10 Important Reasons to Backup Website

Last updated on September 3rd, 2022

No doubt, with the increase in the number of cybercrimes, different kinds of security measures have come up in the industry. Many companies and organizations are keeping up with a high level of security in the form of encryption, firewalls, etc., to protect their web business from DDoS attacks, data breaches, hackers, and many other security threats. The other most significant preventive measure is to pick a top-notch web host that is reliable and offers high security to your web business

However, above all, you cannot miss on keeping the website backups at frequent intervals on a daily basis. You can never completely isolate your website data from every security threat. Let us take a look at the ten significant reasons to back up your website right away.

10 Reasons to Backup Your website 

  1. Security Against Human Error

There will be times when you or your team can make the mistake of deleting an important file, erasing crucial data, or modifying things that crush the functionality of your site. It is natural and can happen through anyone. You may find ways to fix such errors. However, if you maintain backup, you can save your money and time that can be spent during fixing. Also, not every problem of lost data you will be able to fix every time. Thus, make sure to take backups periodically on a daily basis. Having backups will let your site be working in no time if something wrong happens to it due to lost data. 

  1. Helps in Avoiding Problems During Updates

It is necessary to keep your website updated so that it can function efficiently. It is also common to encounter unexpected changes to the website when you update it. However, that does not mean you should avoid updates. Rather, you should handle the updates safely. 

It becomes very important to have an automatic backup system set up for your site. It will help ensure that if the update does not work well, you will always have a recent restore point available for you. You may also choose to do a manual backup before you install any update for your website. 

  1. To Ease Compatibility Issues After New Installations

If you utilize WordPress or other CMS, you can be accessing numerous add-ons, for example, plugins and themes. Although they are quite handy, whenever you install a new add-on, a new element automatically gets included. This new element may not work properly with the rest of the website’s environment. Thus, it becomes essential to backup your website before you install a new theme or WordPress plugin for safety purposes. And, in case you get the compatibility issue, you can easily bring up your last backup. And, further, you can install any other alternative tool.

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  1. To Avoid Loss of Data

With the regular and updated backups of your website files at your side, you will not have to take stress about any data loss even if your security measures are broken by the third-part or unfortunate accident. You will always have your data to restore and get your website live back. 

  1. To Clean Malware Infections

If you think that malware affects the personal computer only, then you are going wrong here. There are a number of websites that are being infected with some of the other malwares due to their vulnerability. The more you are becoming cautious about website security, the more the attackers are developing highly sophisticated skills. Even the smaller and less-popular websites are not safe from their attacks. 

If your website gets attacked by malware, you may not be able to recognize and patch the security ‘hole’’. As a result, your site will get infected, and it will continue to remain vulnerable. Thus, to keep a backup ready becomes a better choice to opt for the faster cleanup of your website.

6. Protection From Hackers

Sometimes, hackers can get unauthorized access to your site and spoil or steal your website’s essential information. If the hacker becomes successful in breaching your account with administrative privileges, then the attacker may change your credentials. This way, you will no longer be able to access your website data. The attackers can further also change the email associated with the account instantly. And you might be left with no option to restore or recover the loss. Therefore, only reviving a backup can assist you in retrieving the control of your site at the earliest if you would be using any backup strategy. After this, you will be able to change your credentials again to ensure that hackers are locked out once more.

  1. To Simplify the Website Migration Process

When your web business develops, you might want to switch to different hosting platforms to have the required resources and services for your website. Or, on the other side, maybe your web host is not able to render the expected hosting service. So, in this case, also you would want to switch to some other web hosting company’s service. 

So, during the website migration process, you will require to move all your site’s files from one server to another. This will take considerable time, effort and might become a little difficult for you to do that at the moment. Your website will also face downtime during all this process. However, if you already got yourself ready with the multiple complete backups of your website, the entire website migration process comes at ease. 

There are many ways that can be utilized for your website migration when you have ready-to-go backups. You may copy files manually, make use of dedicated tools, etc. All in all, the backups of the website ready on hand always help you switch web hosts at any moment you need, providing you much more freedom.

  1. To Create a Testing Version of Your Website Effortlessly

To make a notable change to your site, it is always better to test it prior. With the backup files of your website, you can always create a testing environment for your website easily. This will help keep your live website secure if anything goes wrong during or after the update.

  1. To Ensure No Interruption Revenue Stream

When unexpected problems come up from the base, it may take a lot of time to figure them out and then resolve them. But, with the available backup of your business website, you can let your live website continue operating and at the same time invest your time in discovering the issue. 

  1. To Implement Strong Security Practices

Taking multiple backups serves as the most strong security practices to protect your business from huge losses, including data, customers, revenues, and brand reputation.


After understanding the importance of taking backup of your website, you must know there are many ways to do that. Taking backup will not consume much of your time. Also, there are many web hosting providers that offer backup-as-a-service. Thus, picking such hosting companies will help you not to get bothered about the backups. They will automatically be taking your website backups regularly. Serverwala provides effective and cost-friendly data backup services.

Furthermore, you also can manually backup the data files by copying your files utilizing File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or fixing up a backup plugin. Go for any process or technique until you create multiple backups. For the highest security, you must keep your duplicate backups in different locations. Therefore, in any case, if you lose one backup, you will always have another to rely on.  

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