical server instead of a virtual server which is shared with probably thousands of other users on the similar physical server. There are numerous things for you to do , inclusively web hosting services.  At the early stages it makes sense for choosing shared hosting platform. Because you need your business to stand on its own and pay for its own in long run. When your business has grown enough and has the potential to invite numbers of visitors regularly, it is the time of upgradation towards a dedicated service provider.

1)Enhanced Security

These servers are very receptive to security breaches and spammers in form of viruses and hacks. The hosting company is able to offer protection as safe as shared web hosting. The only problem with shared servers is that they do not include you in their updates and patches. It can take weeks or months before you get to know that your website has been breached. Importance of security when comes to onsite business can’t be exaggerate,specially if you are handling any sensitive data from your users or selling things online.

2) Server and traffic load

You should consider a dedicated server if your site receives one thousand unique visitors on  a daily basis. Your website can have a profound impact on its functionality due to the volume of traffic coming to your websites every day. It can compromise their performance, if the server you are using is hosting various sites with too many processes. For combating with this problem switching to a dedicated server can go a long way.

3) Page load time

Page load plays a vital role in website traffic that Google has actually subsume load speeds into Search Engine Optimization. Every server has its own identification. Essentially this means that there will be times when your web pages will load at a slow pace or won’t load at all. You can avoid this issue by migrating your server to dedicated server hosting.

4)Custom programming

You have to select a dedicated hosting plan in order to meet the custom programming needs. It involves running cron jobs as well as custom software. You can choose software as well as hardware specification, if you select dedicated server hosting. Dedicated server provides you complete control on the hosting environment. Traditional hosting providers won’t gives you most custom programming choices.

5)Future growth and load balancing

Shifting to the dedicated server allows you to plan jobs as well as processes, accordingly assuring efficient load distribution. You would definitely require dedicated hosting if you are becoming a part of online business growth. If you waited a lot for switching then results could be worst, especially if you ‘ll perform in a hurry. So plan to go ahead so that you can easily switch to dedicated server when you required to. Load balancing means distributing workload on the server. Workload is a major problem. You should start searching for dedicated server, in case you observed considerable expansion on the websites for a fixed period.

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